Sunday, January 28, 2007

Le weekend
(I decided to consolidate- the post was too long)

- Went to UVA, stayed with Nina - it was Awesome
- Got there and Nina's neighbor came by and told me he had been stalking me earlier on Facebook (i was kind of creeped out at first, but truth be told he is not sketchy at all)
- There I went to a concert where I saw Schuyler Fisk, Joshua Radin, and Brett Dennen and it was a lot of fun!
- SISSY SPACEK was randomly there singing backup for her daughter Schuyler Fisk... yeah no big deal right?! WRONG! It was awesome.
- Mike took us on a tour of "grounds" - they don't call it a "campus" and Heather and I decided that UVA has a lot of cute boys that frequent bagel shops.
- I brought my camera and neglected to take photos. Apparently someone mistook my camera for theirs and now I have 10 pictures of this guy everybody called "JG" sitting on the couch. Super. I still don't know what "JG" stands for.
- It was Lexi's 21st birthday. She had a good time. We had a good time.
- There were these sketchy French guys that showed up at Lexi's party. They were okay at first but I guess the girls started leaving and they started to get desperate so they became extra creepy and touchy-feely and it was gross so Eddy beat one of them up.
- Yes, it was the first fight I've ever seen. Yes, there was blood. Yes, it was probably unnecessary.
- I met this guy Jay at 4am- he stopped by with his friend Dave once everything was over to hang out with Nina and it turns out he knows one of my really good friends at Tech so we proceeded to get really really excited about this. As in spent 10 minutes in the hallway, wide-eyed, hands to our heads, "OMGs" exchanged as well as phone numbers, and then left a few messages for said mutual friend. Small world, huh?

Overall? Great weekend!

Next up is Boston. I have roughly a month! :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Consider it done!

- Special shout out to my Boston friends: My tickets have been purchased. I'll be coming in March 3rd at 1pm and leaving March 7th. I'm excited. 40 day countdown startinnng now! :)

- It started "wintery mixing" here last night and nobody was excited because there wasn't enough accumlation of awesome snow to play in, there was just enough to frost/ice over our cars making this morning a pain in the ass. And yes, we did have school since we are blessed with steam tunnels underneath our sidewalks that melt anything and everything that could possibly keep us from going to school. Thanks life.

- In other news, who saw this on the front page of CNN this morning?! "Wife induces labor so husband can go to Bears game" Apparently she said she did it because this game was a once in a lifetime thing... but last time I checked, so was the birth of your child.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


It's midway through January and I figure this may be a good time to let you know how I'm doing as far as keeping my new years resolutions.

The crip walking? Let's just say, I haven't really found anyone to teach me, nor I have I tried to practice on my own.

As far as Boston goes, plans are underway right now. I will be there from March 3 - 7th. I will probably purchase my tickets within the next few days. My friend has already suggested a comedy club in Harvard Sq. which I am pretty excited about. I don't have my whole week planned yet, but any suggestions on where to eat, places to shop, and things to see are greatly appreciated. Boston Natives/lovers, please please leave some ideas.

In regards to seeing more of the board, it's been kind of difficult to find a time where we can all meet up so we're still going to need to work on that. BUT... Linda, a former board member DOES live in Boston and I'll be staying at her digs when I visit so at least I'm sort of getting it right.

Well... as far as Yoga goes, I haven't been doing it... but I have been waking up and going to Pilates at 7:30am. I know, I know... it's not Yoga, but I think it's pretty close. They changed the schedule and switched Pilates and Yoga so now I'll be starting my morning relaxing with Pilates. So far, so good. It's been hard to train myself to wake up and go to sleep earlier than I normally do, but I think I'm finally coming around. For those of you who are early birds, if someone wants to be really really nice and give me a wake up call at 6:30am, please do! I feel so much better during the day when I exercise in the morning. Heather has also been cardio-ing with me later in the day so as far as that resolution goes... it's pretty solid.

As far as roadtrips/concerts go... Heather is going to UVA with me next weekend to visit a friend AND go to a concert. BAM! 2 in 1.

Well, that's about it... so far so good. Let's just see if I can keep it up.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Great Loves

Derrick C. Brown
- poet, singer, once paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne, heart theif
Tristram Stuart
- british author/hottie

Albert Camus
- French author and philospher, author of one of my favorite books, "L'Etranger," well known for existentialism and absurdism

Anderson Cooper
- Journalist extraordinaire, stealer of our hearts (some say he did it with his Katrina coverage, I say, he did it with his Sago mine tragedy coverage), half Vanderbilt

to be continued...
(perhaps you can do one of your own and share/link it here)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Years Resolutions

So I've had a few days to think about it and here's what I've come up with thus far:

- Learn how to crip walk (and not look like I'm having a seizure) so that when it's time for graduation I can completely embarass my parents as I walk down the football field looking like Snoop Dogg. It's a $40,000 walk, you might as well make the most of it, no?

- Go to Boston. I have a lot of friends up there and we've always talked about arranging a trip, but unfortunately all this time we've just been all talk so finally this year Jason and I have decided that no matter what, we're going. His brother goes to school/lives up there and could host us along with some friends that go to school around the area. I've never been and I've heard great things so I figure, it's time.

- See more of the Board. We tried to go to New York together over Winter break, but with busy work schedules, a surgery here and there, and sicknesses, we wern't able to get together so hopefully we can figure something out this year. I'd love to see everyone again.

- Get back into the routine of doing Yoga. I've taken classes before, but I'd like to go every morning at 7 so that I can start my day relaxed and hopefully rejuvinated. On that note, with Yoga every morning, I'd like to do my cardio in the evening.

- I want to go to sleep a lot earlier (10pm) and not have work to do when I come home from campus so that pretty much means I'll have to manage my time really well during my incredibly long breaks in between all my classes.

- Go on more roadtrips. Now that most of my friends have already gotten their semester abroad out of the way... they are back in school for the final stretch so it will be nice to finally have people to visit! :)

- Go to more concerts. This year has been so academically centered I haven't gone to any concerts. Spending my summer in Blacksburg, where nobody ever tours didn't really help this situation. But hopefully that will change this year. There's a Brett Dennen concert coming up at a venue really close to UVA so maybe I'll be able to kill two birds with one stone... (visiting friends there too).

That's all I could come up with... hopefully the whole waking up for Yoga thing will work out - I think it'd be really really good for me. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Guilty Pleasure

John freaking Mayer and his new(ish) CD "Continuum." I really like it and it pains me that I do. The one thing that does annoy me about this cd is "Waiting for the world to change" and maybe that's becuase I hear it EVERYWHERE. It's always on the radio, playing in stores etc etc... so I'm a bit tired of it, however the rest of the CD is good so that makes up for it. :) Also, it seems like a break-up(ish) CD which I guess is pretty fitting for the times and I guess that why I like it so much as pathetic as that may sound. Anyway, if you haven't already gotten a copy... do it. Easy listening.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Byyye 2006!


What is the date: January 2, 2007.
What is your name: mary
How old will you be at the end of 2007: 21!!! Be excited for me.
Do/Did you have New Years Eve plans: yes, Rachel threw a party.
What was the biggest change in 2006 for you: really figuring out what I want to do after I graduate. I've always known but plans are more concrete now.
Who were you closest to in 2006: lots of people. kathryn, rachel, lisa, my parents
What was the most shocking thing you saw in 2006: going into a cadaver lab for the first time the night before halloween. there were 45 cadavers... it surprisingly wasn't that scary but it was definately shocking.
What was the biggest lie you heard in 2006: some pretend virgin at a party talking to a group of guys and saying, "oh my goshhh i've NEVER been drunk before." Ha. That's what pretend virgins say. Later that night she left with a guy. And so the cycle goes. The next week, she said the same thing at another party. It's kind of funny.
What is the most shocking thing you did in 2006: Hmm... not too sure if this is "shocking" but spending my summer in Blacksburg taking classes, something I will NEVER NEVER NEVER do again.
What is the biggest lie you told in 2006: "I'll be there in 5 minutes!"
What is your saddest memory for 2006: getting my heart broken (that sounds so lame when I type it, but it's true)
What is your happiest memory of 2006: discovering the restaurant, "Cabo Fish Taco" - it's so good!
How many traffic tickets did you get in 2006: one. It was my first one ever and it cost me $131. Now I am so paranoid when I'm driving.
Were you in love at the end of 2006: i guess so although i'm reluctant to say i was.
What was the scariest moment of 2006: almost burning the house down at school. i had just given blood and was pretty dizzy/hungry so i made some pasta but dozed off on the couch while waiting for the pasta to boil and eventually all the water boiled out and the pasta began burning... etc etc.... that was scary.
How many people are you dating: zero
Are you going to change that in 2007: i'm not sure. i'm not going to push anything. my philosphy this year is to just not care and if it happens then so be it. i find that when i actually put effort into things like relationships... somehow it just doesn't work out. i think i enjoy my independence too much and it's hard for me to balance that aspect of my life when having a boyfriend. i don't know if that made any sense... but i guess what i really mean is, i dont like people that are too clingy... i don't like people who don't let you hang out with your friends when you're in a relationship. i am difficult.
Did you move in 2006: moved into a townhouse at school. that was nice
What was the most stressful time for you: this past semester. it has definately been challenging in every aspect.
Did you make any new friends in 2006: of course
Did you lose any friends in 2006: no, i can't say that i have and i'm thankful for that
How many people expressed a romantic interest in you: you know... i don't know and if they did, i am terrible at picking up subtle signals so i probably didn't respond and i normally screw things up anyway so for anyone who did, it was probably fruitless for them and completely my fault.
How many people turned you down: one, i wouldn't say turned down so much as decided to move on which is understandable. But, needless to say that was a really rough time for me. I cried for days.
How many parties did you attend: many
How many weddings did you attend: none
How many funerals did you attend: none, thankfully
What did you learn about yourself: i've learned to depend more on myself. i've learned to push my limits as far as school goes. i learned that as far as relationship goes there's a general pattern that usually manifests itself and that i should probably change that and the fact that i am scared of commitment.
What did you change about yourself: my hair, and my drinking habits. i don't drink as much - i know my limits.
What are your goals for 2007: be healthy, happy, do well in school, see my friends adn family more often, go on more roadtrips, and definately go to more concerts, oh and turn 21 and spend that time in New York with good friends. :)