Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad idea = drinking coffee at night when you haven't had coffee in months. That was not a good life choice because my coffee tolerance is dangerously low. Normally 2 cups of coffee wouldn't even keep me up; however, my one cup today is kicking my butt. I can't go to sleep! So... right now, I find myself listening to Tchaikovsky, after a marathon of Josh Groban, and Elliott Smith's new CD (which is great by the way). Now I think I'm going to move on to Sondre Lerche's Duper Sessions. Check it out if you haven't. His voice will take you back. I love it.

Sorry for this increasingly pointless post. I can't sleep and nobody else is up right now. I am almost tempted to go for a run, but I don't really want to do that by myself at 2am.

Well then... Sondre Lerche it is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy 23rd Birthday!!!
I love birthdays, but this one is just so bittersweet. He would have wanted us to celebrate and you know truth be told... he has given us so much to celebrate. On days like today, the reality of what happened really hits home. It stops feeling like they're just away at summer camp. What can you do but just remember all the good times and all the laughs? And that is exactly what today is for. Happy 23rd Birthday Stack, we miss you.
I released a red balloon with his name on it today. I hope that whoever finds it will see his name, look it up, read about him and be inspired by everything he's done.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Reoccuring person in dream?

This is going to be long so for those of you brave enough to read through this... brace yourselves.

So recently I've had two dreams and the same person was in both. I'm not very good at interpreting these things so hopefully someone can help me out. First off, let me just say that I think it's odd that this person has been in my dreams lately because I haven't talked to him in awhile and when we do talk it's a very short exchange... so I'm not sure what this is all about. Okay so let's just get into this...

Dream #1

I'm at an indoor pool with my friend when I see said guy coming my way with one of his friends. For some reason when I saw him, I just wanted to avoid him. (Sidenote: in real life there was a period when I did kind of avoid him... not entirely on purpose but I did end up feeling bad about it later on) Anyway, we're in this pool area and as he walks towards me, the exits to the pool disappear and I have nowhere to go but I still didn't want to come face to face with him for some reason so my friend and I walk to the opposing end of the pool, he keeps trying to come closer and we basically just keep running around in circles. Finally, he kind of catches up and we are face to face... I don't remember if any words were exchanged but I remember the exits to the pool reappearing at that point and I was able to leave. Weird thing is, I left with him and an engagement ring. My friend and his friend kind of wern't in the dream at this point. I woke up really confused... seriously I haven't talked to this guy in so long so this whole commitment thing in the dream really freaked me out.

Dream #2 (same guy)

This actually happened today when I took a nap while it was raining outside. It was raining in my dream as well. Here's what went down: He had called me to tell me he was going to be in town at my school for some type of conference. I told him I may not be around after his conference because I was going to drive to another school to meet up with a friend. His conference ends and we meet up briefly, hugs are exchanged, and then I tell him I have to leave. He then insists on driving me in my car back to my place so I can get my things and pack the car. At this point my house at school has warped into a dorm/hotel kind of deal with El Rods (a popular restaurant down at school) in the basement in the lobby. It's very strange. Anyway, on the drive to my dorm/hotel/house whatever it is - he convinces me to just stay and hang out which I agree to, so I tell him he can just stay with me since I have plenty of room. We make it back to my hotel(ish) thing and we realize we have to go through El Rods to get upstairs to the elevators that will take us up... for some reason it was scary to go through El Rods - everyone was staring at us. So I guess his solution to this awkwardness was to hold hands and shut up. We made it to the elevators and up to my room and met up with the rest of the dorm mates (weird because i don't live in a dorm right now) and we all planned on going out... then I woke up.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Is there any symbolism behind these dreams that I'm just not seeing? Thoughts are always appreciated! Oh and has this ever happened to anyone else?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Reason to smile

- Scored some fantastic BR skinny jeans for... $20 bucks. How ridiculous? Ridiculous. Bless you, Memorial Day weekend sales
- Got a great J.Crew military jacket(ish) thing that I'm in love with
- Will be meeting up with some long lost friends tonight in DC :)
- This weather is annoying during the day because it's so hot, but it's JUST perfect at night. Mid 70s at night with a slight breeze... does it get any better?! Hardly.
- Pools are opening up meaning I can study for my MCATs poolside and get a tan
- I'm Dominican Republic bound!
- I'm also New York bound!
- I've added a new link to the Frequented section to the right. My friend and past board member, Linda is spending her summer in Korea and she has set up a blog. It's got a lot of great pictures and stories so check it out and keep up with what she's doing.
- It's Memorial Day weekend - also a good time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice that others made and how we have benefited from it. I think I'll pay a visit to the WWII memorial because I have yet to go; I also want an excuse to be sort of in the area so I can check out the Bodies exhibit. I missed it while in Boston.

Friday, May 25, 2007

In 4 days he would have been celebrating his 23rd Birthday. Just seems so senseless you know? To be taken away when all these milestones (graduations/birthdays) were just right around the corner. I wish the person who did this would have gotten the chance to know Stack because I think in some way, shape, or form - he would have found a friend. I think I'm going to have a little celebration of my own on his birthday to commemorate what would have been 23 amazing years of constant laughs, big huge "i mean these" hugs, and that signature smile we all love and miss every day.

I miss him so much.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Capital District!

Yesterday a friend of mine invited Heather and I to hang out with him in DC. He happens to work for the Congresswoman of Guam so we got to meet her staff and hang out in her office. It was so much fun. Living in DC all my life, I can honestly say I've never gotten such an insider tour before. We had a blast and the staff members were great - everyone was so nice and welcoming. I have some pictures up on Flickr, the rest are on Facebook. Afterwards, we went to Gravelly point where we got to watch planes land in Regan National. It was such a rush! We were laying on our backs as the planes touched down and they were coming down so close, it was kind of scary. Here's a clip!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Rachel and I had been planning to go to Georgetown today since the end of last week. Much to our dismay, the weather was not working with us tomorrow. Weather shifts I expect in Blacksburg... not in Northern Virginia. Anyway, we decided to suck it up, put on a sweater and stick to our plan of action. Destination: Georgetown. We were going, no matter what. Last night I charged the battery to my camera. Unfortunately, that did me no good as I forgot it this morning. Halfway to DC, Rach turns to me in the car and says, "I forgot my camera." I gues that's what happens on a cloudy day... everything/everyone happens to be a little "off." We made it to DC, got a great parking spot and began shopping. It had stopped raining by the time we got there and the sun even came out a little. A bunch of mid-aged men whized by us on their segway tour on our way and one stopped to ask me if I wanted a ride. He said it in a creepy tone, but just to amuse him, I said, "OF COURSE!" He smiled and rolled away. We passed by a dialysis place and Rachel's grandparents were there so we decided to stop in and surprise them. It was so wonderful. Her grandmother was so excited since she had been sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours before we arrived. We had no idea she would be there, just by chance we decided to pop in and check. It was very warm and lighthearted - she gave us cookies and told us lots of stories. I felt a little wiser when I left. We decided on La Madeleine for dinner and on our way there a french man ran into us and this is common because the sidewalks are packed in the summer and he said "Pardon Mademoseilles." It was sweet and made our choice to get french cusine for dinner all the more justified.

It was a great day. I'm looking forward to rediscovering DC this summer.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I just made the most amazing Eggplant parm ziti. There is also only one of me and I made enough for 8-10 people so please come and help me eat it.

Lifesaving recipe via Rachel Ray. DELICIOUS!!!

Today is the one month mark. I can't believe it's been that long since they've been gone. I know we all still feel it, it doesn't get any easier. It's been really tough for all of us - there have been really good days and then some really really bad ones. What can you do but take it one day at a time.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not a day has passed by since April 16th where I haven't cried. I really miss him. Graduation was this weekend and I keep thinking about all the families that had to make that walk in place of their loved ones. It kills me. I know I can't keep dwelling on this though. I can't be so consumed by tragedy that I do not live my life fully. I know I owe it to them to continue on. I'm going to do it for them, and I know it's going to be hard, it's been almost impossible lately. I know I have to carry their torches because theirs were prematurely taken away. I'm going to try so hard to be more like Stack. I want to be as passionate about learning as he was, as personable as he was, as caring and giving as he was. I can only hope to be half the person that he was. In doing so, I hope to spread his goodness to the people I will eventually meet so that they too feel a bit of his presence and in a sense get to meet this amazing person I was so lucky to call a friend. I say this with a very heavy heart and fighting back tears, but I want to do this for him, for them and the chances he never got.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Missing you at Graduation.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I'm trying. I'm trying really hard. I try to crack a smile for him, but damn, it's so so hard. Everytime I see his picture, I just cry. Graduation is this weekend and it's so bittersweet. Just knowing Stack was so close - knowing this moment was taken away from him. I am so torn. I can't believe it has been 3 weeks. It doesn't feel like it. It's not fair, nobody deserved this. None of them. My heart is so heavy - I just miss them so much. You know what bothers me? The fact that Facebook is going to erase their profiles May 15th or 16th. It's some sort of rule they have. I guess they keep profiles up for a month after people die. I know it's something really petty to be angry about but I can't stand the thought of him or any of them being erased. People still talk to Stack on his Facebook - I don't think any of them are ready for that connection to be taken away. I know I'm not ready to have that taken away. I feel very selfish for still needing to see his profile, but it kind of feels like he's still around that way. Taking him away will make it all seem too real and too final. I know that's my reality right now, but I am not ready to let go. Like I've said before - I'm NOT ready to say goodbye. Nobody is. Not like this. I just wish I could run into him one more time, see him flash that notorious smile, give him a big bear hug and let him know that I love and respect him.

Only in dreams.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

more dreams

I had a dream a few nights ago where it was April 16th again. I was in a classroom when somebody came in and opened fire. The person's face was unclear. All I know is that I hit the ground in panic along with the rest of my classmates. In my dream, I was shot 3 times in my upper back/shoulder. It was weird because I could feel the initial piercing pain of the bullet in my dream. I woke up the next morning completely sore and my right arm numb. It just felt so real. I remember at the end of my dream right before I woke up the police had entered right in time for the gunman to shoot himself in the face. It was so weird, I felt as if I was actually in one of the rooms. It really scared me. I've been talking to a grief counselor and he said that these dreams were normal reactions to a very abnormal event. Sounds so textbook doesn't it? When I was talking to this counselor I could kind of sense that he was very bothered by the whole event as well . He mentioned that he had actually had some sessions with people who were in the classrooms where the majority of the people died. He said their accounts of what went on were just devastating. We talked about trauma and how the rescuers were dealing with it. I couldn't possibly imagine what they are going through. Pronouncing somebody dead all the while hearing their cell phones constantly ringing with desperate attempts from loved ones to get a hold of them. It tears me up just thinking about it. It's going to take a lot longer to heal than the experts are predicting. I was driving home today, and "Yesterday" by the Beatles came on and I started tearing up. Sometimes when I'm out with friends, I will have to leave the room because it will hit me all at once, and I feel really bad when it does because I don't want to bring attention to myself. I'm sure they understand but I feel bad none the less because nobody should be this emotionally unstable. The other day I saw pictures of Matt LaPorte's funeral (the cadet) and I couldn't help crying. The corps of cadets followed him to his final resting place. It was a beautiful service.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Sleepless nights. Nightmares. Wake up and feeling like everyday is April 16th. Not eating. I think PTSD has set in. It's getting really hard to deal with - I may be taking it a lot harder than everyone else - who knows. Nothing feels good right now. Nothing feels normal. I feel like I'm just going through the motions of the day just because that's the only thing I know to do. Everyday is a battle. I try to go out with friends and try to keep up with the schedule I had planned by going to Foxfield etc. None of these things made me feel better. Sure it was great to see old friends again, but at the end of the day, it's just me and my grief over this. The school paper released a memorial issue of the paper this past Monday with little bios on all the people we lost that day. I read everybody's story sobbing and just not really getting out of bed after that for awhile. A lot of my friends have been calling to check in just to see how I'm doing and as much as I appreciate what they are doing, it's very hard for me to explain to somebody who did not experience it how I'm coping and what it's like to go through this right now. I did muster up enough courage to visit Stack's stone the other day. My friend Lisa came back from her study abroad and drove straight to Tech. We stood at his stone and just cried. I was fixated on it because that's all there is left of him that is tangible. Walking away was so hard. I'm not ready to do it yet. We lost a lot of amazing people that day. Reading all their stories just makes it hurt so much more. None of them deserved this. Nobody deserves this. I'm finding it excrutiatingly hard to move on. I don't know when I will feel normal again, but right now, I'm just not ready to.