Friday, June 30, 2006

On the list of things to see...

Right after my Physics final today, I decided to reward myself by catching the first showing of The Devil Wears Prada and I absolutely loved it. It was just what I needed. Meryl was exactly how I imagined Anna Wintour would be - from her office to what her movements on the runway meant - it was dead on. I loved it and reccomend it to other girls. I'm not sure if guys will enjoy this movie too much. In other news, while waiting for this awesome movie to begin, I got to see a lot of trailers for upcoming movies and a few that grabbed my attention were Hollywoodland - based on a true story, a movie that examines the death of TV's superman George Reeves with Adrian Brody as the detective-like character. Another one that caught my attention is one with an all-star cast featuring Rachel Bilson and Zach Braff called, The Last Kiss. I am a huge fan of Zach Braff and so I'm naturally really excited about this. I think it's a really relatable movie because I feel like a lot of us are at the same point in our lives (or soon will be) as Zach's character in this movie. And finally, The Guardian comes out about a rescue swimmer who lost his team trying to save lives and is training the next group of guys that comes in. I know that doesn't sound too exciting, but you have to see the trailer to decide for yoruself. I think it looks pretty interesting. I couldn't find the tailers for Hollywoodland and The Guardian on Apple's website but hopefully they will be up soon.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Inspired by this

wake up on Vimeo

I came across this clip on Vimeo today and with my new camera arriving soon. I think I may try to do what this guy did. He took a picture of himself every morning for half a year and compiled it, so here we see the finished product. I think it's a pretty neat idea. I dont' think I'll take a picture of myself in the morning everyday because that would be kind of scary for all of you, but I will try to take a picture of myself at some point throughout the day for a month and see how that works out and maybe go on depending on how it all works out... I think it would be interesting. Additionally, if you want to see what this looks like against a longer period of time... check out this guy, who has been taking pictures everyday since January 1999.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crisis Averted
(sigh of relief)

The ID has been restored. I can drive home this weekend... legally! Wooo!
Mini Crisis

So last night as usual, I went to the gym with the boys in my complex and aside from the fact that we practically swam to the gym as mother nature poured on us, we had a great workout. Like, it immediately burned and hurt. So, as any level headed person would do we opted to negate all our hardwork at the gym and head over to PK's for some pizza and drinks. We get there, and instead of marking the underage kids they just take their liscenses. Well they took mine, and they said they'd give it back upon leaving the bar and grill. Well, we left but the bouncer wasn't there and I completely forgot my ID. I remembered this first thing in the morning so after class I went back to check to see if they had it and... NO LUCK. Whhhhat?! They have a box of IDs in alphabetical order that have been there for years. How do they not have mine which was there last night? I know for a fact I didn't get it back. I just got this thing renewed too so I'll be really really upset if they don't have it. They told me to come back tonight as the same bouncer will be working again and they said he'll probably know. I hope he has it. I don't see why he wouldn't. It's been less than 24 hours. So... I guess I'll let you know what happens. I'm midly freaking out right now. Mildly.

Monday, June 26, 2006

I like this a lot

So as many of you know on July 11th, Sufjan Stevens is releasing outtakes from his widely loved Illinois CD. Anyway, they are streaming parts of it on his website and you should have a listen. I got a chance to listen to most of it this morning and I really love it. One of my favorites is, "Springfield, Or Bobby's Got A Shadfly Stuck In His Hair." Great way to start the morning.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sluggish Sunday

(I will stop playing the alliteration game with titles for these posts soon.)

Well, since it's Sunday, I guess I should probably just re-cap my week. It wasn't very eventful. I had a lot of work so it was really boring. I had an 8 hour fake MCAT on Saturday which pretty much killed my hope to sleep in, my afternoon, and early evening. I was up at 7. Not cool. Last night I caught up with some friends but kept it low key. This coming week is the last week of summer session so I'm pretty excited about that and it's also Jerry & Dank's joint Birthday party! I was going to go home after my exam on Friday but I think I'll stay for this. So that's something to look forward to... if you're in town - come with!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday thoughts

I guess I should start off with the most exciting news... my uncle Doug got me a super early birthday present and I have a big crush on it. It's the Canon SD600! I was really excited. He e-mailed me yesterday and was like "I felt that it was time you upgraded." I'm going to stop by his place on my way home and pick it up this weekend! I'm thrilled. My last camera was a Nikon 3100 and I liked it a lot except for it's battery life was terrible. It used AAs and even though I bought rechargeable batteries - I could only re-charge them so many times. It would constantly shut off and it had a video feature but it only gave me 20 seconds of recording time. :( Boo! Anyway, I'm really excited about this new camera because a) I can record b) it's got a lithium battery c) the screen on the back is HUUUUGE. Feels good to get with the times.

Next week marks the end of the first summer session. It wasn't very painful at all workwise. I actually liked the pace a lot better too. You don't screw around. It was very efficient or at least I felt it was. I hope second summer session can move along with such ease for my sake. Being in this town in the summer is not so fun. I don't think I'll ever do another summer session here.

I'm going home in about a week and I'm thrilled.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things on Thursday

- It's getting HOTTT outside. Like the kind of hot you dream of for nice pool days until it comes around and you realize you just want it to be fall already.

- Our complex has a dog! His name is Jackson and he is a cutie. I took him for a walk last night at like 11 and we went downtown where he got hit on but annoying drunk guys and gay couples.

- Summer I is coming to a close. It's gone by fairly quickly. It's a good feeling.

- Dylan's first e-mail came a few hours ago. He sent some pictures. Sounds like he's having a good time. I like that his e-mails are incredibly detailed - it really gives you a sense of the place. He's also a great writer and there for a writing program so I think I'm more excited to read these because I know they'll be well written.

- I forgot to post about this last week, but when Kathryn came to visit, she and I found a black and white photo booth! I was unaware these still existed because the only ones I still see are the stickers that you can make on boardwalks with borders that say "WANTED FOR BEING 2 HOT" or something just as tragic. Anyway, we were able to find a really oldschool one and the pictures turned out really really well. They're goofy but a lot of fun. I'll post them once I find a scanner or maybe you can just come over and look at them if you're really that curious. From this experience, I've decided that anyone who visits me MUST MUST MUST come do the photobooth thing with me. I want a wall full of these in my room this fall!

- I'm going home at the beginning of July. I know I missed a lot of people the first time around so let's make plans now! I want to see everyone. Also, I want to sneak in a trip to Georgetown so let's make that happen. :P

Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday afternoon notes

- Dylan called me from New York en route to IRELAND! I had no idea he was even going (I don't think he told many people)... anyway, it was very surprising and he called to say goodbye as he will be gone until the end of July. I am really really happy for him - he'll have a blast. Don't worry Dylan fans, he will be keeping us updated via e-mail, The Jolly Holiday, pictures, and videos. It'll be like he's still here.

- Angelina Jolie will be on Anderson Cooper 360 tomorrow. I personally don't care who is on because I will watch AC 360 regardless... but I mean this should be pretty interesting right? So tune in tomorrow at 10pm because I'll be there.

- I don't know if this happened to any of you earlier but me and a few of the girls in my hall had really random people we didn't know IM us asking us to send them pictures before we went out or something along those lines. Of course we didn't comply... but it looks like they caught the guy. Say it with me... CREEEEEPY!

- Belle & Sebastian to play a free show in Battery Park July 4th! Whhhhhat?! Yet another reason I wish I was not doing both summer sessions. I would go if I were home but since I'm not... you should definately go on my behalf and bring friends too.

- And if you happen to be in New York on a Sunday say around 8:30 pm.... go to pier 16 South Street Seaport where you can get free tango lessons outside on the dock... whattt?! Yep, it's true!
Good things come to
... who fixate

I watched Igby Goes Down today for the first time in a year or so. I used to watch this movie all the time. Watching it today made me realize how much I really do like it. For one, it's got a great cast and two, - I absolutely love the characters. They are twisted, yet relatable. I also love the script.

In other news... an old friend of mine recently got in touch with me today. He and I haven't spoken in awhile, but we were really good friends back in the day and I've known him since Middle School. Anyway, he told me he's found the girl of his dreams and today I helped him pick out a ring. How nuts is that?! My first really close friend to get married! I am completely excited for him because I'm glad he's found what he's looking for - some of us are still trying or have quit trying. It's such an exciting time in our lives right now. This time next year, he'll be graduating and planning a wedding. I am thrilled for him slash slightly terrified that this is what is happening around me. However, despite my relunctance on this whole marriage idea (for myself at least) I have to admit... I do like seeing my friends like this - I honestly think this is the most genuinely happy he's been in awhile. Everything is beginning to fall into place... we've got a lot of good stuff to look forward to! :)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Home sweet home...

I've had an amazing weekend. It started on Thursday when Kathryn came to visit me here in Blacksburg. I haven't seen her in awhile and she's going to Spain in the next week so I really really wanted to see her before she left. Anyway, as usual, we had an awesome time. I don't know how we found so much to do, but it was fun regardless. We went to Cabo Fish Taco for lunch and now I agree with the masses - the food there is pretty good, but I don't think it's to die for or anything. We did a little shopping and then hung out here for awhile watching a movie and making dinner. Afterwards we went out to Bollo's and then to SheSha and came back here and had some drinks while watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. I don't think I could have planned that better. Consequently, that night we stayed up until 4am just talking and being ridiculous and we both had to be up at 8am so that blew.

Kathryn left Friday morning and I went to class and then headed home. I was super excited to be home. I feel like I haven't seen my family in so long and honestly, I didn't want to leave. I hung out with some pretty random people this weekend but I had a great time. I'm kind of sad I'm not spending my summer there. :( Anyway, I just got back to school and it looks like this is going to be a pretty busy week so I guess it's time to get to work...

Friday, June 16, 2006


Moe and I were having a conversation the other day about getting pulled over by the cops. I've never been pulled over in my life, but I was thinking, if I ever was pulled over... I'd totally recite Jay-Z's "99 problems." I would also try to secretly tape as it was happening. I mean it sucks enough to get pulled over, you might as well make it a semi-enjoyable experience. What would totally make this whole scenario amazing is if the cop caught on to what you were doing and joined in... For example....

Cop: License and registration - step out of the car. Are you carrying a weapon on you, I know a lot of you are.
Me: I ain't steppin' outta shit - all my papers legit
Cop: Do you mind if I look around the car a little bit?
Me: Well, my glove compartment is closed, so is the trunk in the back, I know my rights so you gonna need a warrant for that.
Cop: Well aren't you sharp as a tack, are you a lawyer or something, somebody important or something?
Me: I ain't pass the bar but I know a little bit - to know that you can't legally search my shit

Ideally this is how this exchange would end:
Cop + Mary = HOOOOOVA! Man, he's great.
Cop: well... that was fun, just slow down, it'll just be a warning. Have a good day
Me: yessss! Thanks Jay-Z!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I don't hate it!

Via Dylan, a "how to" of a guy who turned his NES controller into a Cell Phone. I think it's pretty awesome. If I could do it I would... but sadly I do not have my NES system anymore as my mom sold it without my permission at a yardsale for $50! A priceless memory of my childhood that provided hours of beautiful entertainment... GONE. Thanks. At least I still have my teddy bear speaker phone... apparently it's worth a lot now. My sister and I are currently fighting over custody of it. Anyway, all that is besides the point. Check out how to make your own NES cell phone here!

In other news... Kathryn comes in tomorrow! Yesssss! I only have one class and it ends at 11 so I should be getting out right as she's coming in - perfect! I am so excited - can you tell? She's one of those friends who you never lose touch with. Even if you guys don't talk to each other for months, the second that you do, it's like nothing's changed. I love that about her. I've been really homesick lately and it'll be so nice to see a familiar face. I also want to show her "fun" Blacksburg (and yes, there is such thing). The itinerary includes a trip to Bollo's, definately a trip to Shesha, perhaps some margarita's at El Rods or maybe some gin and tonics here instead. I'm leaning towards the gin and tonics. I've got dinner planned (I'm making it) but I'm not sure what to do for lunch yet. I want to take her out somewhere... I haven't decided yet, but I'm swaying towards "Cabo Fish Taco" - Okay so apparently the food is better than the name of the restaurant. Everyone I've talked to wants to give up their first child for the food here so I'm assuming it's good. My personal trainer is also obsessed - I think he might be working there now so who knows... tomorrow will tell. But needless to say, I am super super super excited and I cannot wait. She will be a nice sigh of relief after taking a physics test. :) Can't wait.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Via Drew

This is a pretty interesting article, appropriately titled "The ringtone you've gotta hear." After reading it, I thought it wasn't really true. I played the sound and I could hear it. I haven't tested it on anyone over 20 yet, but Drew said he tested it when his little sister's nurse was at their place and she couldn't hear it. I thought it was pretty interesting so I'm just passing it along.
Sllllow Down!

So, I'm not sure if I told you anyone, but my Physics lab partner is married. I found that kind of weird because well... I don't have that many married friends or even friends contemplating marriage right now. Anyway, the story is he was in the military and paid his dues so now he's back in school 6 years later. I think it's great that he's doing that but he actually doesn't have much to do with the story. There's a girl who sit's across from me and she's our age... and I found out a few days ago that she's married and has a kid.... wait back up... WHAT?! Yeah, I said it. She was on the phone with her husband after lab was over and she was like oh make sure (daugher's name) is ready to go to the pool and then we can take her to piano lessons. This just blew my mind. I can't imagine being her trying to balance schoolwork and a family. It's hard enough fo rme as it is and I'm just one person, being selfish. Imagine having to look after 2 other people?! That's insane. I mean i'm sure she's happy, but I could never EVER do that... at least not right now. It's weird... you normally don't meet too many people in college that are married and I think it's funny that the only two people in my lab session that are work with me. I also think this freaks me out like no other because in the back of my mind I know my friends will be getting married in the near future and it's kind of weird to think about. It's like we're an an axis - a juxtaposion of young and old and I never thought I'd ever be here, but I find that I am. I'm on the verge of 20! 20! And I know that according to most people's standard's that's still really young... but I think back to when I was little and I used to think that 20 was so grown up - that 20 comes with so much responsibility. I can't believe I'm practically there. It's kind of scary, but it's so completely exciting at the same time. I have a huge year coming up - I'm looking forward to it, but I'm terrified at the same time. Also... think about what people do in their 20's... they graduate, (some go to grad school), they get jobs, they get married, start families, pay taxes, move out, buy homes, join the working class. Wow... this is what we have to look forward to you guys. Are you completely terrified? - I am.

Monday, June 12, 2006


This weekend was great. It was work weekend for the boys of Phi Sig so... Tommy and Todd made the trek down 81 to fix up their house and make it livable for Fall 2006. I was so excited to see them. :) Todd was especially excited because he wanted to go to Joe's Diner (as did I). In Blacksburg, Joe's is known for it's shitty service but pretty amazing food at 2am. Well... what we didn't know was that a lot of places downtown shut down for the summer (go figure) but Todd and I figured... no way, not Joes! It's a 24 hour diner and it's tradition after a good night so of COURSE they had to stay open. We decided Friday night that we wanted to beat the rush so we made our hommage to Joe's around 12am only to see that their 24-hour diner sign lied because the lights were off and there was a huge sign in the door that said CLOSED! We were defeated. It was a really sad moment in the history of Joe's Diner night journeys. :( The next day the Phi Sig guys came out with me to Shesha after they drank and we got some hookas and played chess and connect 4. Nerdy, I know... but completely fun. I had a really good time with them. I also randomly saw Brandon and Travis downtown this weekend and they let me know that they were here this summer too so now I'm pretty excited because I actually know a few people! :) Today my good friend Kathryn called me saying she was going to be visiting me this Thursday! I am so completely thrilled. She's like a sister to me and she's leaving for Spain in about 2 weeks and even though I got to see her in New York when I was there, I never really got some 1 on 1 time with her. So now I have that to look forward to. She told me on her flight from Newark to Atlanta her pilot played the harmonica and it was awesome. The last time something like that happened to me on a plane was when I was flying to LA and there was a boyband (or a hopeful boyband) moving to LA in hopes to make it big (to my knowledge, they never did) but they did sing for us. That was pretty interesting. I think things like this should happen more often. It would definately make a memorable flight. Okay so back to Kathryn coming... I'm not sure what I have planned for us yet but I know it involves downtown and Bollos and Shesha and lots of 1 on 1 time. I'm stoked. Also... I'm going home this weekend for Father's Day to surprise my dad! I can't wait. I'm already looking forward to this week and it hasn't even begun yet.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Duper Sessions

I've had Sondre Lerche's semi-new CD Duper Sessions on heavy rotation for the past few days. I have such a big crush on the new music. I highly recommend it. It's so jazzy and fun. I listen to it (namely the song 'Everyones Rooting For You') and it reminds me of being in a house with all the windows open, dancing in your kitchen with the breeze coming in. I love Sondre Lerche for being a modern artist who stays true to that Frank Sinatra era. That music isn't very popular anymore but it's so good. His voice just reminds me of all that is old. I listen to this and think that my Grandpa would have when he was my age. If you haven't gotten a chance to yet, check it out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Favorites on the CD include "Minor Detail" and "(I wanna) Call it Love."

Friday, June 09, 2006


This week has been incredibly long. I've been running on empty for the past few days. The pace here is undoubtedly triple what it normally is during the year and it wouldn't really be a problem for me without all this MCAT prep I'm doing but honestly trying to juggle both at the same time gets pretty hard. Especially when I do MCAT stuff from 6-9 right after a full day of classes and then come back at 9 realizing that I still have other homework to do and a quiz or test to study for. It gets stressful but I mean... it happens. So far things have been going really well despite this fast pace. I'm doing well in classes and somehow finding time to go to the gym with Fisch 2 hours a day. But I am so completely worn out at the end of the day - it's rough... but I guess that's what summers in Blacksburg entail. The good thing is the end of my week has just gotten so much better seeing as all Friday Chem labs from here on out are non-existant. They decided to cut them which is great because I can just come back from class on Thursday and Friday and sleep. It's great. There's not much else to report from my side of town. I mean pretty much trying to balance school with everything else... typical struggles. I think I may be headed home in 2 weeks or so... DC anyone?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sunday, June 04, 2006

So GLAD they're here

The saving grace of a Blacksburg summer is undoubtedly Fiji. Honestly, summer here is bad enough as it is and because these guys are here and throwing ridiculous get togethers and making flyers like the one above, my life is a little more bearable. Last night's party was great. Granted it was a little awkward because it wasn't packed to the brim with people - it made it a lot easier to meet people. Jerry and I had water guns throughout the night and would randomly get into water fights with people. A lot of people worked up the courage to jump into the pool. All in all a pretty fun night. I'm really glad that I went and I'm so glad they're here. Every weekend I've been here so far, I've seen these guys and it makes me look forward to spending the rest of my summer here. It's nice. Earlier in the year when I talked to people who had stayed in Blacksburg previous summers and asked them what their experiences were like, almost all of them would tell me that Blacksburg sucks unless you're with a good group of people. I'm finding it more true everyday. The closest friendships you'll make are going to be with your group here this summer namely because they are the only people around to hang out with but aside from the obvious, I think it's because there is more of a "direct connection" of sorts that you can make with someone. Rather than having to meet friends of friends before meeting them. I don't know if that made any sense... but I hope you're catching my drift. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that normally you'd be acquaintences with someone (like during the school year) - you may meet them at a party but here in the summer you actually get to know them and that's what I really like about being here now.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

More Derrick Brown lovin'

So... yesterday, I got an e-mail from Derrick Brown with some pictures of poems he put up various places in town written on Postal Service mailing stickers which I thought was funny but my FAVORITE picture was the one above. I love the art. I sent him an e-mail back about who did it and where I could possibly do something like that. I think the townhouse would look great with that type of stuff in it... Anyway, he got back to me and gave me the rundown of how it works and now I'm all sorts of inspired. I want something like that in our living room and one for my room as well. It looks great! I love the black and white over the green background. Looks great!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Via DCist and now from me to you...

I am a toboggan!
Find your own pose!

Ha ha.. I don't even know what to say. Matt took this quiz of sorts too and here are his results:

I am a seatbelt!
Find your own pose!

We are both in the "Sun Sleeper" family... ha ha

And this is what happens when people are bored on a Friday afternoon.
Sorry, we close at 8

Fisch and I have decided we'd be good workout buddies so for the first time this summer and hopefully the first of many, we got motivated enough to go to the gym. The last time I was there, I had a trainer so this time, the training wheels were off and I had to figure out what I wanted to do. We got there around 6:30 and I started off by running 2.5 miles and then rowing for half an hour and then running another 2.5 miles. What I really wanted to do afterwards was get into the weight room and do some ab workouts but as Fisch joined me in running at the end of his workout, two staff members came up to us and told us that the gym closed at 8! What?! During the school year, it doesn't close until 10... we had gotten so motivated and were doing so well until our fitness dreams were crushed.

Anyway, the good thing is - I can feel it in my legs. They are already sore. I will probably not be so happy int he morning when I wake up to a body that hurts to move but you know what I mean right? It's that burn of accomplishment... I guess that's the best way I can describe it. I find it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym so I always have to go with somebody or else I won't do it. And once you're there you can't just NOT do anything the after-gym feeling is one of the best. Fisch and I were talking about this on the drive home - you feel so accomplished because you got it over with... not thinking that you have to get motivated all over again the next day. :: sigh:: Ha ha, it's good that he's here though. On the way home we stuck half our bodies out of the car and "flew" - for some reason it came to mind and I brought it up and was like hey, did you ever pretend to fly as a kid and stick most of your body out of the window with your arms out? And he gave me this look and we immediately did just that right then... good times.

I guess summer here isn't so bad afterall.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bon Chic Bon Genre

Will somebody please go to the last Bonapartes concert of all time on my behalf? It's on June 2nd at the Black Cat (stellar combination, no? - great band, great venue). Ten dollars will get you through the door and on the way to a high-energy great night. I sadly can't make it home and so maybe someone can go and send them off on my behalf. I'm sad their calling it quits... they wern't around for very long and it's sad because they were getting a lot of good press throughout DC... but I guess it's better to go out while you're "hot" so people remember you that way. I think I just summed up a whole Jay-Z song in that last sentence... anyway, what I want to say GO go Go to the concert - the last one is always the best.

Until Derrick Brown

So, as you probably are all aware, I'm a huge huge fan of Derrick Brown's work and since forever, and as of the past few months I've been trying to get him to come do a reading at tech. Dylan got him to come to his place a few years ago - Derrick brought his band and everyone had a good time. I was actually able to contact him (i know, it surprised me too) and he agreed to do a reading here at Tech so long as we could pay for his roundtrip airfare to get here. Problem # 1: how are we going to pay for his airfare? I talked to my friend Josh who is the head of the English Society here and he said he'd bring it up and see if the school would pay for it... sadly that request was vetoed (of course). Derrick Brown may not be the most well known guy, but I think his work speaks for itself. So basically what it comes down to is... we need to fundraise and I need some ideas. Shoot me an e-mail/IM/leave a message if you have an idea. I think we need to raise in the neighborhood of 600 dollars (at most). I was thinking we could do a string of parties and charge for cups but then I realized, I would probably just be breaking even with all the money that would be spent on alcohol. So that's out... well I mean, I guess we can try it but I don't think we will make 600 from it. I also don't think it would be a good idea to join the Drillfield Inferno and ask people for donations or even do a bake sale. I guess our other option is to just have it at venue and charge an entrace fee, but then again that means we take money out of our own pockets to get him here, and then I'm sure the venue would keep some of the profit so now I'm really all out of ideas. Help?!