Sunday, October 29, 2006

Recent happenings...

- Lisa and I went to check out the new Thai restaurant in town, Cafe de Bangkok that replaced one of my favorite places to eat, Jackson Street Cafe (I will forever miss those sweet potato fries). The decor stayed the same except for the utensils and plates were more modern. I'm not going to lie, I felt a bit of nostalgia for the restaurant that once was... but let's move on shall we? Okay well, the food was pretty good. The prices were "higher" for a college town. By higher I mean... they are relatively normal as in $10 for an entree but in comparison to all the other dining choices around, that is considered "high." The service was quick, and friendly, the desserts were AMAZING. I'm not really sure how authentic the food was as I've never had authentic thai but, if you like spicy - this is the place to go. Midway through dinner, Lisa and I realized how sad it was that we were on a date with each other and not with boys. To that I responded, "At the party I went to last night, the guys stood in a circle and sang Usher's "Yeah" to each other and disney songs." I told her if that's what we have to choose from, she and I are better of going on "dates" with each other.

- Halloween festivities went on this weekend. It was really really cold outside. I almost wanted to boycott halloween so I could stay inside my warm house and not have to move. The funny thing is... I wasn't really in the mood for it at all this year. It's weird because this is essentially every college student's favorite weekend. I guess just seeing how tragic some people were made me glad I wasn't in the same situation. I remember my friend Tommy and I standing up against a wall because we couldn't move and see this girl wipe out in her 6 inch heels on the slick wet path to the keg. It was hilarious and sad at the same time. Oh... I also got humped by some rando sketch drunk kid coming down the stairs after going to the bathroom. It was really unnecessary and awkward. Luckily, some of my guyfriends saw the kid and pushed him away. He was also asked to leave. I guess such events would lead a person to really be turned off by halloween. That's not to say I didn't have a good time seeing my friends and throwing back a couple of drinks.

- Girl Talk played at one of my favorite venues back home and had I been there, I would having been kicking it with Greg G. I'd take a concert with him over halloween festivities anyday.

- I have the new Bright Eyes CD "Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005) and I like it. There are a lot of older songs on there that I have but it's a nice compilation to say the least.

- I'm reading "Black Picket Fences" for one of my classes and this is an ACTUAL passage from it:

"I'ma live in a suburb of a city. I'ma have a phat, phat-ass crib."

Translation: Tyson plans to join the exodus to surburbia and buy a large and luxurious house there.

Yes... there was a translation for the quote in my book. I thought it was pretty funny.

- I've recently become really obsessed with Amos Lee and his songs. His voice feels like gravy over some warm mashed potatoes... I don't know how else to explain it. I guess that was kind of a silly comparison, but his music is Sunday Morning rain day, still in bed music... it's warm and friendly. Check it out!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Being too awesome for our own good. Posted by Picasa

Daniel Vosovic doesn't know it yet... but we are the Natalie Portmans to his Zac Posen. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 27, 2006

Well ... TOUCHE!

It's a good thing my predictions were wrong. We needed to be humbled and put in our place. I think that paid off because we won 24-7 today beating Clemson which will hopefully put us back into the rankings. We have so desperately needed this win. For the first time all season I really feel as if I actually saw US play... both physically and mentally. We looked good. Beamer has a way of doing that. We of course rushed the field after the game and it was just phenomenal. I haven't rushed the field since my Freshman year. Everyone was so happy. They even let us go through the tunnel the football players get to go through. Overall, a wonderful cold night, but completely worth it.

ESPN article

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I predict...

... that it will be really really cold tomorrow at the Clemson night game and that we will lose. Sean Glennon needs more coverage from his offensive line if he wants to have that "breakthrough" game. He gets sacked so many effing times, this never happened to Marcus. If they put IKE in I think that he'd do a pretty good job. We'll see... I hope we don't lose, but I'm going to go ahead and predict that we are going to.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well, it's Colin's first movie and we, as his friends are all pretty excited for him, but what about you guys? I figure, what better way to get to know him and get a little glimpse of what it was like working behind the scenes by conducting a little interview...

Me (M): Okay, I guess we'll start off with the obvious, so... what was it like working with Christopher freaking Nolan?
Colin (C): Well I was already in love with him before working on "The Prestige" because he directed "Batman Begins" which has garnered a spot in my top 5. But watching Nolan direct is truly inspiring. He knows what he wants and gets it done in this a very timely and masterful manner. It was surprising because he's still very new to film, but you'd think this man had been doing it for years. The whole set was disciplined and ran like a brand new toy fresh from the box. I walked away from that set saying to myself, "That's how I want to be." or "That's what I hope to become."

M: Any cool encounters with Scarlett?
C: Besides the elevator story? No. But I believe standing in an elevator with her will live with me until I lie to sleep in my deathbed. I walk in already feeling guilty because I don't believe I'm allowed to ride the elevator with her. She says 1st floor, I say 4th, the elevator operator stops on 4 and it turns out she didn't hear me. So, now I feel like a douche because I can't overturn Scarlett's request and I correct the operator like I said 1st floor. She looks at me and smiles, probably thought I was being funny or cute (wOOt!) and we ride for a few seconds longer to the first floor. We exit. I check to make sure she's not looking behind her, and I dash up the stairs to the 4th floor where all the food is.

M: Was Hugh Jackman as HOT in person as he is in the press... and did you give him my phone number... and when is he going to call me?
C: Yes. Yes. Should be sometime around the 5th X-Men film.

M: You caught a really awesome break being out in LA and making connections so quickly - is there any advice you have for people who aspire to do what you do?
C: First, if you live on the east coast, especially in an area like Loudoun County, visit LA. It's so radically different that one really needs to see if they would like LIVING there. Second, if you get the chance to make a connection, take it. There is no room for being timid in any business. Be yourself and present yourself in the best manner.

M: Any funny/weird/strange things happen while on set?
C: I worked mostly out of the production office so most of my experiences come from there. I made amazing friends in there and so much fun was to be had. One night we were all working late and me, the Asst. Production Coordinator, and another Production Assistant went down to one of the accountant's office and posted over 200 of these signs that said: "Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop."

M: What was your most memorable experience on set?
C: Everything on set was memorable it is really difficult to pin down one experience. Although, leading around two old blind guys was quite a feat. That scared the shit out of me because every second after every take I was convinced on of them was going to spill over the side of this old school loading dock made for the film. The chance to see a real director direct takes the cake though. You can't trade that for anything else.

M: What was the film wrap-up party like?
C: The wrap party was the best part. We celebrated completing what I believe to be a very different and great film and I got to do shots in the presence of Christian Bale. I talked to the Cinematographer, Wally Pfister, who could be the nicest man I have ever met. Wally then personally introduced me to Chris and Christian where I got to tell them that I believe Batman was the best movie of 2005. They were very flattered and that made it all the more incredible. Wrap parties rule no matter what because they always have an open bar. And Hugh Jackman gave me the first engraved flask. It was his big wrap gift for the crew. As in everyone got one.

M: How did it feel to see the movie for the first time? And how did you feel when you saw your name roll up there on the credits?
C: Seeing the finished product was interesting. You watch it in a different way because you know what is going to unfold, which is particularly strange for this film being that is such a mystery. It was great to see that all of our hard work had paid off though I was pleased as pie at the end. When I saw my name my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my ass, punch me in the face, and call me a hero. When you've wanted to do this all your life, seeing your name sore up the silver screen is a sign that you've arrived, but still have so far to go.

M: What was it like wrapping up and then having to wait all the time for the movie to come out? What was that period like for you?
C: A week after I was done on the film I went home to Virginia, so most of that time was easy and filled with much needed rest. But there was this growing anticipation because this will be the film I always refer to when discussing my career, it popped my movie cherry. Once I saw the trailer the wait became even harder to endure. It's the first glimpse of everything and you watch it pointing at the screen screaming, "Oh! That's the part when..." But all that anticipation and pining washes away once you see the film start up. It's like it was never there at all. And I mean that in a very positive light.

M: What's up next for you Colin? Any new movies?
C: Well, I have already worked a couple days on Mike Nichols next film titled "Charlie Wilson's War". It stars Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It tells the story of Texas Congressman Charlie Wilson and his involvement with the Afghanis during the Soviet Union's occupation of Afghanistan. I encourage everyone to look him up, it is very interesting. The script for this film is fantastic too, it was penned by Aaron Sorkin who created "The West Wing" and "Studio 60". I'm also working on many projects with my colleagues out here for me to direct.

M: Give Tom Hanks a high 5 for me?
C: Eff that I'll give him a hug for both of us!

M: Sounds good kiddo, so uh... when the time does come, hire me as an extra or janitor in one of your movies?
C: Mary, I'm writing an entire film based on our adventures as feng shui artists who fight to stop a plot to kidnap and brainwash Britney Spears' children for use in the next election. If that falls through, yes, you can definitely be in my movies.

M: It's been infinately real... so good to hear from you! Keep us posted, will you?
C: No doubt. Just keep your eyes on the tabloids and shit. Oh and the big screen too, but more on the tabloids. I seriously can't wait for my first sex scandal. Move over Clinton and Ferrell.

My fav line from this whole interview? "My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my ass, punch me in the face, and call me a hero."

MMMM hmmm.

- Okay so I'm a little late on this BUT last Friday, the first major movie that Colin got to work on, The Prestige came out in theatres. I haven't gotten a chance to see it yet, but I've been reading some reviews online and they've all seem to be good so far and everyone who has seen it already has liked it a lot sooo... please please please go see it on behalf of Colin. I will be doing the same soon.

- It's October 24, 2006 and I don't know about your side of the country... but mine is COLD. I'm talking a high of 40 with snow flurries. Yep, and it's only October. Why going to school in the mountains for 4 years was a good idea is BEYOND me.

- My friend and yours, Eva just got accepted to Med school. 2011 is the year and UVA is the school so a HUGE congrats to her! She has worked SO SO hard and I know she will be great. :)

- I think I'm going to hibernate until April as it is far too cold outside to function. I'm talking, so cold, you don't even feel human anymore so believe it or not, I may actually skip out on Halloween weekend here or perhaps host a party of my own so I don't have to leave the house. Lazy? Guilty.

- Pat got Bob Dylan's new CD and says it's FREAKING PHENOMENAL. He has never let me down in a CD suggestion so, I believe him and you should too. Check it out. Check it out.

C'est tout.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tacos & Mojitos...

Jason Mraz came to play at Buruss this past Thursday and it was great. I know a lot of people don't like him from what they hear on the radio but his acoustic shows are amazing. If you haven't been to one, please go... I promise you will leave converted. His stage presence is awesome! While he was here, w got to write a song with him. He stopped the show for a bit and a few people in the audience shouted out a few lines and he scribbled them down and then made a song. It was so much fun. The crowd loved it. Below is a you tube clip in case you missed out...

A few lines that were shouted out:

"Screw chicks, I just wanna dance"
"Tacos & Mojitos"
"Donde esta la biblioteca"
"Bake me some brownies"
"streaking the drillfield"
"oh dani girl"
"littering littering, smoking the reefer"
"River City diner is so yummy"
"Cerveza por favor"
"Virgina is for lovers"


Tacos & Mojitos
Cerveza por favor
Donde esta la biblioteca?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Corrections and stuff to get excited about.

- To my dismay, Project Runway's season finale was not last Thursday so sorry if you got all excited for the fake season finale like I did. On that note... What's going to happen to Jeffery?!

- There's going to be a step show in Buruss that starts at 9pm sharp on October 20th. Are you going? Because I am and I'm PUMPED. I've never been to a step show but I hear they are pretty ridiculously awesome.

- Adrian's CD release is also on the 20th so I mean don't even pretend like you have plans aside from the step show. See you there kids.

- Jason Mraz is coming to our school this week. I am EXCITED. He's playing in Buruss on Thursday and I'm not sure if tickets are still on sale but if they are, you can purchase them in Squires. Meghan is coming from JMU to go to the concert and spend the weekend so it should be good. We will feel like we're 16 again. Who's got the Remedy? Jason does and I'm ready to be a Curbside prophet. Wow, that was terribly bad.... apologies!

- AED is sponsoring a 5K on October 28th so if you're in the mood to run with me, ask me for some paperwork and I'll forward it to you. It's going to be excellent. There is no home game that weekend so you are one down in the excuse department.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Do yourself a favor and listen to this new Tom Wait's single "Road to Peace."

I like it a lot.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Midweek notes!

- Ray Ban makes polarized sunglasses. I know, I know OLD NEWS Mary, but I just found out this weekend and picked up a pair of polarized avaitors. I like them a lot and I like the fact that with these lenses light can only pass through one plane. I noticed a drastic improvement while I was wearing them on my drive back to school. I recommend them.

- Little Miss Sunshine is playing at The Lyric this week up through the beginning of next week for $4 so if you missed it the first time around or simply cannot wait for it to come out on DVD (like me) GO SEE IT.

- My car door slammed into my knee last night while I was leaving Noelle's. Now I have a monumental bruise on my left leg which has killed my ability to cross my legs.

- Tonight is the season finale of Project Runway and I'm SUPER excited. I love the top 4 designers. I'm pulling for Michael, but honestly, I don't really care who wins because I think they are all really talented.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Now I know my ABCs..."

I got to spend the long weekend at home with my parents and it was great - aside from the fact that I spent entirely too much money. Anyway, one of the highlights of being home was going out to dinner with my mom just one on one on Saturday. We went to some fancy schmancy restaurant that people have to get reservations for in advance and all that jazz. Well, I walked in and immediately noticed the walls plastered with photos of President Bush (both former and current) along with a couple rando photos of Colin Powell and various policians. Namely though, the main focus of decor was photos of both presidents. They were plastered on every inch of the wall to the point of obnoxtiousness. Kind of like that scene in Garden State in the doctor's office with his awards. Anyway, the point is, there were also personal typed letters from the president on official stationary and what not... framed and of course, hung on the walls. As I was reading them, I noticed that in almost every letter, the restaurant's name was spelled incorrectly (Pking Gourmet Inn) which concerns me as I don't think "Peking Gormet Inn" is entirely too difficult to spell. And, as an owner of the restaurant, I think I would take offense to anybody not being able to spell it correctly espcially when writing a review of how great it is. It's like calling somebody the wrong name all the time. Doing it once would suggest that it was a slip or honest mistake, but when you repeat the same spelling error multiple times, it's easy for me to make fun of you.

Needless to say, the whole situation made me laugh because here this restaurant is flaunting the fact that they feed the likes of the president, when the president can't even spell the name of the restaurant correctly. Maybe I should open a "Pking Gourmet Inn" next door. Perhaps, this complex job should have been left to oval office secretaries?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

America, home of the brave?

My school has been participating in the white ribbon campaign this week which seeks to stop violence against women and is usually promoted on the anniversary of the massacre of 16 women at a university in Canada by a man who felt as that women were limiting his chances of succeeding. Anyway, every year, there's an organization at school who sets up tables in front of dining halls, on the drillfield, etc. trying to get guys to sign a pledge and giving them a white ribbon to wear.

Well, yesterday, I'm walking to class and there is a cadet who is working a table in front of the building. He is casually announces, "sign a pledge to stop abuse against women," to people passing by. This one kid gets really upset and goes up to him and says, "how dare you work on such a campaign when you're the ones over in Iraq raping women?" I was completely shocked. This guy was not discrete in saying this either, he was screaming at the cadet in front of a lot of people. The cadet was just sitting there, and said, "you don't have to sign it." And the guy kept hasseling him and asking what he thought he was doing and implying that HE was the one who was raping women. It was terrible and unnecessary. Some kid standing by yelled, "shut up, he's a cadet, he's never even been to Iraq." The guy responded by saying, "I can say whatever I want, this country isn't facist like the ROTC. This is a democracy, it's what we SHOULD be fighting for instead of raping women." And afterwards, nobody said anything because this guy was so upset.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Weekend Notes...

- We lost to UNC in soccer on Friday night over a penalty kick that was awarded to UNC over a terrible terrible call. We should have won or at least tied. Our team played really well.

- We lost to Georgia Tech and rightfully so as it was the worst home game I have witnessed our team play ALL year. Honestly, our offensive line really needs to get it together. Also, 2 of our really good players were suspended from the game because they had gotten arrested for assault the weekend before. What I don't understand is the fact that the players know they have a lot going on for them, meaning they have a lot that can be taken away. And not only that, but the decisions they make not only will be consequences to them, but to their teammates, their school, and their fans that support them. Is it really worth it to get worked up over some stupid drunk kid that says something to you just to prove a point? It's disappointing, really.

- I'm going home on Thursday and pretty excited about it. My professor cancelled my late class so I get to leave around noon.

- We had hail this weekend. It was nuts because the forecast didn't even call for rain. My roomate Drew took the liberty of collecting some and saving them in our freezer. Apparently, at home, he saved some snow from the Blizzard of '96 and it stayed in there for a decade or so before his parents told him to throw it out.