Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fanfuckintastic night. Rain and all.

And tonight Nina and I checked "driving through a toll booth half naked while the guy refuses to open the gate" off of our list of things to accomplish in this lifetime.

Man tonight was amazing. Matt is the BESTEST friend a girl could have. He told me semi-last minute that he could get me into the Howie Day/Gavin DeGraw concert. I wasn't going to pass up a free concert, especially if Howie Day was going to be there. So of course I went and my jebus, Matt hooked us up. It was so HOT. Not only did we get to park in the VIP area but he even walked us through the gates to the arena too. We had lawn seats of course since it was a sold out show, but it was a lot of fun anyway. We bought Panera sandwiches and made friends with people around us and then the rain started pouring. The nice family behind us gave us one of their umbrellas but after awhile it got so bad that the umbrella didn't really do much so everyone on the lawn kinda just embraced the rain. So we sang and danced, soaking wet, together. It was a beautiful experience. PS: There was lightning during the Howie Day set and it was so perfect because it would strike at the most appropriate moments. I probably sound crazy right now, I guess you had to be there. This was definately a first for me. Lawn wasn't that bad, the rain kinda sucked, but I think it really added to the experience. Even Howie Day said so. Oh also, during the song Collide Howie stopped towards the end and some guy proposed to his girlfriend and I think Nina and I just died. It was so sweet. I'm thinking any guy that was there was probably like damn, now I'm gonna have to try to top that. Of course his girlfriend said yes. Could you imagine how amazing that would be if somebody did that for you? I'd say yes if I were her too. It was so cute. I'm not gonna lie, the thought of "why can't I have somebody like that" did cross my mind. It was sad. Moving on, Gavin was so fun. By then we had sorta dried off and everyone was dancing. We had a grand time. The way out also rocked because we were in the VIP "we're the shit" parking lot so we got out 70 times faster than everyone else because they let our lot go first. Matt is effing awesome. I less than three him for sure. Then on our ride home, we were forced to take the toll road because they closed off exits to 7 for some reason. Anyway, Nina and I had taken off most of our clothes because we were still really wet and turned up the heat in the car in attempts to dry off. We kind of forgot we were half naked though and we went through the toll booth and the guy just stared at us for awhile and that's when I started cracking up. I was so embarassed. Anyway, he took forever to open the gates which was just really awkward. But we thought it was pretty funny though. I wonder what was going through his mind. I felt really cool except not at all. Now I'm home and dry and it feels fabulous. This was definately an eventful night. And tomorrow... it's off to two weddings. I guess I'll be back sometime next week depending on if I want to stay longer or not. So I suppose you will hear from me then. Look forward to Howie/Gavin concert pics. :D

PS: Matt is awesome. Really awesome.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Away Message War with Nina Cohen:

Surf N Waves 04: Fighting Nina Cohen to the death over who get's to fornicate with Howie Day tonight.

sportschic326: it's on, mary. consolation prize: gavin.

honestly i'd take either:-)

Haha... I love it. PS: Matt Martin rocks for being awesome and getting us into the Howie Day concert tonight for FREE! We love him forever. This sort of makes up for the time that he neglected to give Drew and I backstage passes to Bright Eyes... sort of.

Via Curbed.
Out with the old...

...In with the New

Bad News: I, Mary, being the insanely awesome person that I am, busted my 40 gig iPod. Too bad for me, the 40 GB wonder was discontinued by the good people at Apple. Great, thanks guys. According to the stickers up all around New York City, "iPods lick balls," and despite these warnings up around the city, I still have a softspot for this device that transports insane aural pleasure to me 24/7. Saddened by the fact that I would never ever be the owner of a 40 GB iPod ever again... Good News: I was given the 30 GB iPod photo as a replacement. The man told me that "realistically" I would probably never accumulate 10,000 songs (nay! I probably could). But the upside to this is that the 30 is not as heavy as the 40 (not that the 40 was bad or anything), I can have up to 7,500 songs which is more than the 20 AND I can store up to 25,000 photos. Now, I haven't exactly looked into that yet. Because first and foremost, I really want to get my music into this thing. That was it's sole purpose for me anyway. But I guess I could try out this photo thing and see how it works... anyway, tonight iPod and happy Mary were finally reunited and it was a beautiful beautiful thing. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bahahaha... 1. Em sucks for taking this picture 2. I look really upset and I was just trying to walk out of my room, so hopefully I don't look pissed off/upset when I'm walking other places too 3. This is the new hair in all it's natural glory. Sidenote: numbering things makes me think of that Brian McKnight song... you know the one that goes... "1. you're like a dream come true, 2. just wanna be with you, 3. it's plain to see that you're the only one for me...." Posted by Hello
I'm hearing wedding bells...

... to the point where it's deafening

I went to Starbucks with a few guy friends of mine the other day just so we could catch up and bond again. (Man, that just sounded cheesy) Anyway, my friend Kaj told me that a girl that we graduated last year is getting married. I'm thinking to myself... ANOTHER ONE?! Am I missing the train here or is everyone else just moving ten times faster than I am? Thoughts aside, we kept talking and she's indeed marrying the guy she dated in High School who was a year younger than us and just graduated last week. I wish them the best of luck and I am so happy that they were able to find each other... it seems like the overall consensus while we were out for coffee and discussing this topic is that we're pretty much all at that point in our lives where we just want to be in a committed relationship. Not necessarily meaning we want to get married anytime soon, but it would be nice to have a steady relationship with someone. Though we were all really happy for this couple, I think we all came to the conclusion that neither one of us could do that right now. She dropped out of college and he's going to be working for his father's company next year and if he can provide for her than that's great. But honestly, I think it would be good for her to finish college because it's such a wonderful experience. I feel like she would be missing out on a lot if she did. But if they feel that this is what's right, then that's great! If it were me, I'd really like to be finantially stable and all that before I took the plunge and I think all the guys (Colin, Kaj, Matt) I was with were on the same page. There's way too much out there to see, it's not like being married would hold you back, but when you're married, you constantly have to think about what's best for both parties. It's like your thought process switches from "me" to "we." I don't think I'm ready to do that full time yet... and that' s okay. PS: I'm going to two weddings this week, and I'm leaving thursday. I'm happy for all these people, of course they're a bit older, but, I'm going to have a lot of time to reflect on the whole marriage deal. I'm pretty sure I'll come to the same conclusion that I've come to now: I don't want to be married anytime soon.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Via DCist. No caption necessary - I'm sure this speaks for itself.  Posted by Hello
I'm not gonna lie...
...I love these kids

tigatiga88: potatoemusic: you are such a ladies man carden hedelt
tigatiga88: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammy

skd3786: so im goin out with gay boys tonight...
Surf N Waves 04: lucky!
skd3786: to like gay clubs
skd3786: for the 1st time
skd3786: theyve been tryin to get me to go alot
skd3786: and im usually like no way
skd3786: but i gave in
skd3786: sunday is supposed to be an awesome night

* This has honestly been the theme of the weekend. I mean Dupont Circle... New Orleans, all the girls have been out with their favorite men.

TheRedFlame2: thats true, i don't even know where u live and i stalk you

* Jason is stalking me. I am actually honored.

Doups of CAN: i am too l33t to be uncool

* The irony. I think I mort de rire for hours when I saw this one.

Surf N Waves 04: hey this is really random, but john basedow, the annoying fitness guy
cubsbearsphish: yeah
Surf N Waves 04: is missing in thailand
cubsbearsphish: dead.
Surf N Waves 04: and i'm kind of not sad
cubsbearsphish: did you just hear about this?
Surf N Waves 04: yes
Surf N Waves 04: did you know about this?
cubsbearsphish: he's been missing since the tsunami
Surf N Waves 04: ohhh
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha ha
cubsbearsphish: hahaha
Surf N Waves 04: <---- jerk.
cubsbearsphish: laughing at the tsunami, mary?
Surf N Waves 04: are you trying to make me feel bad?
cubsbearsphish: no no no
cubsbearsphish: you and i can be jerks together. dont worry
Surf N Waves 04: can we throw a no more john basedow party?!
cubsbearsphish: haha
cubsbearsphish: yes.
cubsbearsphish: in fact, i insist that we do.
Surf N Waves 04: are you serious? because i'll actually do it
cubsbearsphish: so am i
Surf N Waves 04: let's do it!
cubsbearsphish: but we'll have to throw a "Yeah, we're going to Hell and we know it" Party the next day
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha okay
Surf N Waves 04: it will be better than christmas!
cubsbearsphish: this is true
Surf N Waves 04: gosh that's going to be one hell of a time
Surf N Waves 04: one awesome party after the next
cubsbearsphish: damn straight.
Surf N Waves 04: then they'll find john basedow
cubsbearsphish: what should the locale of our party be?
Surf N Waves 04: doesn't matter
cubsbearsphish: oh man, he'd probably hunt us down and beat us up
Surf N Waves 04: i will go anywhere for a no more john basedow party
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha he's probably hiding because he got fat
Surf N Waves 04: his abs are but a distant memory
cubsbearsphish: haha
Surf N Waves 04: then we can have a "ha ha john basedow is FAT" party
cubsbearsphish: hahaha
cubsbearsphish: this is going to be one sweet bender we'll be going on

* Ha ha... we're pretty much ridic. And we're not kidding about the party either. We're really going to have it. And it will be fantacular.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Chemistry Love Haiku's by Elisabeth Ivey... only to be appreciated by science nerds like me.

Warning: Ridiculously nerdy.

When you are with me
Absolutely zero can no
Longer be freezing.

The titration curve
Which represents our
love is nearly vertical.

For you, I would defy
Almost anything, even
The octet rule.

Like Neon (and Bo Derek)
My love for you is
A perfect ten.

Just like cold fusion,
My love for you can't be
Repeated in a lab.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Kaj likes to humor me. What a great friend he is.

K4Jx0r: hey
Surf N Waves 04: hey
K4Jx0r: didn't make it to LA
Surf N Waves 04: awww!
Surf N Waves 04: it's okay, one day
K4Jx0r: one day
Surf N Waves 04: plus you're going to france!
Surf N Waves 04: i'm sure that's way cooler than the west coast
K4Jx0r: haha, i know...and maybe i can still make it out next month
Surf N Waves 04: yeah
Surf N Waves 04: plus, colin will be there
K4Jx0r: i had a flight out there, but the flight back would have been iffy
K4Jx0r: didn't want to risk being stuck in LA
Surf N Waves 04: yeah good call
K4Jx0r: so now i've wasted a good part of the night
K4Jx0r: i'm contemplating just going to sleep
K4Jx0r: i need it
K4Jx0r: a lot
Surf N Waves 04: that sounds like a great idea
Surf N Waves 04: you should do it!
Surf N Waves 04: peer pressure!
K4Jx0r: haha, ok
K4Jx0r: z....z....z.....z...
Surf N Waves 04: night!
Surf N Waves 04: wait, are you really going to sleep?
Surf N Waves 04: or was that a joke?
K4Jx0r: z...z....z....z....
K4Jx0r: no, i actually fell asleep at my computer
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha stop!
Surf N Waves 04: maybe you should try doing that in your bed!
K4Jx0r: and as my head hit the keyboard, it typed out "z....z.....z...z"
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha wow that's amazing!
K4Jx0r: yes, yes it is
Surf N Waves 04: kaj = swahili for he who is amazing and can fall asleep and type zzzz's
Surf N Waves 04: i kid you not
K4Jx0r: mary = she who pretends to know swahili
Surf N Waves 04: kaj = he who will be mad at himself for ever questioning mary's mastery of swahili
K4Jx0r: mary = one who will let this joke die right now
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha fine.
K4Jx0r: yay
Surf N Waves 04: haha
Surf N Waves 04: but you know i am pretty cool though
Surf N Waves 04: even without swahili skills
K4Jx0r: thats very true

This would have been really cool except "quite" is spelled incorrectly. Also, I don't think the same person that wrote I love you wrote the "quite frankly" part. I can just tell. Geeze, I wish someone would go around a beautiful city spray painting i love you's for me. A girl can dream right? Posted by Hello

More I love you pictures around New York City. ....sigh.... Posted by Hello

Harry effing potter night! July 15 suckers! Be there, so I can make fun of you.  Posted by Hello

Kathryn Walking. Yeah, we did a lot of that today. It would have been fine, had we not been going uphill the whole time in the wrong direction in the ridiculous heat trying to find U-Street (which didn't exist b/c we were going in the wrong direction).  Posted by Hello

DUPONT CIRCLE IS BEAUTIFUL! Dupont has the most beautiful male population I have ever seen in my life. I mean I thought WFU had some beautiful boys... but no Dupont is the place to go. Except they're all gay. Yeah I know... I was sad too.  Posted by Hello

You can't really see the car because it's not an SUV. Trust me, it's there.  Posted by Hello

Car number 2. We sure do like our SUV's here... Posted by Hello

So Colin finally decided to pay us all a visit here back "home" on his 10 day summer vacay. And we went to Starbucks with Kaj and Matt and discovered a DRIVE THRU STARBUCKS! So, I decided to take a picture of every car that went through the drive thru. This is car number 1 Posted by Hello

New haircut. You can't really see it because it got cut off. Don't ask what I'm doing because even I don't know. I have bangs now but they were pushed back so basically you can't really tell anything from this picture and it's pretty much useless. WoooOO! Posted by Hello

Friday, June 24, 2005

I'm clinging to the belief that...

... life is not merely a series of meaningless accidents or coincidences. Uh-uh. But rather, its a tapestry of events that culminate in an exquisite, sublime plan. Ultimately I concluded that if we are to live life in harmony with the universe, we must all possess a powerful faith in what the ancients used to call "fatum", what we currently refer to as destiny.

PS: I just watched Serendipity. :P

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Look here's another one via Curbed! :P I love New York. I think walking around the city and seeing these everywhere would "quite literally" make me so happy. Who's moving with me?!  Posted by Hello
New Jason Mraz Song Up!

Mr. Curiosity

Here's what Mr. A-Z had to say

Mr. Curiosity – Okay, this one’s my favorite on the album. I mean that this time. We’ve played this one live as well but for the fun of making fun of the funk we frequently attempt. The album version has a slightly saddening surreal quality as it’s mainly piano and vocal. I wrote this one three days after the curbside tour. I was exhausted and all out of love like air supply. I was visiting Lester Mendez after the tour and we were playing with all these gadgets to make a dance track but I just couldn’t commit. My lethargy kept creeping through. So he began to play a kind of eulogy on the keys and I just sang it out. No one thought it would make the record at first since it was such a departure from anything else I’d done. I immediately called Dennis who was a few doors down at home and had him come over and edit the 8-minute piece for me. The result is something in the clouds, like when you look long enough into the skies and think you see a face of a bunny on skates smiling back at you.
I'm diggin' it!

Currently LOVING the music of Bloc Party. My favorite would be the song Helicopter of the CD Silent Alarm. I also really like This Modern Love... the beginning of it is so much fun. I'm so mad at myself... I just missed their concert at the 9:30 club and they're now just starting their tour overseas so it's going to be awhile before they come back. :(

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

These two are brothers... one goes to Tech (and consequently lived in my dorm), the other just graduated High School... and we all went to High School together at one point...

KaL0MoLkEr: u should dho cuz one of the doorways to any mans heart is good Food in his belly

Surf N Waves 04: ha ha he says i should learn how to cook
Doup of CAN: you should
Doups of CAN: seriously, u can get any guy you want if you can cook
Surf N Waves 04: wtf?!
Surf N Waves 04: haha
Surf N Waves 04: news to me.
Doups of CAN: it's true
Doups of CAN: if you cook well enough

Maybe YOU guys should learn how to cook. Maybe the way to MY heart is food.
Via Jordan...

When this girl at the art museum asked me whom I liked better, Monet or Manet, I said, "I like mayonnaise." She just stared at me, so I said it again, louder. Then she left. I guess she went to try to find some mayonnaise for me.

Ha ha... Ohhhh DC. Actually I've been meaning to do a museum crawl of sorts in DC. If anyone is up for it, give me a call because I'd love to go. It's been awhile and living here for so long really makes you take it for granted because you always assume that it's there at your fingertips. But being away so long as really made me realize how lucky we are. Anyway, we can make a day out of it... museums in the morning and Georgetown at night. Let me know.
I got my haircut today... HUGE change... and it's short.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Carden Hedelt epitome of a true lunchbox.

tigatiga88: i'm afraid i'll wake up and she'll be dry humping me and then the next day she'll say that we had sex
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha ha ha ha
Surf N Waves 04: i'm afraid the same thing will happen to me too.
tigatiga88: haha "me and carden TOTALLY got it on last night....WOOT!"
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha
Surf N Waves 04: me: "got it on meaning she raped him"
tigatiga88: haha there would be no consent
Surf N Waves 04: clearly.
Surf N Waves 04: hence rape.

tigatiga88: how can an emo kid try and tell non emo kids that they lunch more
tigatiga88: by definition, emo kids dont lunch
tigatiga88: they are lunch free
Surf N Waves 04: literally
tigatiga88: lunchless
Surf N Waves 04: they eat plates of oxygen
tigatiga88: damn....
tigatiga88: and then cry
Surf N Waves 04: because they are literally empty inside

Surf N Waves 04: but it would be even worse to have a nightmere about it
Surf N Waves 04: since you do dream of having sex with people
tigatiga88: watch it happen
tigatiga88: i'm bettin you anything
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha call me when it does because i will be rollin
tigatiga88: i would cept for my phonebook has a gaping hole in its soul because it is devoid of your number
tigatiga88: it's gonna happen
tigatiga88: i'll bet you anything
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha
Surf N Waves 04: i can't wait
tigatiga88: the only question is when
Surf N Waves 04: we should all place bets
Surf N Waves 04: me nina and robbie
Surf N Waves 04: see who wins
Surf N Waves 04: i'll probably lose
tigatiga88: i'm goin with soon

James Dean is Dead for Good.
(the title of this mix)

While hanging out with some friends of mine this past weekend, one of them decided to be really cool and give me a really supurb mixed CD. On it we have songs performed by Nick Drake, Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith, Rilo Kiley, Conor Oberst among other great musicians. I think this CD has me down to a T. Soundtrack of my life for sure.

Weezer's frontman just moved into Colin's building in LA. Yeah Mary, no big deal, only 25% of Weezer lives here, it's not like all of them do. I mean Busta Rhymes lives here too... bla bla bla... my name is Colin Dunning and my life is way cooler than yours bla bla bla. (Ha ha jk, can't wait till you're back) Posted by Hello
It crossed my mind today that maybe I should transfer to RIT. My scholarship and acceptance is still being offered and will be offerered until my junior year of college. They keep calling... they still want me. And I don't know, maybe a new fresh start wouldn't be a bad idea. Plus the guy-girl ratio is still 80% to 20% - sounds like a pretty ideal condition to me. I don't know. I'm so split right now... among other things.
... and I hang like a star, fucking glow in the dark
for all their starving eyes to see...

I think I've hit my all time low tonight.

...something vague that they're not seeing
something more
like a

Monday, June 20, 2005

Colin is coming home this Friday!!!

It's been awhile since we've all seen Colin since his move out to LA... there has been so much tension here, I think everyone is just counting down the days until this guy comes back. We all so desperately need him to serve as a buffer between everyone here and everything that has been going on. I had a chance to talk to him for a few hours the other day and I was just telling him how much everyone is anticipating his arrival much to his surprise. Everytime we get together, there's always that feeling of awkwardness, because someone is missing. We all miss him. Many of us have changed so much since we left and, I think we're all just so tired of each other because it's not the same anymore. Colin however, taking a different route than all of us did, has pretty much remained the same and I guess we want to see him so much because he's our "last hope" so to speak of familiarity and old times. It's funny because most of us don't even talk to each other anymore, but now that he's coming back, the communication has been at an all time high and plans to hang out are triving... so I guess we'll see what happens. We all need some Colin to reenergize us.
I wish I could make up my mind once and for all. I wish I knew what I wanted. Maybe then I wouldn't hurt so many people.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day at my Grandparent's house reaffirmed how awesome my family is. And I mean it.

My 6 Year Old Cousin Justin.

I haven't seen him since Christmas and I feel like I've missed out on a whole stage of his life. I got to see him again today and he is hilarious. Too intelligent for his own good (I hear he got into a great Charter school and I'm so proud) and exceedingly witty. His family is quite wealthy so he is naturally used to the finer things in life. He probably has one of the most sophisticated palates I have ever encountered for a kid his age. Today he said, "Mary, I enjoy eating farm grown tuna, rockfish, and salmon." I gave him a hug after he told me this. It was so cute and something so charateristic of his lifestyle. I love the little guy. Did I mention he is fluent in 3 languages? He also crushed my ego today when he told me that his first year in kindergarten yielded 4 girlfriends. I can't even say that for my first year of college. :( What really made me laugh was when he said, "I've had 4 girlfriends this year, but I dumped them all. I like dumping people it's fun. I only ask girls out so I can dump them. " Ha ha... what a heartbreaker. He's adorable. PS: On occasion he will wear cologne and flip his polo collar up. :D

My Grandma

She is an amazing woman. I absolutely love her. Today she was holding Justin's younger brother Tyler (who by the way is the cutest baby I have ever seen, he smiles all the time and doesn't do much else) in the kitchen and I came and said hi to her and she asked how my year in college was and if I found a nice young man yet. I told her "no" because that's the truth. I mean I didn't have a full on relationship with anyone this year. And then she goes so lots of guys that are "just friends," and I said yeah. Then she gives me this look and says, "I understand," and then winks. Ha ha. I think I was a little embarassed. Somehow you can't seem to slip anything by her, she knows she knows.

My Grandpa

This man is hilarious! I adore him. He is so easy-going and relaxed all the time. Always up for a good laugh. Always making sure everyone around him has a good time. Just such a fun fun person. Anyway, I was wearing a green cami today and he ran through the sprinklers with my cousins today so he got wet and changed his shirt. He came out wearing a green button down yatch shirt and comes up to me and says, "Hey, we're looking good tonight! We match" and then he proceeds to high five me. :D

I had such a fun day today. All the uncles and aunts were there as well as many many generations of my family. It was so good to see everyone again. I'm sure all the men in the family would have agreed. We all really enjoy each other's company and I think that is sadly rare. We never ever fight at family functions... I think we just genuinely enjoy being with one another. It's been a good one. Can't wait to do it again. I should probably go, I smell like baby and should probably do something about that... (I was holding Justin's little brother Tyler most of the night) so... to you and yours, I hope you had a good one too.

I also want to see the movie Nina's Tragedies... somebody come with. Check it out *here* Posted by Hello

French Movie Marathon Day! I really want to go see the movie "The Beat That My Heart Skipped." I mean the title itself says enough about the movie. It's going to be great. You should come along. View the Trailer and other Clips here! Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 18, 2005

It's kind of like bulls fighting to be the leader of the clan except this is really just a picture of Robbie and I slightly intoxicated... just slightly. PS: This shirt makes me look pregnant, but I'm really not. It's loose and when i bend over it just kind of hangs. You heard it here first. Posted by Hello

Hey thexy (translation: "hey sexy" with a lisp) Posted by Hello

Robbie said it was his birthday so they gave him a hot headpiece and an ice cream sundae! (Lunchfest pics part 2, b/c Nina finally uploaded them) Posted by Hello
Via Dan [on heartbreak]

not a day passes that you don't close your eyes and ask st. francis to find the lust for life that you lost when she left with your tongue and your last breath. she's a thief with an eye for nice things.

:( it gets better, i promise.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Moving to New York :: Mary in the City

I recently decided that no matter what I'm going to live in New York City at some point during my life. But more specifically between singlehood and marriage aka the time is right out of college. And this morning while going through my daily routine of checking out gawker and curbed, I found this new listing... It's basically effing perfect. Now, I haven't dipped into my trust fund yet, not even for a car or anything outrageous of that sort. However, this is something I really really really want. I don't know if the parentals will go for it... but if they did, it would pretty much be a dream come true. I'd gladly trade the condo on the bay for this... ANYDAY. Anyway here's a link. Asking price $1.4 million. Not bad considering it's New York City. Oh yeah did I mention 3 floors and 3,392 square feet! That's almost the size of the house I'm living in now!

Proof that love at first sight really does exist

Rendezvous chez moi.

Is anyone in the mood to see Bernardo Bertolucci's movie The Dreamers with me this weekend? I'm in the mood for all things French. We can do dinner too and make a night out of it. Call me to R.S.V.P all that are close are invited. :D I promise this will be a great movie, a bit risque during some scenes, but overall just pure brilliant.

If you click *this* then you will be linked to the trailer so you can get an idea of what this movie is all about.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Okay so we need to have another party. Of course it's themed. And it's a fun one. I'm thinking about throwing a "Faint" party. Yeah, the music you love played all night into the early hours of the morning until you FAINT! Holler. If you love The Faint as much as me you should come. It's going to be hot and fun, and sexy. Look for your e-invite in the next few weeks.

Song that inspired this idea: Worked Up So Sexual... yeah, you try blasting this song from your car while driving by the Country Club. Ha ha.... scandalous.

I'm tired of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed, I'm tired of people lying saying what they want about me... ha ha. Check out this HOT dance off. Ha ha j/k. Em and I are such nerds. We were thinking about the movie Zoolander and the stupid Lohan song and got these great dance off ideas. *Covers face* Posted by Hello
So I finished my PS and it's in the mail and ready to go. I don't know how I feel about that.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So I decided to make a postcard to send to post secret today... maybe it will make it onto the website. My handwriting is pretty distinct so you might be able to tell. I guess we'll see.
She wished to remain anon. so in this conversation she will just be A (for anon) and I will be M...

M: she wants me to go to her apartment next weekend, plus she is going to see a boy, and I would feel exceedingly 3rd wheel
A: yeah don't do it
M: and i'm not going to hang out with you know who
A: dont EVEN say his name
M: b/c stupid shit would happen... i know it
A: yeah i'd say that's a no go
A: actually, i'd say any interaction with you know who is a no go
M: yeah same.
A: its not worth it - i don't like him
A: oh so btw, i talked to ****** on the phone for like two hours again last night
M: so what's going on with that?
A: we are friends. who might occassionally fuck if it comes to that
M: ha ha ah ah that is beautiful
A: hahahaha what how i phrased it?
M: uh yeah. i was like two seconds away from peeing in my pants
A: hahahaha if you profile that please do not put my name. i'd appreciate it.

I pretty much heart her.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Funny things...

sportschic326: i just had an epiphany with electron configurations. i hate myself. that is all. love you. sincerely, j-unit.

* Nina Cohen... ha ha there are no words. This was quite possibly the funniest IM i've received all day. I'm glad you're enjoying your summer Chem classes. :P

MarbarO25: WHere the hell have u been?

* Excuse me Marlo Cohen... I may have been traveling a lot, but you my friend have been in Italy. I don't want to hear it. :D PS: these cohens aren't related!

On a more serious note...

a) I think I just got a paper cut in between my fingers! Ouch! I can't really tell if it's a paper cut because it's rather dark right now, but it definately feels like one

b) I've realized that once somebody has let you down so many times, everything they say to you just becomes null. And the more they tell you these things the more insignificant their words become. And then there comes a turning point where it all just becomes indifferent to you, like you don't care anymore. It's then that you realize that it's just not worth the effort. Sad but true.

MMMMMMMMMMM! Holler.  Posted by Hello

They're done! They're done! Ha ha... I look like a little kid on Christmas Day. In my house, it's Christmas year round.  Posted by Hello

She looks like she should be on the cover of Martha Stewart Magazine or something. If Kathryn were married, she would totally get housewife of the year. And if she had kids, she'd totally kick my ass and steal the mom of the year award too.  Posted by Hello

Is somebody trying to steal food off of MY counter?!  Posted by Hello

Badasses also eat raw food too... (*Note, we're not really badasses, we're really just wannabe badasses) Posted by Hello