Friday, December 31, 2004

Oh tommy... my favorite VT Cadet friend.

Tommygun1486: so any parties tomorrow
Tommygun1486: mary ur my official party organizer just in case u didnt kno
Surf N Waves 04: i think joe is having one
Surf N Waves 04: he called me but i'll be in charlottesville
Tommygun1486: wut the hell u doin in cav. country?

*Confused look* is what I get from everyone when I tell them I'm going to Charlottesville... ha ha, am I that Hokified? Are we all that Hokified? I think the answer is yes.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Does he walk around all day at school with his feet inside your shoes?
Looking down every few steps to pretend he walks with you.
Oh, does he know that place below your neck that is your favorite to be touched
And does he cry through broken sentences like "I love you far too much?"
Does he lay awake listening to your breath, Worried that you smoke too many cigarettes?

Man Conor Oberst rocks... I know i've posted this earlier, but this is one of his best songs and you can't help but feel bad for him. He seemingly wrote it for someone that he cannot have (maybe someone broke up with him) and he's asking her if her new guy can be what he can be for her. It's really sad. If I ever meet Mr. Oberst, I'm giving him a big huge bear hug - I don't care what he says... or how many people restrain me. He's getting a hug. I always feel so bad for him though... and it's not just a sad singer that plays tragic kind of thing. It's an acutal "I am clinically depressed" kind of thing... and yeah.
Doups better get into Tech... Idy's already there, it's only right that his younger brother joins him too... DOUPS, you're going, I don't care if you get into RIT. Screw it, Tech rocks. (Note the Tech colors... subtle hint? you bet)

Doups of CAN: hey
Surf N Waves 04: hey what's up
Doups of CAN: lol, sci fair
Doups of CAN: stress
Doups of CAN: the usual
Surf N Waves 04: i'm gonna laugh when you win
Doups of CAN: i hope i win, i chose computer engineering cause only two kinds of people ever do that, the one's that are gonna win, and the ones that do half ass projects

* What a nerd.... psssht Science fair, who plays that game anymore... says the girl who won regionals one year and scored a job with the CIA but declined because she was lazy.... Doups is a genius, I really think he's going to win AND I am SO SO glad he did not do his project on plasma cutters.

Doups of CAN: oh yea, at this point Tech look's like where i'll be going
Surf N Waves 04: awesommme!
Doups of CAN: meh, but things change so...
Surf N Waves 04: you can hang out with your favorite person in the world
Surf N Waves 04: MARY!
Doups of CAN: and there's really no guarantee i'll get in
Doups of CAN: who's that?
Doups of CAN: my mom?
Surf N Waves 04: ok you can stop making me feel bad now
Surf N Waves 04: you'll get in, with your stellar SAT scores (no thanks to Kaplan) there is no way you will not get in.

* Doups, you're FRIKIN going to Tech, I don't care what you say. I know RIT is by Canada and Canada is your homeland, and I turned RIT down and I think you should follow in my footsteps.

Doups of CAN: well, nerds rock
Surf N Waves 04: clearly
Doups of CAN: but only cause i am one
Surf N Waves 04: i don't know if you count
Surf N Waves 04: you're from canada
Surf N Waves 04: which turns the "rock" factor down a couple notches
Doups of CAN: quite the opposite i think
Doups of CAN: Canada is great
Doups of CAN: no wars
Doups of CAN: drink when you're 18
Doups of CAN: free healthcare
Doups of CAN: and a generally super-liberal society
Surf N Waves 04: but you can drink when you're 18 here too... not legally, but that's the beauty of college

I am in LOVE. The new coach bag! I love it! I love it! Priced at $458.... I WANT IT! I have a new endeavor.  Posted by Hello

I love these kids... I think it's time for another Board Reunion... it's been far too long.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I want to read good news, good news. I want to be innocent again. I want to read good news, good news. But nothing good is happening.

By now, I'm sure you've all heard of the tsunami. I was going to write about it earlier, but I just wanted to get all my facts straight and I know that right now... this whole tsunami business is far from being over... in fact it may just be the beginning. It amazes me how the death toll at the beginning of the week estimated at around 24,000 (which is already horriffic enough in itself) has since escalated to 80,000 and counting. It's unfathomable. Tsunamis always seemed to be a myth. And it's just amazing to me that an earth quake could take so many lives from 10 countries. And Sri Lanka... I keep seeing it on maps and I just wonder how anyone could have ever survived. And even if they were warned, would they have the means to get out? The majority of the population is extremely poor, would they even be able to fly out to safety? Then again, who were they to know that this was going to happen, or how this would impact them. It's saddening. We are so priviledged. At least we have warning systems here and the means to get out. I live 7 minutes outside of Dulles Airport, and if I had to, I could fly out in an instant to anywhere. Anyway, I'm sure you feel the same way I do, and I'm sure you've read and seen all of this on the news so I'm not going to go on and on. It's obvious that it's devestating. Now here's where you come in. This is just the beginning of the restoration effort so please, donate some money. Every little bit counts.

American Red Cross

Doctors without Borders




Guys, I'm even giving you more than one place to donate... just do it, even if you can only donate a couple of dollars. Just imagine if the situation was reversed and this was our reality... and I have another link that has a list of all the links where you can make donations with certain categories you can make donations too, if that's what you want to do. For instance instead of donating money to food organizations, you can donate it to certain organizations that will help with the rebuild & recover effort etc... Anyway, just do it.
You Are the Peacemaker

You are emotionally stable and willing to find common ground with others.
Your friends and family often look to you to be the mediator when there is conflict.
You are easy going and accepting. You take things as they come.
Avoding conflict at all costs, you're content when things are calm.

What number are you?

LiLjKiM703: i heartttt uuuuuuu
LiLjKiM703: fag

Gerry is such a jerk.

MarbarO25: you are awesome :-)

Jewish people are so cool... SO cool

Ready to hear about my dad's newest endeavor?

Well... as many of you know, my basement, though finished, is EMPTY. Aside from an old leather couch set from our last house a fireplace and a bar, there are two potential rooms, that are just being used for storage, a bathroom, and a media room. Yep, that's what that random mass of an empty room is. It's even designated as the "media room" in the blue print of the house. I guess because all the wiring for Brambleton cable has already been built into the walls of the room. Anyway, it's empty. And Dad has decided to really turn it into a media room because he hates the fact that my 9th grade cloud project is the only thing in the room. How it got there, I do not know. But that says a lot for this cloud project... seeing as my dad is quick to get rid of it. Although somehow it has made it this far... Anyway, he wants to put a theatre in the media room. It makes sense. I'm TOTALLY behind him for this 100%. Mom on the other hand, not too thrilled, but she has no other ideas so she has given in and is going along with it. I guess she would rather watch movies from the comfort of her own room. But as for my dad and I, watching Hokie football on a screen as large as the wall is something that is extremely important and vital to our survival as Hokie Parent and Child. And to my two uncles who are Hokie alumns... this is something they would like to see through as well.

So anyway moving along... Dad's bored. And has drawn up huge plans. I'm talking like stadium seating almost. He wants two rows of pimp ass chairs... the leather ones with the cup holders on the side that recline. And he wants it to be on a stage almost. Well not really a stage but he wants one row of chairs to be higher than the other so that the people behind can see so essentially what they're going to do is build a really small stage and bolt all these chairs down and put the projector in and connect the cable and what not. And I say they because my dad is definately not going to be doing this. He is handy... but not THAT handy and my mom would probably cancel this project if she found out my dad would be the one trying to make all this happen. So hopefully by the time I come home next, which is Spring Break I think... unless I decide to come home earlier, this will all be said and done and I can watch Garden State on my wall. That would be pretty amazing. But until then... I'm waving my "GOOOOO DAD!" flag like it's my job because I have THE BEST dad in the world and hoping that mom doesn't decide this is a bad idea... but even if she did, she's outnumbered anyway. Because I'm sure my sister would jump on the bandwagon. She would probably enjoy watching spongebob on a wall-sized projector screen.
matt and his optimism on what 2005 will bring...

e n u M 3 r i x: im gonna get SO LAID
Surf N Waves 04: so laid!
e n u M 3 r i x : SOOOOOOOOO LAID
Surf N Waves 04: super laid to the max

and... time will tell.

Here's a sneak peak... but check out the website and see for yourself.  Posted by Hello
This just in...

Awesome clothing company... love it to shreds.


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I went to Borders with Kathryn yesterday because it's a kick ass place and if you have not discovered that yet, you really need to.

Reasons why Borders is AMAZING:
- Full of emo boys as far as the eyes can see (Now, Kathryn and I, Nous aimons les garçons de emo)
- Has a section dedicated to PSYCHOLOGY!
- Has cute little old men that work there and know where EVERYTHING is without having to look it up.
- Allows for one on one coffee time with good friends
- did I mention the amazing emo boys?
- Posters of France that bring tears of joy to my eyes
- A whole section with maps of London! (This shall come in handy next semester)
- Leather journals!
- hot emo boys
- Overpriced music
- Reserved kick ass parking for Kathryn & Mary ALWAYS.

That is all for now on my undying love for Borders.

In other news... CJ GOT INTO STANFORD!!! and... KENNETH GOT INTO HARVARD!!! so congrats to them! That is amazingly awesome. I am so happy for the both of them and wish them the best although, I'm sure they'll be able to hold their own.

And... I was talking to Devin the other day and we both found out we would be going to London the same time next year which is just great because I now have a London buddy. Of course Devin will be staying in Wake Forest housing and I will be in Tech housing unless I decide to become an exchange student at Oxford which would be a wonderful experience, but I won't worry about that right now, I still have some time to sort that out. And I have a feeling I'll fall in love with Europe and never want to return to Blacksburg. I mean common... it's BLACKSBURG, there's not much to love other than the school itself which is just great. But, I have a feeling, I will be spending more than one semester abroad. And maybe a summer in Prague... Jason wants me to go with him, but we'll see.

And more good news... our North Carolina roadtrip is coming up... it feels like Winter Break has flown by and that's really sad, BUT... it really helps that the week after we come back to school, we have our roadtrip to look forward to. Horray for seeing Andrew McMahon and DOUBLE Horray for staying at Wake Forest for the weekend and TRIPLE Horray for the hot hot hot boys of Wake Forest. Yum, we love each and every one of you... well maybe except for a few. Dennis goes there... yes THE Dennis so that should be good times and I get to reunite with my French partner of 4 years... Kaj Nielson! :) And... because Kaj is so amazingly awesome, he is getting us tickets to a Wake Forest basketball game which is great seeing as my love for Chris Paul knows NO bounds. And Wake is just frikin good... so no objections there. Good way to ease into the semester after one month of break isn't it? And... I'm going with Matt, Drew and Sarah. Good times. always.
ROADTRIP 2004-2005!!!

Literally. Christy and I along with possibly Rachel and Mel (the details have not been worked out yet) are planning to go to Christy's Charlottesville appartment and ring in the New Year there. It should be good times. A roadtrip with the girls? Me, decline? No frikin way. So it's off to C'ville for me (yes, I know UVA territory... but I can compromise). Everyone have a great New Years! I know I will. ;)

And... good news for Spring Break, dad is giving me our condo by the bay for a week of relaxation and boating with the girls! :)

Monday, December 27, 2004

It's strange... thoughts come into my head at 3am and I can't sleep so, I'm forced to run to my computer and just write... (PS: I also forgot to take my crazy medicine, so since I had to get up and play the meds game... I figured I may as well get this off my mind and go to sleep rather than just tossing and turning. Oh yeah, my meds suck, I've had weird habits lately, but I guess I'll save that for another blog entry however, it may just be entirely too boring so I may skip it all together).

Okay so thoughts that have plagued my mind tonight include the subject of dating (and this is probably the closest I'll get to sharing such thoughts in a blog because most of you who know me, know that I tend to keep these thoughts private and don't talk about them much... namely Matt who gets mad because he "spills his guts out to me" and I do not do the same and that's because I believe reciprocity is unnecessary in some cases ... but that is a different topic to be discussed at a later time) back to the subject, sorry for the detour.

Okay so dating. I hate it with an exotic passion then multiply that by one million. I think it's so awkward... and as you can probably see, I am not one to indulge in dating (I know a lot of you think it's wonderful and that's great, we all have our own feelings towards the subject). Dating is horrible, I really wish I could skip it all together. Namely because throughout the course of your lifetime but specifically at this point in our lives, in college, we will date a lot of people, or at least go on dates with a lot of people. I guess I could say I have been guilty of playing this game throughout the semester, but I hate it. Why? Because you just end up going on dates with a lot of people and most of the time it doesn't work out, and then, when you see the second party on campus (which shall be often because you just cannot win in this game of avoidance), it's painfully awkward and you just wish to crawl into a hole and never come out.
The worst is when you go on the date and have a horrible time where you secretly pray that the night would end. You plan an activity and in theory, everything should work out, he's a nice guy, you're a nice girl, your friends all approve and tell both of you to go for it... but then you go through the motions of testing the theory and it turns out you have nothing to say to one another, and the awkward silences throughout your night is worst than the tension between the Montagues and the Capulets. Great another horrible date making you wonder why you even try. Okay here's another horrible scenerio... you meet a really nice guy, possibly the nicest guy in the world, but you don't like him in that way, he makes a great friend and you know that, everyone knows that, but! he likes you, therefore, making things really awkward. And you can't help but feel bad for this guy because he is just so nice and you don't want the whole "nice guys finish last" to be the case for him, because it's entirely false, but you just don't see him in the way that he sees you so even being friends with him makes for an uncomfortable situation. Okay, here's the last one... again, in theory this should work because your friends are all friends with one another and you may be acquaintances who have never actually talked until one day you meet at a party and well you're a bit inebriated and he is as well and okay so you're talking and you're like cool, things will work out between us. So you hang out and all is good, it should work out in theory, again he's a nice guy, and your friends all know and like each other which is even better, but then after weeks of going back and forth and playing this "group hang" game or even one on one outing game... you realize you're just not feeling it. And it's horrible because you really mean no harm - none of this leading on stuff, you just simply have come to the conclusion that it won't work out and you can't put your finger on why. Perhaps it's because you're so much alike which is great, again working out in theory, but for some reason, you don't feel "it." Whatever "it" is... but you know "it" is not there. Wait, I lied, there is one more... there is the category of the person who caters to you and thinks that by pretending to like everything that you like is going to impress you. It's okay if we don't like the same things, it keeps it interesting. However, I am picky when it comes to music and as I've said before... that's a sore subject, maybe I'll get over it because there is probably one other guy in the world who can agree with my music selection and I already know who that is. I've seen girls listen to certain types of music because the guy they like loves the band or what not... it's horrible. It's so fake. Everyone is so fake. We're all guilty of this though. I'd be a hypocrite if I told you I've never done this before in my life (learn from your mistakes right?) - the whole idea is so vulgar. I wonder why any of us even try. The "thrill of the chase" as they say, really isn't much of a thrill in my experience, it's more of a process that gets boring and repetitive and only adds stress and ups awkward encounters. And that my friend is the summation of the ridiculous games that we play. I'm guilty, you're guilty, we're all guilty of this.

I always think it would be so much easier to skip this whole dating stage all together and just meet the person that compliments you and have everything just click. Dating is a burden and I mean after a few scenarios like the ones I've listed below, you end up just hating "the game" and also popping a lot of excedrin for the migranes that such events cause you because oh no, it's not over when the date ends... no because that would be FAR too simple. No, you have to interact with these people time and time again, each exchange becoming more and more cumbersome, making you wish you could just disappear or steal Harry Potter's invisiblity cloak. It kind of makes you wonder if all this trouble is even worth it. I think a lot of times, we all try too hard. I'm not gonna lie "we love love" - Kathryn and I sure do! But it's times like these, where I just sit and reflect and wonder why we try so hard to find it when really, we should just sit back and wait awhile and let things just happen. Why do we feel a constant need for a catalyst to speed things up. It's unnatural. Dating = a catalyst in my opinion... a catalyst that leads to disaster. I hate it, I think I should just stop doing it all together. New resolution for 2005 perhaps? Take a vow of "sitting back and waiting awhile until things just happen" because things always have a way of working themselves out beautifully. Like the rainbow after the rain... of course metaphorically the rain is the act of dating, but NOPE not for Mary 2005. Mary 2004 has made many mistakes but Mary 2005 will be different. You heard it here first.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Looking Back on 2004

- RiVwB
- Many many roadtrips with lots of road, lots of music, and lots of friends
- Great trips to DC
- Awesome awesome concerts
- Acceptance letters
- Graduating
- Project Grad
- Mary & Kerry's Campus Invasions circa early 2004
- Late nights at IHOP
- Climbing out of Jason's sunroof
- Memorable trips to DC
- Meeting fun and random people (namely No Trigger)
- Georgetown
- Grand opening of Wegmans
- Moving
- Having a tight knit group of friends
- Reston Town Center
- Capital District Key Club Board (2003-2004 LTGs Fo'Ever and yeah exec board too)
- Tennis!
- Nights at Keirn's
- Pool Parties
- Black & White Party
- Flipside
- College
- UVA visits
- Tech Football - ACC Champs! ummm hmm
- Jase & Kat visiting
- Lambda Chi (ha ha Sarah, oh lord)
- Winter Break
- Surviving Semester One
- Surviving the detour into Ghetto DC courtesy of Reed
- CONVENTION! April 2004.
- News of summer internship
- Last night in town (end of August)
- Team Fresh
- Befriending Matt & Drew
- O.A.R., Howie Day, Graham Colton summer initiation with Kathryn
- Getting a 7-11 in Ashburn!
- Senior Prank
- Tysons/Fair Oaks raids
- Hot flipside boys
- Random TV look alike at George Washington
- Emocapella
- Christopher :)
- Parties a la Keirn
- Fairfax?! ha ha... oh underground music, how I love thee
- Aniticipation of London
- Earl Grey tea
- GARDEN STATE! (I will own it Tuesday!)
- iPod
- Eva and friends coming for VaCo and Jack's House
- Hanging out with Jack's house meeting Javarus and co
- Bennigans
- Crest Bookstore
- APEng
- Plates of Oxygen
- Sketchy people that made me laugh (weird guy at VaCo, Jack Abraham... the list goes on)
- Georgetown Prep boys
- HFStival
- "The Case" a night that will live in infamy, spent with Mike!

Things I'd rather forget
- Losing my Dad's unlimited credit card, and my liscense, and an LV wallet all in the same night, oh yeah add 200 dollars too
- Saying goodbye to people...
- Stupid awkward moments
- The boys of 2004... all of them ha ha well, most of them
- Uh the last train back to Virginia leaving and being stuck in DC until 2am
- Course load (HS)
- 4 hours of sleep every week (HS)
- Frikin fire alarms being pulled at ungodly hours of the morning
- SATs
- Getting lost everywhere
- Driving to frikin Southern Maryland for nothing (Nina, shit sucked, not gonna lie)
- NoVa traffic, beltway, 28, 95, 15, 66, EVERYTHING
- Shitty music scene a la Blacksburg
- Not having a car in College
- John Basedow! "The Ab guy" gah why isn't he gone?
- Ugg boots
- Flipped up collars
- Double flipped collars
- Triple flipped collars
- Pastel flipped collars
- sketch guys
- getting lost in ghetto dc thinking I would die
- saying bye to the district board
- Ashlee Simpson...ugh
- Ashlee Simpson's show
- My cell phone dying
- Me getting sick all the time
- Not being able to see the people I want to see (it's the whole sans car thing)
- Tech being so damn far away
- Manhattan closing a 9pm the last night Colin was in town... double u tee f.
- New Ramps all over 28... I vote NO.

Looks like the good outweighed the bad, but not by much. I have high hopes for 2005! Dear 2004, it's been real.

No Stopping Us
your song is "No Stopping Us"

Which Jason Mraz song are you?
You Are Stevo!

Which SLC Punk are you?

Man, I love this movie... sooo good. And I'm Stevo! He was the coolest well aside from the crack addict.
Song of the Day:

Time Is Running Out by Muse

I won't date a guy who's musical tastes are different from mine. Call me a music snob, call me a jerk, but I stand firm. I don't think I could deal with it, I wouldn't even want to try. It's not that I'm not accepting of new music or what not, but there are just some things I cannot stand. For instance, country music. Good lord, country music kills me. Think about it, if you are forced to listen to music that you don't like, you will constantly be irritated. And it isn't even limited to country music, horrible rock music kills me. Bad indie music kills me. It's like making me wear uggs... I'm just not going to do it. EVER. And that is all.

Firefly by Saves The Day is my FAVORITE song of all time. I never thought I had a favoirte song, because there were and will always be a lot of songs that I just plain like. But today I think I've decided that if there were one song I had to listen to for the rest of my life on repeat, I'd choose Firefly because it will just never get old. I've been listening to it for years, but the times where I don't listen to it for months and put the Stay What You Are cd back into rotation... the magic begins again. It just doesn't get old. And I love it. So that's that. Firefly by Saves The Day it is.

Good shit.
TheRedFlame2: musical mary can now listen to her underground shit on the way to classes

Ha ha... check out Jason's unoriginal alliteration. AMATEUR.

Saturday, December 25, 2004


People I love Round 2:

MarbarO25: merry christmas mary
MarbarO25: its little baby jebus's birthday
(From Marlo, the Jew-Unit!)
LiLjKiM703: hahahaha merry freakin christmas fag
(Ha ha... Gerry is such a jerk but I love her loser face)
Pripri331: merry christmas
(Yay, my 3rd floor Lee buddy!)
tigatiga88: and a merry frikin christmas to you too mary :-D
(Gotta love C-dubs anytime of the year!)
(She too lacks the enzyme that breaks down alcohol! Coincidence?! - Perhaps)
Dear friends, I love you guys!

Especially these ones...

(Prom date 2003)
shortcake4cali: Merry Christmas!
(One of my favorite JMU-ers and West Coast enthusiast)
Lin004: merry xmas
(The only person who survives Boston's winter and... my hero... and partner in lacking the enzyme that breaks down alcohol)
gnossienne01: merry christmas :-)
(The person I corrupt with my horrible music)

Merry Christmas Guys! I looooovvvveee you!

Friday, December 24, 2004


My obsession for all different kinds of tea and the Washington Post is my dad's fault.

I've had 5 cups of Earl Grey today and I think my addiction is growing by the minute. Is this a result of my sore troat or can this be attributed to my love for England and all that is English? Am I prepping for London by drinking lots of tea a year in advance? Unsolved Mysteries.

C-Murr! = Good times, and lots of laughs. I love this kid and after all this time, I can still say that he holds the title as the Ambassador of Keeping it Real. I love seeing old friends... Posted by Hello
Changes occur... yeah yeah.

a) New haircut
b) New hair color... Cool Tea is gone and Ash brown is in.
c) Ready for the New Year

2004, you were bittersweet.

Standing on his Piano Keys... how badass. Oh and note the fact that his collar is down. Posted by Hello

Andrew McMahon!!! We see him January 28th in North Carolina... countdown is on Posted by Hello
Observation 2:

Nothing cures a sore throat like a cup of Earl Grey tea straight from England. YUM!

Observation 3:

Wasn't I sick on Christmas last year too? I mean I'm not fully sick right now, but my throat hurts really bad... anyone wanna trade throats? Well, the upside is, you don't have to hear me sing Bright Eyes songs off key (Sarah is clapping right now - I know it).

Observation 4:

Even Hitler had a girlfriend, Even Cheny King has a boyfriend, Even Googley Eyes has a girl thing... don't you feel like a loser now?!
Smarter Child is so last season... this season it's all about Santa Claus!

Surf N Waves 04: don't you HATE UVA?
SantaClaus: Mm hm, now we are getting somewhere.

Surf N Waves 04: are you hitting on me?
SantaClaus: You're full of mischief. :)
Surf N Waves 04: sketch!
SantaClaus: sorry

Ha ha ha ha... huzzah for speaking to machinery pretending to be Santa Claus.
e n u M 3 r i x: and i told big glor you are gonna beat up jeanna for me
e n u M 3 r i x: so you gotta do it

Great Matt, pick the girl that gets beaten up by granite counter tops and various inanimate objects to fight your battles for you... real smart

Thursday, December 23, 2004


My dad got me the cooolest shirt ever known to man kind. It's got the "Buckle-Up Bear" with a patrol belt on that says, "buckle up for safety"... Rad Rock... that's what that is. It's kind of big, they didn't have any girls sizes so I got a little boy's shirt but it's still kind of big... oh well, baggy is in. And my shirt doesn't need to fit, it's so kick ass already.

That is all. Oh, I still want to go to Europe right now.

Via It's Chris Paul aka the Bryan Randall of Wake Forest baseketball and I get so see him play in January at WAKE after seeing Andrew McMahon... yum.  Posted by Hello
Oberservation 1:

Seasonally depressed people or people that are always depressed shouldn't talk to each other about their lives because it only makes their condition(s) worsen.

This is the season of low serotonin levels. I think I'm guilty of this. I need my C10H12N2O (I wish i knew how to do subscrips on this thing)... but I already feel like a big enough loser because I know the chemical compound of serotonin... something that I lack.
Please eradicate this madness from my life. thanks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dear Europe,
Take me away... preferably for a long time.


Survey Time... see how wisely I'm spending my time at home?

Your Favorite:
I don't really do animals, I like puppies and pretty exotic small fish
Color: black like the color of my emo heart... just kidding. Um, I like most colors, although I'm really feeling turquoise...
Pasttime: sitting back with some friends in a coffee shop making lame jokes
Soda: Mountain Dew Livewire
Drink: TEA!
Brand of drinking water: Fiji... I used to like Evian but then I found out that Paris Hilton's dog only drinks Evian and that was a turn off.
TV Show: The O.C. because I get to watch it in Barringer every week with the radest people on campus
Music: Shut up, I don't even know where to begin and you'll most likely hate it. Just know in your hearts that I am a music snob and that is all.
Class: Sociology, Psychology

A or B:
Ice or no ice? Ice because it's cold like my heart... ha ha jk, but I really do like ice.
Ketchup, Mayo, or Mustard? Ketchup
One pillow or two? Try 6.
Bath or Shower? Bath because I can drown myself in a bath tub like Padric... jk. Did anyone get the song reference aside from Drew? Ha ha... in all seriousness, Baths are way cooler than showers... unless you're at school and you have no choice.
Drive or be driven: I used to like to Drive... I guess it's the whole being jaded thing and you think it's the coolest thing in the world until you drive for 4 hours straight and think yeah, no not so much. I like being driven, because I can just sit back and relax... plus northern virginia traffic is always bumper to bumper and I'd be mad all the time if I were driver in those situations

The Person Who:
You’ve know the longest:
my parents... since day 1
You’re the closest to: my parents
You talk to the most: a lot of people, you'd be surprised
You miss the most: I don't really miss anyone because everyone is here
You see yourself with: Not too sure, I haven't found anyone that I would see myself with for a long time yet... ask me in a few years and maybe I'll have an answer.

Do You:
Think too much: always
Think before you speak: Sometimes, we're all guilty of not thinking before we speak.
Drink Coffee: Like it's my job, it's like i'm addicted to caffeine or maybe I'm addicted to seeing the guy that works at Bollos or perhaps Deets puts something in their coffee that keeps you coming back for more... choose your own adventure.
“Drink”: yes
Eat 3 meals a day: No. Usually I eat twice a day some weeks once, it just depends on how I'm feeling and how cold it is outside and how far I'm willing to walk
Have a bf: no because it has been decided that Mary is destined to be alone for the rest of her life until the day she hits 40 where she will just go ahead with her default marriage to long time friend Jason.
Have a crush: nope
Believe in love at first sight: No because that doesn't exist. You can't love someone after seeing them just once.
Say “I love you” on a daily basis: No, but I really should. However, other than my parents I really don't have anyone to say that to
Trust: some people, but I find that when you trust people, they tend to let you down

The Emotion:
You feel most often:
You feel the deepest: saddness
You feel the least: i don't know
Your favorite emotion: anticipation... like the anticipation of waiting for somebody at an airport... somebody really worth waiting for and that moment you see them and all your butterflies and giddiness rolled into one split second. So I guess it's called the anticipation split-second feeling... and I think I just made up a new feeling.
Your least favorite emotion: saddness because it sucks

If You Could:
Be any age:
A day in the life of 24 year old Mary would be cool, I just want to see what my life will be like in a few years.
Repeat ONE DAY of your life over again: There are many... but i'd probably go with the last day I spent with my grandpa before he died

In Five Years:
What you hope to be:
A grad student somewhere cool
Where you hope to be: in a great relationship, maybe engaged, who knows, time will tell
Where you’ll be living: Not on this coast, that's for sure, maybe California or perhaps not even in this country, London?
Who will your friends be: time will tell... I mean, hopefully I'll have a lot of the same friends as I do now, but I'm sure there will be a few more along the way

Do You Think:
You’ll ever fall in love:
Maybe one day... yeah I suppose
You’ll ever get married: Well when I hit 40 that default marriage will be waiting for me... ha ha jk, yeah I hope to one day long before I am 40. Sorry Jase.
You’ll ever have kids: Yes... gotta keep my awesome bloodline going. My children are going to be the shit. Aidan and Anne Claire are going to own the world. The end.

The Stupidest Thing:
You said:
I just don't care anymore (I said this to someone and I know it hurt them and, I wouldn't do it again just because I did care)
You agreed to do: Say goodbye
You did: Well... we shall not go there, because there are many stupid things that I have done, like get lost in South East DC although that was Reed's fault...
Gerry's thoughts after seeing Ocean's 12...

LiLjKiM703: soooooooooo hot. almost as hot as mary

ha ha ha ha sike.
Saw this in my friend's blog and decided to put it in mine (where you just bold the things you've done)

i have kissed someone...

on the cheek.
on the lips.
on their hands or fingers.
in my room.
in their room.
of the same sex.
of the opposite sex.
younger than me.
older than me.
with jet black hair.
with curly hair.
with blonde hair & blue eyes.
with flaming red hair.
with straight hair.
smaller/shorter than me.
bigger/taller than me.
with a lip ring. (those band guys... gotta love them)
who was drunk.
who was high.
who I had just met.
who was homosexual.
who I didn't really want to kiss.
on a holiday.
who was going out with someone close to me.
who was my good friend's brother or sister.
who had been/is in jail.
in a graveyard.
at a show/concert.
at the beach.
in a pool, jacuzzi, or some type of water.
who was legally too young/old for me to have sex with.
with dyed hair.
with a shaved head.
who was/is my good friend.
who was/is in a band.
who has tatoos. (just one)
in the rain.
in another continent besides where I was born. (On the list of things to do while in France... French kiss a french boy even if it's a shitty kiss, just so I can say I actually "french" kissed... hardcore)
with an accent. (On the list of things to do while in London... YUM)
with an std. <~ I believe it's more politically correct these days to call it an STI...
on a boat.
in a car/taxi/bus.
on a plane.
at the circus/carnival.
with a missing body part.
in the movies. <~ what are you guys? cliche?
eskimo style.

I'm not a kissing whore I swear, but I bet you are.
evajayne 03: I AM DONE WITH FIANLS!
Auto response from Surf N Waves 04: And the call of the West Coast takes away our good friend Colin...
Hanging out with Gen Mack tonight because it's his last night on the East Coast... phucker.
evajayne 03: and i be drinkign yo. .... HOLLER
evajayne 03: hey can you blame him? west coast = why the fuck did i move here:-)

Eva is wise... it's true, the West Coast > East Coast. The end.

Colin, run and NEVER look back, just know that we'll always be here for you no matter what, but there are bigger things waiting for you in LA. Best of luck with your film career... as if you need it, your work is amazing, but just know that we send you to California with best wishes and high hopes. Thanks for being such a great friend throughout the years... we'll miss you bud and we'll always wonder why it took you THIS long to decide you wanted to dump this and say yes to Cali. :) Carpe m'phuckin diem Gen Mack.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

To Mike L...

I saw your personal site via link in your blog and I love your pictures and I'm just going to tell you this now so you're not surprised when I ask you later. I'm filling my house (that you architect me) with your pictures, well not portraits of you, but pictures that you take of places, namely New York. PS: you should go to London say, um spring next year and take lots of pictures. That is all.
He says I am the brightest little firefly in his jar

He should probably take that back because....

this past weekend, I ran into one of the granite countertops in our house and now I have a bruise on my side the size of my foot. It's a nice purply green color - kind of festive if you ask me, fitting for the season. If I'm not falling out of my loft, I must be running into things because I can't go a week without getting hurt. And no, this isn't just one of those "check out my awesome battle wound" bruises this is a "if you try to sleep and you move an inch and anything touches you, you will feel like you're giving birth" bruises.

Owwwwwwww. GO away stupid bruise. And dear granite counter top... FUUUUCK YOU!

Happy Holidays everyone! :)
Via Sarah

SLAinsworth7: hahaha, theres a group on facebook called People Who Find Those Girls Wearing Eskimo Boots Extremely Ridiculous's Profile

Speaking of UGLY ESKIMO BOOTS (Uggs)... yesterday when Kathryn and I were at Tysons we realized that we were surrounded by an infinite abyss of Uggs... and it was ultra sucky.
Robbie transcends every level of known cool...

FLYINkilrsquirl: as you eventually find yourself converging to the ultra-hip world of box-framed glasses and studded belts known as "EMO." You have dyed-black hair that is engineered to look messy, but it's not spikey enough to be punk. You wear a skin-tight v-neck argyle sweater and black converse shoes--an amalgamation of old and new. You are a walking paradox. You are EMO.

You're not bound by the confines of traditional denominational religions, yet you're not confident enough to have an independent thought in that thick, vacuous skull of yours, so you dabble in trendy philosophies like Kabbalah and tribal mysticism. The game ends when you stop sucking manufactured cool from MTV's teat long enough to realize what a dumb son of a bitch you're being.

Monday, December 20, 2004

I hung out with Kathryn tonight and it was just like old times again. I don't think we ever stopped laughing. We're ridiculous. I had so much fun tonight, I miss nights like these... even those nights I get lost in DC...

Mine and Kathryn's Epiphany of the night:

We LOVE love.

The Juliana Theory = awesome. I found their CD that I got awhile back and listened to it again the other day and I'm falling in love with them all over again. Favorites include: Into the Dark, Do You Believe Me, Jewel To Sparkle, and they have a new CD coming out in 2005 so keep on the look out.  Posted by Hello
You don't do it on purpose, but you make me shake
Now I count the hours until you wake
With your babies breath breathe symphonies


Well, maybe this time I can follow through
I can feel complete, stop paying dues
Stop the rain from falling, keep my ocean calm
This time I know nothing's wrong.

Uggggggghhhh... boys = catastrophic.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lin004: haha. went shopping today and this girl said her roommate told her she sucked at dancing and all i could think of was you saying "then you suck at life." Totally a positive thing! MISS U! PUNCH FReNCH AND exAMS in the face

Linda is the shit. I miss her. Pssssht who goes to Boston for school?! Losers thats who! :)

Oh what a night.... late December back in 2004?

Okay so in other news today, I judged JV policy debate and oh did the memories flood back. Some of the cases they were running were still the same so it was nice because I knew what was going on. :) I realized how weird it feels to be sitting in the judge's seat this time around and it's just a surreal experience because just a few years ago I was trying to impress a judge. It felt good though, I'm not that much older than the kids debating, but they'd always say things like "Judge, are you ready?" "Judge, do you have any feedback?" "Judge do you have any prefrences on how you want the topic to be debated?" - And that was frikin AWESOME. Not gonna lie. I'd be like yeah, do as I say! Okay, not really, but it was pretty cool none the less. I judged 3 out of 4 rounds today which was nice because I got a great little break. During my break, I went and sat in on the debate that Reed was judging and one of the teams that Reed was judging was a team that I had judged in the previous round and they held their own. I was pretty proud of them. One of the guys kept looking at me to see if I would hint at who won the round but, we wern't allowed to disclose so sorry buddy. nice try. Then I saw his team again walking to another round of debates and I asked them how their day was going and they were like, "yeah it's been a pretty good day, so far we think we've gone 3-0, however you're not supposed to disclose so we really wouldn't know...." Damn these debate kids and their subtle ways of asking you to disclose who won... I know all the tricks in the book, I would disclose if I could but I just couldn't. So all I said was that they did a good job and good luck on their next round. They won, by the way - they were solid which was so refreshing. I hate when people read cards that don't even pertain to the topic and I have to flow them just to end up dropping them at the end because the arguments aren't even valid. Way to go, thanks for wasting hours of my life. Anyway we got to leave around 5:30 today and I had ridden with Reed and Devin and Robyn asked if she could get a ride home thinking we'd get back earlier than everyone else but because of Reed's awesome navigational skills we end up in DC... which I pointed out after being on 66 for awhile. Then I pointed out the Kennedy Center, Georgetown, American University, and we basically drove in circles around DC for an hour or so realizing that the street we needed to be on was always the next one over or the one going in the opposite direction... DC is the 2nd hardest place to navigate in the country because it's one big circle with lots of roads that go by numbers and then switch to letters. It's a hard system.... if only Reed had listened to ME, we would have been home, but NO, he "knew where he was going" and the funny thing is when I realized we were going into DC I told Reed we should just make a U-turn because not only would we end up getting lost, we'd end up getting lost in the ghetto and of course, after an hour or so of going in circles, Reed drives us into South East DC which is the sketchiest place in the world aside from the Gaza strip. I remember turning to everyone in the car saying "nice knowing you!" I've never been so scared in my life... this is the DC that you hear about on Fox 5 ... I've never been to that part of DC in my life, but there's a first time for everything and there was some culture shock going on in addition to fear for my life and for everyone else's life. Then after our wonderful hour in the ghetto we end up in Maryland... and by Maryland I mean, we passted The University of Maryland.... where they fear the turtle! And then we found 495 and all was good... but all in all it was definately an interesting experience. On our way back we stopped at Panera Bread because we were all starving and noticed that Reed's Car had a huge Christmas wreath on the front grill and after seeing that we all just looked at each other wide-eyed and laughed and wondered HOW we didn't get shot driving through sketch ass DC with a huge wreath on the car and we decided it was the work of a Christmas Miracle.

Tonight is a night I'll definately remember for awhile. It was sporatic and I was reunited with some good people and trust me, we definately bonded over this experience. I don't think any of us will forget this night. It was a whole lot of fun... in some strange crazy, feared-for-our-lives type of way...

Friday, December 17, 2004

The story of Matt's life and possibly yours too:

In other news, I saw Mr.Ron Richards today and somehow he got me to agree to wake up at 7am tomorrow morning and judge a debate tournament at Yorktown High.... The man has a way of convicing people to do things... maybe that's why our debate team has taken states for the past 10 years. We learn from the best... and we come back to work for the best too - at least I'll be getting paid. And the greatest thing ever is that I'm riding with Reed to tomorrow.... Reunited with the best debate team to pass through the halls of BR!

I'm officially a nerd. I know. But for all the times I've gotten screwed at a debate tournament, I get to be "that judge" for someone tomorrow. Muhahahah!!!

If you're waking up at 7am you might as well be able to have some fun with this newly instilled power in you right? Judge Mary. That's just one step closer to Countess Mary, or Dutchess Mary, or Princess Mary, or .... World Ruler Mary.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

I've been reading through my old yearbook and sadly it has occured to me that I don't remember some of the people that signed it... or at least the ones that don't sign their last names... I can't believe I just said that, but it's true and I feel almost bad about it. Anyway, I love reading what people wrote about me and I wonder if any of that has changed... I guess we'll see when we all get back together in the next few weeks...

Anyway, here are a few yearbook signings that I thought were spectacular:

Hey Mary! Remember the gangsta rap essay for AP Government? Long Live Bitches and Hoes! :) And now I've got to get ready for unemployment :( Have a great summer, and best of luck at Tech!

- Ron Richards

(My AP Government teacher AND Debate Coach and Mentor for 4 years! He was only my APGov teacher for 1 year though... and yes, we did have a gangsta rap essay and he did say long live bitches and hoes in his classroom, and no, he will not lose his job because i will not blackmail him with his yearbook entry) Awesome Awesome man.

This is a song. Mare-e-e... mare-ee. You have a pink shirt-shirt-shirt! The end. Mary, if you were an animal, you would be a mushroom. I think that pretty much says it all. Remember this in college. A goat, will be a goat, even if it cannot leap to the great heights of the telephone poles. Poles from Poland.

-Keith Gurgick

(One of the coolest guys to ever walk through the halls of my school... highly under rated at times as well and that's a shame. High School's a bitch. I hate people sometimes. But, needless to say he was one of the funniest, and most talented guys I've ever got to meet)

Colin worte an awesome entry but it's kind of long and I don't feel like typing it, but the signed it... "Colin Dunning (The Fuck the Universe Club Member #3).... and yes, the Fuck the Universe Club actually existed. It was comprised of me, michelle, colin, and reed and we did wonders for this club and now.... we have a strangely large cult following. How's that for leaving a legacy?! Damn straight.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My blood is flowing with Jay-Z tonight... if only I had some Marc Jacobs or Avaitors or Marc Jacob Avaitors - Keep it real you know?!

Yay post-examination, end of semester CRUNKEDNESS!
Dearest Mike L,
Can you architect me a Hampton house? Kinda like this one, but better becuase you are Mike and you are awesome at stuff like that. Oh PS: would you still happen to have the floorplans of that french influenced house you drew me last year? :)

Mike, I will be calling you one day and you shall be the designer of my house and it will be grand!

View from the top... this is almost twice the size of my house right now. To be exact it's 5,143.5 feet larger.  Posted by Hello

View of the pool... a girl can dream right? Posted by Hello

Patio... excellent.  Posted by Hello

Entertainment area... yeah this is the shit.  Posted by Hello

Inside my home... yummy! Posted by Hello

Dreamy! This house is my dream house, located in the Hamptons. 12,000 sq feet of sheer deliciousness with 5 bed rooms and 11 baths. Kick ass. That is all. Posted by Hello
Of course this is when the shit hits... of fucking course. Because it's your life Mary and when you think, "hey maybe things are going to be okay," something or many things happen, all at the same time to subtly or not so subtly remind you that your life will always have a way of doing this to you.

It all started when someone pulled the fire alarm at 12am and it was 25 degrees outside... and everything just went downhill from there.

I JUST WANT TO GO HOME. That is all.
My husband sucks, but it's okay because my mom is AWESOME!

I come home on Thursday evening... and you ask... where will Mary's husband be?
Answer: frikin Williamsburg... what a Jerk!
When is our Mutual friend Keirn coming home?
Answer: Friday afternoon
When is our Mutual friend Keirn leaving?
Answer: Saturday morning
When does my husband think he's going to be home?
Answer: late Friday night...
And what does that mean?
Answer: he may not make it back into to see Keirn
Prognosis? Jason is a loser and a crappy husband... who leaves the day their wife gets back? Oh yeah... the Jerk named Jason. (Beautiful alliteration.. no?)

And this is what Jason had to say about this: i'll be back on friday, sooner or later...unless im in jail, then my loving wife may need to bail my ass out :-P

A) There will be no bailing out of anybody named Jason because there won't be a Jason in Jail to bail out to begin with
B) That is not funny
C) Do not frikin smiley face me you big jerk. I'm mad at you. The end.

Why my Mother ROCKS and is therefore way better than Jason...

I called Mom today to tell her it was snowing... and she made fun of me because I called her the day before to tell her it was snowing and the day before that. Yes, it has been snowing here for 3 days! :) Anyway, she asked about exams and I told her that exams are exams and that they are never ever fun and that my week has been stressful and that boys suck and that my eating patterns have been shot to shit (didn't exactly say it like that, but you get the idea). Anyway she was going to surprise me but because I told her how ridiculous my week has been she decided she would pull a Mom and make my day and told me that the night I come home, I have an appointment at my favorite spa where I will be pampered. Moms are the best! She said she figured i've been stressed out so she thought a facial would be nice and she is definately right. I can't wait to go home.

^ Get your loved one a spa package for the Holidays!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Gerry upset that I didn't go to dinner with her and Sarah:

LiLjKiM703: anerexic girl you
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha ha
Surf N Waves 04: i had lunch at like 3
LiLjKiM703: oh really.
LiLjKiM703: thats what they all say
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha ha
Surf N Waves 04: hi, my name is mary and i will be your anorexia tour guide
LiLjKiM703: oh wow
Surf N Waves 04: how was dinner?
LiLjKiM703: mmmm :-) london broil
Surf N Waves 04: i'm like still full i went to souvlaki's downtown with my friend
Surf N Waves 04: mmmmmmmm!
LiLjKiM703: oh yum! thts the place where they had that lil band
Surf N Waves 04: when are you going home?
Surf N Waves 04: oh cool!
LiLjKiM703: remem on the way tot he Lyric?!
LiLjKiM703: tom night after geo exam
Surf N Waves 04: oh yeah!
Surf N Waves 04: LUCKKKKY
LiLjKiM703: haha u leavin thurs?
Surf N Waves 04: i want to go home tomorrow night but too bad my exam is from 7-9pm
Surf N Waves 04: yeah thurs morning
LiLjKiM703: man.
LiLjKiM703: oh welll. anyway- im back to studyin- g'luck tom girl :-)
Surf N Waves 04: thanks!good luck to you too!
Surf N Waves 04: have a great break if i don't see you
LiLjKiM703: spanx. you too loser. and try to eat over break. ill try to find an anerexia hotline for you.
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha thanks!
An Original poem by Street.

The Finals Poem

Time for Aderol and caffeine
More bloodshot eyes you’ve rarely seen
The library’s packed for the first time all year
Oh shit, Oh no, finals are here.

These terrible tests which you dread
Roam like devils inside your head,
Waiting for the perfect moment of the year
To ruin all your Christmas cheer.

“Why can’t they be over” you ask
Knowing full well your future task.
“I cannot study anymore” you say again
while tapping a pencil against your head.

“Where’s the Tylenol?” you scream aloud
“My head feels like a mushroom cloud.”
“Quiet Down!” Your roommate yells after you.
“I’ve got bio tomorrow and english too!”

Your finals, it seems, do much more
Than test the knowledge which you store.
They test your patience, your temper and wits
While ruining all your friendships.

You bitch and moan and then give in.
You stay up late till they begin.
You study all day, you study during night
In hopes that you might get it right.

When the day is near for testing
Your mind is in need of resting.
Coffee, Ritalin, NoDoze and cocaine
Extract quite a toll on your brain.

Bleary eyed and weak kneed, you walk
To the classroom, where no one talks.
Than the rest of the class, you are much dumber
You should have just been a plumber.

“Oh well” you say and launch right in
True hell is about to begin.
But as you flip the pages, you come to see
That you didn’t even have to study.

You knew this crap from the start
And it silently breaks your heart
That the hours you spent locked in the library
Could have been spent watching TV.

Once you’ve finished, you hand it in
At the mercy of the red pen.
Go drink as much as your body will allow.
Why the hell not? You’re done for now.

Sometime soon while you sit at home
During the break, all alone
You’re grades will come and you’ll be happy
“I got a B….not too shabby.”

Dedicated to everyone out there with books in their hands, bags under their eyes and a Ritalin-stache on their upper lip. Good Luck!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Are the Deacs ready for us?!

New Years Resolution: Carpe frikin Diem and have some fun...

Consider it done.

Step 1:
Roadtrip with Matt, Sarah, and Drew on January 28th

- We're going to see Something Corporate play in Charlotte, North Carolina the week after we get back from Winter Break which is just stellar because there is NOTHING in this world that is better than a road trip with lots of road, lots of music, yielding lots of laughs. I am officially excited and to top that off, we are roadtripping to see SoCo play... does that mean that Andrew McMahon can finally father my children? Probably not, but that is okay, hearing him sing is just fine with me. :)

If you thought that was good... IT GETS BETTER....

The car will be full, I don't even know if we'll be able to fit all of our luggage and what not, but we'll worry about that later... Matt, Drew and I share a love for Bright Eyes and I am sure we will be belting out some of our favorites (The Calendar Hung Itself, Let's not Shit ourselves, Drunk Kid Catholic, A Perfect Sonnet, Lover I don't have to love etc)... only problem is, Sarah dislikes Bright Eyes with an exotic passion so this shall be an experience worthy of Vid documention. Vidblog anyone?! - I vote ummm hmm!

And to top off this excellent sundae of deliciousness...

From Charlotte, NC after the show, we're going to drive up to Winston-Salem, NC and stay the weekend with our friends at Wake Forest! (Insert O-face right here). It will be grand! We can party with the Wake kids as soon as we step on Wake's campus from Charlotte. AND... I talked to Kaj tonight and he said there is going to be a basketball game on the 29th that he'll get us tickets to which is just AWESOME because need I remind you that Wake basketball is number 1 in the nation and uh, well Christopher Paul is just phenomenal. If you don't know he is here's an analogy...

Bryan Randall:: VT Football
Christopher Paul :: Wake Basketball

And after Wake crushes Miami (MUCK FIAMI yet again - they should be used to it)... we can all go out and celebrate! And I cannot WAIT. Horray for seeing Dev and Kaj and SoCo and Andrew McMahon and roadtripping with my favorite people.

Now... it's back to the books. (Boo exams!)
! I want to go home.

Love at first sight does exist! Dear Parents, this would make an AWESOME Christmas present. Mom, you can take my Infiniti QX4... you know you want to!  Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I love my friends - you guys are the best, thanks for making me laugh even if it was at your expense!

why is there no piano playing in half of mozart's fucking piano concerto?
- Drew Landsburg

Me: How do I cite the bible?
Keirn: Christ, Jesus H. The Bible
Anticipating the release date of this movie:

"In Good Company" Movie Trailer

It's going to be great, I know it! I have a feeling this will sneak up into my top 5 like Garden State did...

PS: Garden State comes out December 28th! (Crappy planning on whoever's part because I'm sure it would be on a lot of people's Christmas list because it rivals the iPod on mine.) Anyway, I will be the first in line to get this movie 3 days after Christmas.
Oh Eva, how you never cease to amuse me....

evajayne 03: me =- drunk
Auto response from Surf N Waves 04: Shake down, you make me break for goodness sakeI think I'm on the edge of something new with youShout out, don't drown the sound, I'll drown you outAnd you'll never scream so loud as I want to scream with you
Jan 28th - Can't wait :-)
evajayne 03: me = drunk iming
evajayne 03: jolla
evajayne 03: meaning holla
evajayne 03: damn tying skills tha go to shit with teh addition of alcohol

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Drew and I rock so hard!

Surf N Waves 04: what's mattew doing?
diy0ungnsavurslf: he went to his friend edwin's house
Surf N Waves 04: he has no friends
diy0ungnsavurslf: i know
Surf N Waves 04: that's a lie
Surf N Waves 04: he's probably like driving around christiansburg
Surf N Waves 04: at the walmart
Surf N Waves 04: buying a black hoodie
Surf N Waves 04: size: boys large
diy0ungnsavurslf: lol
diy0ungnsavurslf: probably
Surf N Waves 04: yeah i mean i'm telling you
diy0ungnsavurslf: you're actually wrong
diy0ungnsavurslf: boys medium silly

***** Part Deux *****

Surf N Waves 04: drew why do we rock so hard?
diy0ungnsavurslf: i don't know
diy0ungnsavurslf: in some ways it's not fair to everyone else who rocks less than us
diy0ungnsavurslf: but oh well
Surf N Waves 04: yeah
Surf N Waves 04: i know - it's so tragic, i mean doesn't it suck to be them? listening to shitty music
Surf N Waves 04: thinking that simple plan is all that there is to life?
diy0ungnsavurslf: oh god
diy0ungnsavurslf: if i listened to simple plan and other crap
diy0ungnsavurslf: i'd have to shoot myself
diy0ungnsavurslf: you might as well just put ice cold water into your inner ear
Surf N Waves 04: yeah or live in pritchard
Surf N Waves 04: voluntarily
Surf N Waves 04: like you'd have to camp out and sign up to live there
Robbie is too much sometimes... gotta love the Original Lunch crew though

FLYINkilrsquirl: im listening to dashboard
FLYINkilrsquirl: its good dammit
Nina: uh oh, someone gettin defensive?
Nina: cause i do believe you used to make fun of people who listened to that
FLYINkilrsquirl: thats before i came to the conclusion that my heart is nothing but flesh, tattered and torn by the tumult of broken love
Nina: oh god
Nina: and i've opened pandora's box
FLYINkilrsquirl: my heart is pandoras box
FLYINkilrsquirl: full of lost hidden emotion
FLYINkilrsquirl: shackled down by the lock of love

First off, Nina and Robbie are my favorite couple ever... and usually I dislike couples because they're all coupley and annoying... but not Robbie and Nina - they are rad rock. And for the record, Robbie, Carden and I share a weird love of the verbal emo game and Nina hates it with a passion... and that's what makes this conversation between them so beautiful.
Need I remind you who's coming back?!


Counting down the days...

Welcome to Tech Casey! Posted by Hello
Welcome to Virginia Tech (the best school on the east coast) Casey!!!

Now when someone asks you what a Hokie is... you can say "I am!"

Case, I am so excited for you! Congratulations - next fall will be phenomenal! Count on it. :)

Random Tech Facts:
*The average High School G.P.A of the 2004 Freshmen class is a 3.8
* 57% male, 43% female (Casey is smiling right now - I know it)
* 141 Valedictorians
* 1,209 legacies (Casey again)
* We won the ACC Championship title in 12 weeks (just reiterating - I had to throw that in there, common!)

Friday, December 10, 2004

New word of the day brought to you by the mind of Mary:

Cram Jams (n.) - jams (aka music) you listen to while cramming

What now Webster, what now?
He's coming back from his ungodly long trip overseas... and I, I am beyond excited! Anticipation begins NOW.

:) <~ that's me times 10 raised to the 100th power!

It's about time you jerk, I've missed you!
Via Michael L's December 9th Blog Entry in response to my away message that upset him.

Brown vs. Football

"The Hokies won an outright ACC championship during their first year in the conference. That's a feat that Tech's in-state neighbor to the north (cough UVA cough) has never accomplished in 52 seasons. For the record, it took Tech 12 weeks." -Mary

Well, Mary, I'm glad you're having fun with someone else's victory. Too bad now you have no excuse to keep you from studying. My excuse is just that Brown is friggin awesome and could crush any dorm at VT. Do YOU have cool stuff every week even after football season? No, alcohol-related social events do not count. You can do that anywhere there's an upperclassman and a store. Sorry I'm being so darned harsh. I must be jealous. It's so transparent. Someone please just tape my mouth shut. But leave an air hole so i can at least keep drinking cranberry juice. That is all...

Dear friend or shall I say ENEMY (Mr. Wahoo 2004),
Need I remind you that you requested a "Save a Collar, Pop a Wahoo" t-shirt, which you so excitedly thanked me for when you received it in the mail... I believe you are just bitter because you chose to attend UVA or shall I say "Collar popping tool" central. But, there is no need to be sad, oh wait, I forgot, your school does not have an ACC championship under it's belt... and your dorm... "Brown" well, at least my dorm still has all of it's stall dividers and doors erected and in tact. But, I feel kind of bad, because Mike, let's face it you're a great guy, so maybe I should stop picking on you... Afterall, there is one good thing about Brown right? At least you can be comforted in the fact that your suite mates are really stellar, top-notch, amazingly fun guys to live with. That is all :)

Love always and forever,
Your friend Mary.

PS: Note the total sarcasm...
PPS: UVA still sucks. And for that, I am terribly sorry.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

I haven't been having such a good day and a good friend of mine (who knows who he is - his name starts with a K) really made my day and I was really appreciative so I put up an away message that was directed at him, however I come back later to some of the best responses to an away message ever and here they are:

Lin004: So...I am writing this essay and looking for information about french society in the late 1800s and I stumbled across this "Ancient History of the Mullet" page!
Auto response from Surf N Waves 04: I cannot believe you! :-) Thank you thank you thank you for making my night.
Lin004: haha...ya i know that DEF. made your night. gL with finals!!!

diy0ungnsavurslf: anytime mary
Auto response from Surf N Waves 04: I cannot believe you! :-) Thank you thank you thank you for making my night.

(this is the guy I went to prom with my junior year... good to see that he has since matured... ha ha jk, Drew is a fun guy)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Reston Town Center Posted by Hello

Dinner in Georgetown on my Birthday in August Posted by Hello

Mine and Keirn's awesome Grad Party... yeah, we went swimming in Keirn's back yard Posted by Hello

Sitting in the back of my car at the Senior Prank... and because of our amazing prank, Senior Prank is a tradition that has been abolished. :) Thank you class of 2004! Posted by Hello
I miss my friends...

I was watching the last episode of Laguna Beach (yes, I suck, throw stuff at me later) and it was the episode where everyone goes off to college and it reminded me of my last week in Ashburn with the people that meant most to me. I remember the two hardest people to say goodbye to were Keirn and Jason.

Keirn was so hard to say goodbye to because she is the ambassador of keeping it real. Through all of our changes she was the one who would keep me grounded and keep me from doing dumb things... she was also that slap of reality when I needed it. She has stood by me for so long and just knowing that she was going to be in Lousiana and not coming home very often scared me. What was I going to do without her? I remember she called me and told me to meet her at Red Robin... she was there with her brother and all of his friends (keep in mind they're 2 years older than us so they are used to the whole goodbye thing by now) and as soon as I walked in, she started crying and I remember thinking, oh god here we go. And so as we say our parting words, we were both sobbing like losers in front of a group of guys that just looked at us strangely and I remember on the way out of the restaurant we were just crying uncontrollably... you'd think we were breaking up or something... but that was that, she was like have fun at tech and just like that we went our seperate ways. Now that I look back, I realized we must have looked so stupid, especially to her brother's friends.

Jason because he was the first person that I met when I moved to Ashburn and the most genuine. And he was just one of those friends I could ALWAYS count on for everything no matter how much I pissed him off, he would be there in a heartbeat if I needed him. It also helped that he lived down the street. Sometimes, I just forget how good I had it... I mean trying to find a Jason here at Tech is not going to happen. But I remember saying goodbye to him. It was so hard. I went to his house and Kevin and Richard were there and he came outside and I just hugged him and was like this is NOT goodbye... this just means until next time. And we pretty much just stood outside until finally he was like, everything's going to be okay, you'll be okay. Tech will be great and that was that, I got into my car and I think I just cried the whole way home. He was also the last person I said bye to... maybe that was why I cried the whole way home, or maybe it was because I knew he was irreplacable.

Then my night in Reston Town Center with Rachel, Brit, Kathryn, Yara, and Kerry... that was a night that epitomized "bittersweet." We had so much fun, we went out to dinner beforehand, then drove out to Reston and ran around, took compromising pictures, made wished on a penny and threw it into the waterfountain backwards. Laughed at little punk kids skateboarding up and down the sidewalk almost envious of them wishing we could turn back time and relive it all again. Then we went to starbucks and all got the same drink and we did our senior wills to each other outside. I remember us all looking so depressed and sad wishing the night wasn't over fighting back tears with every word of wisdom that came out of either of our mouths... willing great college experiences to each other left and right when really all we wanted to do was just rewind. As we drove back to get our cars that we left in the parking lot of the restaurant we ate at earlier that day, I remember all of us just standing in the parking lot not wanting to get into our cars and drive away because we knew that if we drove away we wouldn't come back for awhile. And for some of us, not at all. I remember everyone just looking at each other teary eyed like so... what are we going to do now? And we just stood in a parking lot fighting back tears and finally decided that it isn't over... it's just a new beginning and with that we all got into our cars and I think we all just cried the whole way home.

I'm so glad I get to see them again soon. Everyone seems to be moving on to bigger better things but more importantly, I'm just glad that everyone is happy. I'm glad that people are happy with their school choices and just their station in life at the moment. I'm ready to be reunited again and I'm more than ready to push rewind and pause.
And the next thing you know, he could be hopping on a plane and flying out of the country for a good 5 months... I'd like to send a big shout out to my friend Life... thanks man, thanks for EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

MarbarO25: HAHAHAa aww i love you mary
Auto response from Surf N Waves 04: This is beautiful via Eva & Marlo:
I love Jewish people! This is dedicated to my premier Jew-Unit, Nina Cohen and the other half of my Jew-Crew Marlo Cohen... I, myself am not Jewish, but that is okay I still love my Jewish friends.
MarbarO25: :-D
MarbarO25: you rock
MarbarO25: i rocked the everyone loves a jewish girl shirt today
Song of the Day: Tiny Vessels by Death Cab for Cutie

Thoughts: This is good for Ben Gibbard, finally a song where he doesn't get screwed, but sucky for the girl.

This is the moment that you know
That you told you loved her but you don't.
You touch her skin and then you think
That she is beautiful but she don't mean a thing to me.
Yeah, she is beautiful but she don't mean a thing to me.

I spent two weeks in Silverlake
The California sun cascading down my face
There was a girl with light brown streaks
And she was beautiful but she didn't mean a thing to me.
Yeah she was beautiful but she didn't mean a thing to me.

Wanted to believe in all the words that i was speaking
As we moved together in the dark
And all the friends that i was telling
And all the playful misspellings
And every bite i gave you left a mark

Tiny vessels oozed into your neck
And formed the bruises
That you said you didn't want to fade
But they did and so did i that day

All i see are dark grey clouds
In the distance moving closer with every hour
So when you ask "was something wrong?"
That i think "you're damn right there is but we can't talk about it now.
No, we can't talk about it now."

So one last touch and then you'll go
And we'll pretend that it meant something so much more
But it was vile, and it was cheap
And you are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me
Yeah you are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me

Anti-depressants anyone? - I vote yes, please.

Hopefully I'll feel like this again in Belmont Bay. [Picture taken on Father's Day last year in Crisfield] Posted by Hello

Monday, December 06, 2004

My parents recently bought a condo in Belmont Bay (Belmont Bay Harbor) so I suppose this shall be my second home during the warmer months of the year. It's not too far away from where I live currently. It's about an hour away, or 20 minutes south of DC which gives the location great dynamics already. I think I'll ask my parents if they'll let me live there in the summer, not that I wouldn't want to live at home, it's just nice to be away from Ashburn, although I don't know if this will be much better. I'll be independent however which is a good feeling. I would come home on weekends and such, but I would LOVE to spend a whole summer in Belmont Bay. I was thrilled when they told me about this condo, maybe one day I'll buy it from them, who knows. I was looking at some of the floor plans online and I really liked them. Also, I really love the location -- 20 minutes away from DC, but not in the heart of the city. It's kind of ideal. If I wanted to venture into the city sometime during the week, I could go to concerts, maybe even a charity benefit, see if I could volunteer at the hospital and whenever the city beat gets to be too much to handle I could retreat to Belmont Bay where I will be surrounded by childhood memories of Crisfield, MD. [My dad used to take me out to Crisfield when I was a little kid and we would spend our whole day there, maybe rent a boat and take it for a spin, make friends with local fishermen, get some ice cream, eat some seafood... it was good times] It would be nice to be surrounded by boats and hospitality again. I think the city has a way of making people hard, and I loved how everytime I went to Crisfield, everyone would welcome you with open arms like they had known you your whole life. I miss that. I also miss being near the water... it's so calming and it would be so amazing just to stop out on the deck every night and just sit and stare. I know it sounds corny, but I think that it would be such a good sanctuary. And maybe, I can learn how to operate a boat.... who knows. Here's to a new beginning