Tuesday, January 31, 2006

lots of news to share!

first off, let's start with that Hokie win of Wake Forest's Deamon Deacons. it was a great game to watch, the score was so close throughout the whole game and definately wasn't boring. anyway, i read this article today off of Tech's Football website and learned that two of our leading guys wern't there because well a) one of them stepped on someone (i knew that) and b) coleman collins had to go home becuase his dad is sick with cancer ( i didn't know that - we all wondered where he was at the game). this makes the win mean so much more. a lot of our players stepped up - we played with a lot of heart. this means a lot to the team, i'm sure and it definately does boost morale. for the most part, this whole season we've been neck and neck at every game losing by a single basket or a few points and FINALLY our work is paying off. i'm glad i was there to see it all unfold.

in other news the raconteurs (jack white's side project band) finally has a website, and it is oldschool and 80s and keyboard navigated. check it out - i had a lot of fun with it. also there are 2 songs that you can stream.

anddd via Dylan's Jolly Holiday comes two fun links. link 1 - scientists study deja-vu and link 2 - Wilco has new songs!

unrelated news: it snowed this morning (flurries) and it SUCKED, but don't worry - it's blacksburg so it's going to be in the upper 50's tomorrow. great. the most bi-polar weather in the world.
all videos from this weekend are up on vimeo!

kathleen and i have a bunch of fun video clips from our semi-charmed weekend at wake. drew 1 was awesome enough to compress them for me because i am quiktime pro illeterate. :D well, you can view them here in all their glory... well, that was a specific link to one clip, but you can navigate your way around if you so choose. andddd, if you are really bored you can read this conversation i had with drew below:

LaNDsBeRgO: so i take it you still can't figure out how to use quicktime pro?
Me: nope, i even googled how to compress!
LaNDsBeRgO: lol, you are hopeless
Me: you can lead a horse to water....
Me: it's been updated: "you can make mary download quiktime pro..."
LaNDsBeRgO: lol how about that. i didn't realize that was the new colloquial

LaNDsBeRgO: lol, i guess that's the beauty of living at wake forest
LaNDsBeRgO: it's like totally old school in that people are just totally open about not locking doors and such

Monday, January 30, 2006

Wake Forest

I will try to re-cap my weekend. IT had been wretched, snow, cold, and yucky in Blacksburg the whole week but skies were blue and it was warm when Kathleen and I left on Friday after class. The drive down was great. It's such an easy and scenic drive - perfect for roadtripping. We also made two bangalicious mixes to listen to, so we were having fun. I mean common, how can you not be happy listening to Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind and totally feel like a Middle Schooler again? Anyway, we ended up staying with my good friend Kaj who lives in the Wesley house. I am a huge fan of Wake housing - I think it's absolutely awesome. He lives with 13 other people and it's the most random mix of people ever, but somehow it works and I love the dynamic of the people that lived in the house. It was great and they were all really nice. Anyway, Kaj being the awesome guy that he is took us to the quad and we did a little sight seeing and some t-shirt purchasing. Later we went for some coffee at this great little place in the Reynolda Village called Simply Yummy and the drinks lived up to the coffee shop's name. Next, we had dinner at Village Tavern which is my FAVORITE place ever. I love love love the service there. Our waitress, Sherry was amazing and really made us feel at home... if you go to Wake or ever decide to eat at Village Tavern, request Sherry. I had Jonas the last time and he was awesome as well, but he doesn't work there anymore. Anyway, we had the BEST dinner ever and came back to the house where we were told we had to get initiated by jumping through Adam's window (Adam is one of Kaj's housemates). Apparently the front door automatically locks and Adam's window is open for service 24-7 and that's how the majority of their friends enter the house which is really funny because you'll see random people appear and wonder where they came from and their reply is just, "window." Ha ha, I love it. Anyway here's a link to Kathleen's window adventure for your enjoyment. Shortly afterwards, we realized the window kind of ripped her insulin pump thing off of her and had to take her to Student Health.... You know it's going to be a good weekend when, you have barely spent time somewhere and soemone is already hurt. After Kathleen was saved at the Student center, we went back to the house where everyone was going out to Cobalt's for a KD party. It's cool to see how different the partying scene at every school is. In this case, it was pledge night and the sororities rent out bars. Anyway, they id's us (which I guess makes sense because afterall - it is a bar). Obviously we were under, and we got marked with x's but... never in my life have x's meant "do not drink" they just mean "try harder." Anyway, it was kind of disappointing because we didn't really know anyone and there was a dance party going on outside and there were a bunch of sketchballs all on top of the fact that we couldn't get drinks. Don't get me wrong, the people who wern't sketchy were REALLY REALLY nice. I got propositioned to kiss a lot during the night which I thought was strange because around here, we don't just go around asking people to make out with us and then leave afterwards. That aside, we came back that night and watched one of my new favorite movies Jeux D'enfants and since half of Kaj's house or at least the people that were there with us had been in France for a whole semester - they could understand it and it got really good reactions. Also, mine and Kathleen's Cookout virginity was taken that night and it was about time. The place was amazing - TDF even! The next day we slept in until noon and Kaj made us breakfas (because that's just how AWESOME he is) and then she and I decided to go buy some things for Kaj and his friends because they had been so good to us. We decided on chocolate and peeps because they were rumored to be having a "tender romantic chocolate cuddle night." We had to contribute to the cause, so we did. Ha ha... When we got back, we went to the Tech-Wake game and Tech won. We cheered for both teams, but towards the end we kind of felt like jerks because we got really excited when Tech was ahead and everyone around us gave us the evil eye which is understandable because we hate it when other students from other schools sit in our student section and cheer for their team. But, I mean, we were very conflicted - we would have been happy either way and honestly, we thought Wake would win. What really impressed me was the beginning of Wake basketball games. It's so crazy - it would be impossible not to be super pumped after a set like that. The lights go off, there's music and dancing and crowd shuffling. Think Hokie Football and how awesome that is before every game and that's how the beginning of Wake baskeball games are. Afterwards, Kathleen and I decided we'd cook for the whole house. It was a pretty big hit everyone really liked the alfredo and carrot cake that we made. And let me just say that this was all made from scratch. The guys were so funny, they were like PLEASE COME BACK! And to that we say, "gladly." The weekend was great and it was so good to see Kaj again and meet his friends - everyone was amazing and so so nice and hospitable. We cannot wait to see them again, and I hope they'll visit us sometime at Tech this semester. :D

Friday, January 27, 2006

Valley of the 20-somethings

This is the year we all turn 20 and tomorrow well technically today since it's 12:26 is Michael L's turn! :D I talked to him today to send my early Birthday wishes his way. Turns out, he is ringing in his 20's with a trip to Tech and sadly, I won't be here! :( I don't think I've seen him since graduation, we keep missing each other when we visit the other's school. But, I think he's staying until Sunday afternoon (late afternoon), so my advice to him was to sleep in and wait for me to come back from Wake since it won't take too long (less than an hour and a half) and I'd go grab brunch with him. So hopefully, he sticks around. Anyway, in his honor... he's a pic of good 'ol Mike L. If you see him tomorrow, be sure to wish him a happy birthday! (But honestly, how could you not have a happy birthday at tech?!)

We're getting old...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

L to R: Paul, Me, Kathleen, Peter. I took this picture from Gabe. You can see us in the background behind these random girls. We were playing Kings with Gabe's new roomate Paul (who will fit in nicely - he is fun). He also looks like Seth Cohen if the lights are dim and you squint a little bit.  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The nerdiest conversation EVER.

I had spent aboutg 3 hours doing Chem homework tonight and an hour and a half of that included going to a chem study session in Davidson which required me crossing the vortex of death aka the drillfield that accumulates all the wind generated on campus. The other hour and a half was spent re-copying my chem homework so that it was legible for my TA. I'm also kind of OCD about this kind of stuff so basically I had to make my handwriting look like a font. Well anyway, after 3 hours of mind and hand numbing Chem my away message read: "I'm hosting a chem bonfire at the end of the semester so we can demolish our binders and books." In true chem nerd response drew said:

LaNDsBeRgO: CH4 + 2O2 --> CO2 + 2H2O ...chem fire
LaNDsBeRgO: well you know it's not quite right
LaNDsBeRgO: if our books were made of methane
LaNDsBeRgO: lol don't make me look like a loser
LaNDsBeRgO: the guy with a chem symbol screenname ... i'm cool
LaNDsBeRgO: you can't tread on that

There are so many things wrong with my conversation with drew. The first thing would probably be the perfectly balanced equation and I can't believe he knew what a fire reaction was off the top of his head. Secondly, need I remind you that his screen name is strategically capitalized so that his favorite elements on the periodic table are depicted. And although his last name is Landsberg, he added the "O" for Oxygen because I mean... it's only EVERYONE'S favorite element. Lastly, this just proves how nerdy Drew and I are and this epiphany is really sad and depressing. I'm officially a pentagon. Not a square yet, but pretty damn close. And to think, there was a point in my life where I was a dodecahedron.... Okay and I can't believe I'm comparing life and personality to geometric figures. So how about I end this post now before I embarass myself entirely.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hilarious Gold digger paraody via Moe.

Click here!!!

My weekend in pictures...

Well there was this guy named Peter, and this other guy named Paul... sooo we decided we HAD to take a Peter, Paul and Mary photo just for kicks. And here it is in all it's glory.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity.

I believe it was Thoreau who said that in Walden... (which I'm surprised I still remember seeing as I read this my junior year of High School) Anyway, I decided to change the template of my blog today. I figure it's a new year and a new semester. I like the minimalistic look. I had the old template for a few years and it was time for it to go. I like that the lines are sharper and how clean it looks. It's simple... and that's just how I'm feeling right now. And with this template, I get to add links! :D I probably could with the other one too, but just never figured it out. Anyway, this is me introducing the new look. It's going to be staying for awhile.
Plans and Directions.

Death Cab for Cutie is onto something. Today I found out that they are working on a project called Directions which is a series of 11 videos (one for each of the 11 songs on their new album Plans) made by 11 different directors. I really love the idea. I think the two go very nicely together. I just saw the video for Marching Bands of Manhattan and I think it's great. To see for yourself, click the link below and enjoy!


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Via Dylan (D.Love)

O N T H I S D A Y I N H I S T O R Y .


1778: Alexander Hamilton was "feelin' it."

1864: John Wilkes Booth was down with that.

1907: It was Teddy Roosevelt's bad.

1933: Amelia Earhart went, girl.

1933: Charles Lindbergh player hated.

1954: Rock Hudson had it going on.

1955: Albert Einstein kept it real.

1972: Richard Farnsworth gave/was given props/a shout out.

1985: Ted McGinley broke it down.

1998: Oprah Winfrey busted it out.

ha ha... laughs coming at you at the speed of light!

Not looking at the camera. Kathleen and I riding Mocha and Ebbie.  Posted by Picasa

Me and Ebbie around the ring... It was cool because I didn't die.  Posted by Picasa

Kathleen and I riding horses in Morven Park over Winter Break. :D Posted by Picasa
Metro much?

Carden sent this to me today and I thought it was pretty funny so guess what? You get to see it too! Click the link below!

"Say no to Metro"

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Intense. Kaj and friend get ready for a Wake Basketball game. I'm going to be joining them for the Tech v. Wake game next Saturday. I'm pretty excited.  Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 20, 2006

New Clips up on Vimeo!

View them here...

Our Kanye's Workout plan interpretation

my favorite is when the song goes "give head, stop breathe, get up, check your weave" and Lisa does a deep inhale.... good times.

Rolling in the Hall
I was going a lot faster than it looked and I rolled straight into a wall.

PS: we were slightly intoxicated when we made these video clips.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Honesty is the best policy.

So last night was one of those nights where I was reminded that it is better to be honest with people instead of trying to sugar coat things. I really don't like confrentation so I just try to avoid it all together. It's probably not the best way to deal with things, but that's just how I'm wired. Anyway, I guess I'll give you a little background to the story. At the end of the summer before I went back to school a guy told me that he really liked me. I didn't feel the same way but figured, I was going to school anyway so he'll probably just not think anything of it and just let me be since I mean, I was going to be relaly far away. Well, as life would have it, things didn't work out that way and he was very persistant for months and I would just kind of ignore it. I grabbed coffee with him over Thanksgiving break and I thought of it as a strictly plutonic thing and I later find out that my indifference was really hurtful. Anyway, I figured that we probably wern't going to talk after that just because I mean, I wouldn't talk to someone if I got the feeling they wern't really interested. Winter break comes and goes and we don't talk to each other so in my mind I'm thinking okay it's done and over with, if anything, I'll look back and said I had a good friend. Again, life isn't that easy and last night he confronted me and asked very blantant questions such as why I didn't like him etc etc. I'm obviously not giving you the whole story because it's exceedingly long, however I really had no choice but to just be brutally honest. And I felt really bad for saying the things I said because I thought if soemone was saying these things to me, I probably would be pretty sad... but it had to be done. Sometimes, if people just don't get the point you have to spell it out for them and that's what I did. I can't say I regret it, I guess I wish it would have manifested itself differently. Anyway, after I said all these things he responded with one of those "please take care of yourself and have a nice life" speeches which I just think is unnecessarily dramatic and so cliche and something you just don't want to hear. Well if this is the way things end, what can you do right? The only problem is that if I ever saw him or ran into him, things would be extremely awkward. Anyway, right after this happened, I talked to Laura for a bit and I told her how disappointed I was with how this all went down because I didn't expect myself to say what I did. She did a good job making me feel a little better about the situation by pointing out that he was the one who had built me up in his head to be this ideal person and when he realized I wasn't that ideal he would be a jerk and kind of just bash on me (life choices, school i attended, choice of major etc) and be creepily stalkerish. So after seeing this from an outsider's perspective, I didn't feel so bad. It's better to be honest and hurt someone for a little bit than to drag it out. So now that that's all said and done, we can all move on. Sometimes you just need someone to point it out.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

So I painted a little bit over winter break and here's a little glimpse of what I did. I had previously picked four colors for a split canvas thing I was going to do that involved French landmarks but I never finished it and the prospects of finishing it were just really slim. I guess I lost my enthusiasm for the project.... so with a little bit of turquoise paint, the French landmark work in progress became history. The picture you see with the turquoise and gold isn't the finished product, I added a lot more but my batteries ran out so I couldn't take anymore pictures. But anyway... I guess you get the idea. I'm not sure if I should keep the silhouette of the girl on it or not... opinions would be helpful... opinions from people like Mike L. would be super helpful. :P

It went from this...  Posted by Picasa

to this...  Posted by Picasa
Drew's thoughts on my Collegiate Court event planning in conjuction with Gabe...

(sorry, I can't let the cat out of the bag, but this what Drew said after I revealed upcoming Collegiate events)

LaNDsBeRgO: haha oh man mary that is like the best theme ever
LaNDsBeRgO: how'd you think of that?
LaNDsBeRgO: wow you should be a party major
LaNDsBeRgO: no like a festivities major

* On that note, I'm thinking about running for AED's social chair? Perhaps? Perhaps?

Cool unknown fact: Drew's screen name is stretegically capitalized so it makes up his last name and his favorite elements on the periodic table. Yes, and I cracked the code and figured it out so I'm quite proud of myself. Can you tell we're both pre-med?

Monday, January 16, 2006

... and we're back!

Spring semester '06 officially begins tomorrow and I am nothing short of excited! I had a great trip back to Tech. I made really good time, even got the chance to make a quick little pit stop at JMU to have lunch with Rachel and ended up seeing some people I went to High School with so that was a nice little added bonus. I'm really proud of myself because I made it back to school before the basketball game started (which really means I was able to beat all the gameday traffic). Matt came to help me unpack which is pretty uncharacteristic of him but very much appreciated nonetheless. In return, I went to dinner with him. There's nothing like the feeling of reuniting with West End after a month without it. :) We here at Virginia Tech are in love with our dining halls. Anyway, last night the boys of Collegiate Court invited us over for a party. As usual, Gabe was throwing down and the whole complex came. It was so good to see them all. Moe told me he had been reciting his Hail Mary's hundreds of times everyday in hopes that he'd get to see me soon and alas... ha ha, he was also very drunk. Something about riding on a unicycle last night?! Ha ha anyway, Kathleen came with me and we had a great time. I've missed them all so much. We played a few games of pong along with some card games and got a chance to catch up with everyone which was awesome. I couldn't have spent my first night back any other way. It was a little sad because a few of our friends moved out of the complex because they are co-oping this semester in Northern Virginia so they don't have to graduate early... there's definately a void, but there were two new guys that moved in that are lots of fun and I think they will fit right in. I had a good time with them so I'm really looking forward to getting to know them and basically hanging out with them weekly. With that said, I guess if anything last night was an omen for how great this semester will be... it's great to be back!

PS: The picture above is of Gabe and I... old high school friends. I'm thanking him for throwing down... as always.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fresh Starts and Goodbyes...

I'm leaving to go back to Tech tomorrow morning and I just wanted to thank everyone for making this break so entertaining. I was so excited to go home at the end of the fall semester and now I can't say I'm really excited to leave. I'm really anticipating the start of Spring semester. I miss everyone at school. I think I'm ready to get back in the full swing of things - wake up in the morning and have a routine etc., but I've had so much fun at home sans schedules and plans. My days were characterized by spontaneity - I'll miss it for sure. I'll miss staying up late, meeting with old friends and getting too nostalgic about things that only happened a few years ago. I guess Ben Folds says it best when he says "you get nostalgic about the last 10 years before the last 10 years have passed." Anyway, that aside, I've had a great time indulging in chocolate fountains, going out on dinner and coffee dates, shopping (gosh, I cannot begin to explain how terrible the mall by the school is), homecooked meals, lame-o videos that we made, cooking extravaganzaas, a newly acquired love for CNN (namely coverage by Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta), Christmas at the beach, New Years Eve/New Years at Reed's house, D-Love's magic tricks, Wegman runs, horseback riding at Morven Park, Ice Skating outdoors... I had such a good time and I'll definately miss it. It's funny... you go off to college and you come back thinking that so much has changed because you yourself have changed so much, but you come back and you realize that though everyone has changed, everything is still the same... this place will always be home and you know you can count on the people and the places here to be the only consistant things in your life... You guys are my family and you've really made this one a good one. I'll see you soon... until then.

On that note... I am really anticipating this Spring semester. I got into all of the classes I wanted via a little magic that we call "force adding." I absolutely LOVE my advisors for making this awesome schedule happen. :) There's so much to look forward to... my schedule is great this semester, classes end at 2 (at the latest - AWESOME!) I don't have as many large time gaps in between classes like I did last semester. I thought I would actually use that time wisely, but that never happened. I managed to make my way onto the Dean's List though so I guess I did something right. Let's hope I can do it again this semester. Fall semester was just phenomenal and I hope that Spring semester can be just as fun, challenging and rewarding, but if I had it my way, I'd make it so that it were even better than Fall '05. I'll let you know how it goes. I have a feeling it will be just great, there's so much to look forward to... we've got, the Tech v. Wake game 2 weeks after I get back, I cannot wait to go (espec. b/c I'll finally get to experience this Cookout place that all my Wake friends keep telling me about and I'll get spoiled with some good ol' Village Tavern and southern cooking/hospitality). We have the superbowl to look foward to, the Olympics, Spring break in California, concerts, roadtrips to JMU, UVA, and Wake, Greek week with my Hampden-Sydney boys, and the Steeplechase race known as Foxfields (which translates into debauchery), warmer weather with chances to wear skirts, sundresses, and most importantly flip flops, a greener campus, a happier campus, a more care-free vibe on campus, flowers blooming, more Pre-Med preparations... I'm so excited and I cannot wait to be sucked into this whirlwind that will be Spring '06. I'm ready...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hot to Trot.

So today Kathleen and I went horseback riding in Leesburg and it was AMAZING. The weather was absolutely wonderful at 64 degrees. It felt like fall. We had the mountains as a backdrop and so much land to ride on. Awesome would just be an understatement. What wasn't awesome is the fact that my horse Ebbie (though extremely well trained) started full-on running when I squeezed her sides with my legs which should have motioned her to gallop which she did at the beginning and because I was getting tossed up on the saddle I was bouncing on her back which the trainer had taught her to mean "go faster." Had it not been for Kathleen and her horse Mocha, I probably would have flew off. They came up right by Ebbie and I and she grabbed the reins and pulled on them to get her to stop. I was trying to pull on her and trying to get her to stop at first but she was going so fast, I was too pre-occupied with trying to just stay on. So needless to say, though it was really scary, it was also pretty fun to be going that fast. :D The rest of our time at Morven went pretty well though. Everything went smoothly. Matt came after the "death trot" and he took some pictures of us and even did a little bit of recording so we'll see how that all comes out. Afterwards, I took Matt and Kathleen to the Reston Town Center so I could teach them some ice skating moves. They got the hang of it by the end of our session, it was a pretty great day. I'm so sore now, but it's that good type of sore. I just found out at the end of last semester that Sharon skates and that she took classes when she was younger at the same ice house that I did so we could have actually been skating together when we were little and just not remembered it. Anyway, I'm thinking I'm going to have to bring my skates back to school so I can go with her sometime. Also on the list to bring back to school are my tennis racquets... Tommy and Josh have been bugging me all semester to play some one on one with them so it's about time I give in.

In other news, I came across this video today and I thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS and now I have to share it with you:

My favorite is when they go "It's all about the Hamiltons."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rain, Rain, go away -
little Mary wants to ride horses.

I was supposed to go horseback riding today, but the weather was just not on my side. I guess Kathleen and I should have consulted weather.com eh? I don't know why we didn't think of that. It was rainy, cold, and gross outside so we decided it would be better to call it off. However, tomorrow it's supposed to be 60 and sunny which would be absolutely PERFECT so we decided to reschedule for the same time tomorrow! I'm excited, I was kind of worried I wouldn't get to do this before I left to go back to school. Also, since Kathleen hasn't spent any of her time out on my side of the county over break she's coming over afterwards and we're planning on ice skating. Rumor has it that her boyfriend Matt wants to come as well which would be great since he's awesome and I haven't seen him in months! So I guess it looks like I will be crossing everything off my Winter Break to-do list by the end of tomorrow. And then, I suppose I will warp into "pack-up" mode. I'm excited to go back, and I'm really excited about this coming semester too. It should be really good, at the last minute my advisors bended over backwards for me and I ended up getting all of the classes that I wanted at all the times I wanted them. I'm feeling very lucky and very appreciative. :)
allllll smiles.

in 12 hours i will be on a horse with 1,000+ acres at my disposal. am i excited? you bet! hopefully, i won't forget my camera and the pictures/video(maybe) will be up soon. that usb cable of mine is having fun sitting in a desk drawer in blacksburg. unless it's in my computer bag and i've neglected to find it hiding in one of the many pockets... anyway, i am SO unbelievably excited.

in other news... the tailor that keeps my family nice and fitted was nice enough to tailor a few pairs of pants for me extra fast super last minute today. i felt bad because i had just bought some new clothes and i'm leaving sunday so i'd need this within the week and she's probably pretty backed up but alas, she came through and i'm so appreciative. there's lots to be happy about.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Spring 2006!

As Spring Semester starts for many of my friends, I can't help but think of how close some of them are to graduation (it makes me sad). But anyway, I came across this little passage today that I thought was funny and appropriate for the subject matter.

In the words of Dr. Benjamin Mays:

"Some of you will graduate magna cum laude, some summa cum laude, and some others will simply say: Thank you, laude!"

Haha.. awesome.

In other news, I've spent my morning with the acception of grabbing lunch with a friend, looking into my MCAT preparation and it's giving me a headache. My parents are all for me taking a course, but I don't think they actually help that much. I took two different courses for my SATs and got absolutely nothing out of them. My parents must have spent over $1,000 on both of those courses and I still scored just fine - 1350. And, I mean, I know that's nowhere near a perfect score, but it was good enough and no thanks to any of those prep courses either. I think their material is very dated and needs a revamp. So, I've decided to tackle my MCATs the old school way, by doing it on my own. I'm probably going to purchase all the old tests from the AAMC and word through the grape vine in our little pre-med world is that Examkrakers offers a great study package that will run you about $100. I think I'll give that a try. I think the most I will take this exam is 2 times. The first time just to see how I score, and the second for a score I can submit with my applications. Seeing that this test is as long as a full business day, I really don't want to spend more than 2 business days taking it. Okay well... time to go purchase some books!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Good thing we dropped Vick when we did.

Today in the news... he was arrested for pointing a gun at some underage kids?! Classy. After this, I mean I really don't think his "pro" career is going to go very far unless of course, people make "acceptions" for him which would just be ridiculous.

In other news... my dad's tailor made one of my dresses fit me today so that was pretty exciting. I bought a dress earlier this year and it didn't fit right but I bought it anyway because I really loved it and I've lost a little bit of weight over break (nothing dramatic- don't worry, I'm not going Lindsay Lohan on you) there was no way I would "grow into it" so my Mom took care of it for me this morning and now come Spring I can wear it. Horray. (You know it's a slow news day when Mary talks about her dress getting tailored)

I also painted some today. I found a piece I had worked on in the summer and it was left unfinished. I realized I wasn't going to finish it anyway, so I started over and just painted over it. So far, I like what I've done. I'm leaning towards doing a screen print-ish type deal or a silhouette of something in metallics over turquoise. The background is turquoise now. I think it would look really good and I actually want to put it in my townhouse next year so it has to be something I really love. Last year, I would just paint things and give them to my neighbors who actually put what I did up on their walls which was nice. But I definately want to do something for me, that I like so I'll keep you posted as to how that goes.

And for those of you who cannot take the pain of hearing about the negness of Marcus Vick... here is a clip of the most excellent expisode of Trading Spouses I have ever seen in my life. I will never forget it. I was in Drew and Matt's room and I had a crucial Chem test the next day and Drew being a Chem genius was teaching me how to dominate stoichiometry and this came on and it was probably the next best thing to acing my chem test the next day:

See it here

Sunday, January 08, 2006

...More like FUNDAY!

This morning my parents took my sister and I out for brunch and shopping. It was great. We ate at a great restaurant somewhere in Fairfax I think. It was so crowded, there was a line out the door, but we beat the rush so that was good. I didn't catch the name since there were people everywhere. It was really nice to just sit down and be able to have a full conversation/meal with them. All our schedules are so different it's been hard to do that as of late. I mean I do still have dinner with them and all that but usually we're all pretty rushed and since everyone left to go back to school this week, I've had a lot of calls for random coffee outings or dinner dates etc etc. It was good to just catch up with the rest of my family this morning. Afterwards, my parents took us shopping and I bought a great pair of jeans that I probably shouldn't have spent that much money on, but they're really nice and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. My mom did too and obviously she thought it was a good investment because she bought them so I was pretty happy. Other than that, I didn't really find anything that caught my eye. There were a pair of Sperry's I liked but they didn't have my size, plus they were ones you had to tie and I already have those. I really wanted tassel ones, but it's okay, I'm in no big rush to get them. My dad practically got my sister everything she wanted today. She got some pillows for her room, some clothes that she wanted, a pair of shoes, boardgames, etc. I mean she's pretty young so it makes sense, but I have to say, she is pretty spoiled.

In other news we're throwing a dinner party tonight at our house. My aunt and uncle are over! They were so excited to see me since I haven't seen them since Thanksgiving. They are awesome, I am so glad they're here. My uncle is still on a high from the Redskins win last night, it's pretty funny.

Also, I'm going horseback riding later this week at Morven Park with Kathleen. I'm so excited, it should be fun. Morven Park is such a gorgeous place to ride. The mansion sits on over 1,000 acres of land which is pretty ideal. I can't wait. Maybe I'll get a video clip of it and post it. I haven't ridden in awhile so we'll see how terrible I am at it.

Kathryn just called me a few minutes ago. She's spending the remainder of her break on a trip with her school to help Katrina victims. I wish our school had something like that. I would definately do it. She says the weather is absolutely gorgeous down there. She's wearing t-shirts and the like everyday. I would love to be doing that right now since it's been cold here. But anyway, she said she was chopping wood and sawing things today which I cannot imagine her doing at all, but it's definately for a good cause - one of those once-in-a-lifetime things you just have to experience on your own. 2 years ago I went to the coast of Maryland to help after the series of Hurricanes that tore up the east coast and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. The locals were just so appreciative and so positive despite all that had happened to them. I imagine that's how Kathryn feels right now, but I'm sure the damage is on a totally different scale than the damage I saw in Maryland. Anyway, I'm glad she's okay, and I'm glad she is enjoying herself. I think it is a really good way to spend your break. Obviously people in New Orleans still need a lot of help, so I mean if you guys ever get the chance to, please go and help. I'm keeping my eyes open for opportunities, I'll let you know if I find any.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Better News...

Today I went shopping with Christy in DC. We decided the new Urban Outfitters in Tysons just wasn't cutting it and had originally planned to go to the one in Georgetown, but decided to check out the one right by Chinatown instead. It was a lot of funa nd it wasn't super crowded since it was a workday so it was nice to be able to not stand in lines etc. etc. We saw a guy from ABC news and were really tempted to participate in an interview regarding the Redskins and their entry to the playoffs but we really aren't hardcore Redskin fans, so why pretend? My family, being huge Redskin supporters (afterall, we do live in the same neighborhood as half the team) would probably be a little disappointed, especially my uncles who would have loved to rant about how well the team is playing this year. Oh well, it's better that I didn't give my two-cents. Anyway, shopping was really successful today. I purchased some things for my townhouse next year and got really excited because it's all coming together. I got this awesome bedding set that I am completely in love with and some great lampshades with a really slick design. I wasn't a big fan of the lampstands they had there so I guess I'll be keeping an eye out for those in the weeks to come. 2006 is getting more fun everyday! :) Also, today when my dad came home, he asked if I wanted some Wal-Mart gift cards. Apparently his company gave him about 10 with $25 dollars on each of them. Must be some type of promotion they're doing. Anyway, being a college student, of course I can use a few Wal-Mart gift cards! I was pretty excited. My sister tagged along as I went and restocked on toiletries and Special K bars for second semester. If you haven't tried Special K bars yet, I suggest that you do because they are amazing! Perfect as a breakfast food when you a) don't have time to make cereal in the morning because you overslept or b) are lactose like I am and prefer granola products anyway. They are also crucial snacks you can bring to class with you. Don't even get me started on the Gummies that are packed with Vitamin C... those are AMAZING.

In other News... The Wake-Duke game is on Sunday and that should pretty much be AMAZING! :P I'm pretty excited about it. I'm rooting for Wake (of course) and I mean I'm a little bitter Duke beat us in the last 1.6 seconds of our game against them so I'm leaving it up to the Deacs to seek a little justice here. It's also Pat's last semester! How exciting! I'm really looking forward to Spring semester, but moreso looking forward to the weather improving and getting warmer and hopefully soon. Should be good.

Friday, January 06, 2006

They did what?!?!?!

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news 2 days in a row... but our school has dismissed Marcus Vick today leaving me befuddled and the future of our great football team full of uncertainty. See for yourself by clicking the links below:

ESPN link

Virginia Tech's statement

As disappointed as I am, what it comes down to is, he got a second chance and if he were smart about it, he would have done everything he could to stay on the team and at our school. Yeah, he's a great quarterback and definately one of our opponents biggest threats, but I don't want somebody like him representing my school if they're going to conduct themselves the way he has throughout the season and not just at the Gator bowl (ex. the unsportsmanlike conduct at the WVU game - that was uncalled for). Though this is a sad loss for us, we've got a strong team, great younger players, one great coach who will probably recruit someone even better. It's just sad to see this is how it unfolded.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Come on and feel the no-more-noise!
(Admittedly, I'm terrible at headlines - if you have his latest CD, you will get it)

Via D-Love and Sterogum.com... Sufjan Stevens is calling his music career quits for awhile. :( I am completely devestated. His CD was one of my absolute favorites this year. Need we remind him that he's got 48 more states to go? Don't leave me hanging Mr. Stevens, at least make a Virginia CD before you quit! See for yourself you guys:

"I had to say, I was SO disappointed by him because I was such a big fan. He likes making music, but says he's going to take a big break from it. He's the anti-artist and very uninterested in keeping up as a musician. He wants to write or work on a book for the next couple of years. He doesn't get the whole fan thing nor does he see or pay attention to any of the accolades and props he's getting. He said he got tired of his big theme shows and is doing the Time Warner center performance sans costumes). He's glad to distance himself from all of that for a long while."

Annd in other news our boys Pedro the Lion are no more. ...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Let's 2006!!!

First off, I would like to wish you a Happy and healthy New Year! Hopefully you had an exciting New Years eve. Kathryn and I went over to Rachel's house since her Mom was throwing a party and watched a little bit of Love Actually and mooched off her Mom's amazing food. Then, we went to Reed's house for the night. As Dylan puts it, "It was like a bad episode of Saved By The Bell." And it's kind of true. Most of our High School friends were there along with some really random people we went to High School with. I had a lot of fun despite the fact that the people there were so random. I guess in a way, that's what made it fun because some of them - I had never talked to in my life and it was also interesting to see how much everyone has changed. Needless to say, the celebration was a success. Everyone got along and had a great time. Right when the bell dropped all our guy friends flooded us with kisses on the cheek and hugs. I've missed seeing the old group and it's weird how coming back on breaks makes you realize that. In a way, we have all moved on and started "new" lives, but there's something so comforting about coming back and realizing that though we've changed, we still have that bond. I talked to Pat at midnight - I think he was a few minutes away from midnight when I called with the time difference. It was nice.

2006 is going to be one of those milestone years for me - I'm moving into a townhouse in the Fall and most of my MCAT preparations will take place. I won't actually take the MCATs until 2007 but it's kind of weird for me to grasp the concept that my future is dependant on this one test. And it's not like the SATs where if you don't do as well you have another chance to take it. Though you can take the MCATs more than once, it is a 5 or 8 hour test (depending on whether you take the computer or written version) so it would probably be to your benefit and your sanity to take it just once. Also, I don't think it's offered quite as often as the SAT is. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this year and all of it's challenges. Hopefully, they will be rewarding. And as for New Years Resolutions.... I'm going to try to take an Owen's Food Court Tray and go sledding. I've always said I wanted to do that, but I never have and if it snows when I'm back at school - I will be doing it.