Thursday, March 29, 2007

Long time no see!

It's been awhile since I've posted so here's a quick rundown of what I've been up to/will be up to:

- Spring is finally here excluding today when it was rainy and 46 degrees... what?!
- Ben Folds came and played a Spring Concert here. He was fun.
- Sam Winans does a dance called "The Pigeon" and he says it is to turn people off so he doesn't have to dance with them. This experiment was executed in Florence, Italy and conclusions show that it was successful as the whole dance floor cleared in horror.
- I'm going to visit some friends in Winston-Salem this week and apparently we are going to a place called "The Werehouse" - seems very hipster-y... but I think it will be fun. I'm told I'll have to "dress up" as in coustume-y and I'm a bit skeptical but I'll let you know how it goes.
- Summer is almost here (can you believe that?)
- As soon as the water warms up around here, we are going to take some boats out for spins on the lake. This is an invitation for you to join!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I brought my camera to Boston with high hopes of freezing awkward moments in time. Of course, I dropped the ball on this (sorry guys) as it was too cold to reach into my purse to pull it out. Lame, I know. But windchill of -13 degrees is never fun. Anyway, overall I really liked Boston. I think it's a really nice city. A lot less hectic than New York - it reminded me a lot of DC. I don't think I'll consider med school there because I can't take another 4 years of ridiculously cold weather. Blacksburg has given me more than I'll ever need.

I'm really disappointed that I didn't come back with any sweet pictures, however I do have a nice little video clip of a subway musician. He was my favorite out of all the ones I saw - he was also the best. So here's a link to it... hope it hits the spot.

And for those of you dying to hear about my trip (cough THIS IS FOR YOU MOM cough) here's what I did:

The first night I was there, I went to a great comedy club in Cambridge called The Comedy Studio and I thought it was great. It was only $10 and even better... it was in the attic of a Chinese restaurant... and YES, you can order chinese food and they'll bring it up to you while you're watching all the stand-up acts. Definately a unique experience! Some of my favorite commedians there that night were Baratunde Thurston and Shaun Bedgood whom I have googled stalked so that I could bring you these sweet links. CHECK THEM OUT!

The next day I visited a good friend of mine at Harvard. We took a tour of his campus which is gorgeous by the way and got mexican at Filipe's Taqueria in Harvard Square. While touring Harvard, I noticed that the one thing it has that many universities don't is a library in EVERY DORM! Nuts, huh? Makes sense and it makes things so much more accessible. I thought that was a good idea. Maybe it will catch on. Oh, I also randomly met Nate Dern from Beauty and the Geek while walking on campus. My friend who I was visiting happens to know him and by chance we ran into him. We didn't stick around and talk to him for a long time, but he's very genuine and I thought he was pretty cute. I didn't recognize him at all since I don't watch the show, but I would have never pegged him as a "geek" based on my first encounter. Maybe I'm just attracted to dorky guys - who knows. There's something awkwardly charming and not cocky about geeky boys.

I guess those are the highlights of my trip. Oh, I got free cupcakes from Lulu's in Boston's Northend since the store was closing and I ran in there to buy one and she handed me two boxes full of cupcakes. Basically that experience makes me think positively about my Boston trip. Other than that, just a lot of touristy sight seeing, shopping, and catching up with friends. I loved my trip there, minus the cold.