Sunday, October 31, 2004

Great times.... check!  Posted by Hello

Dixie having fun with her Jello Shooter Posted by Hello

Badasses... Posted by Hello

Drew testing my mobstering ability.... check out my big guns. Posted by Hello

Our mobster friends... mobstering like champs. Posted by Hello

Sarah and Mary being scary mobster people... ha ha if you look closely I still have my slippers  Posted by Hello

Emo Matty went as a Collar Popper Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Sixties.

Which Decade Are You?
brought to you by
Conversation of the Day:

diy0ungNsavurslf: i hate you
Surf N Waves 04: why
diy0ungNsavurslf: b/c i'm listening to bright eyes and it's actually pretty good
Surf N Waves 04: I FUCKING ROCK
Surf N Waves 04: admit it
diy0ungNsavurslf: mary...
diy0ungNsavurslf: YOU FUCKING ROCK
Surf N Waves 04: i have one of the cd's if you want it
Surf N Waves 04: what song are you listening to
diy0ungNsavurslf: love i don't have to love
diy0ungNsavurslf: i love the lyrics
Surf N Waves 04: i know
Surf N Waves 04: i want a lover i don't have to love i want a girl who's to sad to give a fuck
diy0ungNsavurslf: but life's no storybook. love's an excuse to get hurt, and to hurt, do you like to hurt?
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha good asss song
Surf N Waves 04: see i told you i fucking rock
Surf N Waves 04: you should have just believed me in the beginning
diy0ungNsavurslf: but it's you
diy0ungNsavurslf: why whould i believe you?
Surf N Waves 04: because i am clearly not drew rogers
diy0ungNsavurslf: that is true

See the effect that I have on people?! It's amazing... ;)
Okay... I feel the need to update my top 5's so here goes... High Fidelity John Cusack style.

Top 5 Movies:
1. Donnie Darko
2. Garden State
3. Igby Goes Down
4. SLC Punk
5. High Fidelity

Top 5 Songs (highly subject to change):
1. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Me and Mia
2. Tyler Hilton - Pink and Black
3. Saves the Day - Firefly
4. Coldplay - Don't Panic
5. Postal Service - Such Great Heights

Top 5 CD's in Rotation (at the moment):
1. Garden State Soundtrack (yeah, I know cliche cliche ... but if I were going to make a mixed CD, this is what would be on it)
2. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Shake the Sheets
3. Mixed CD of my favorite Postal Service/Death Cab Songs
4. Tyler Hilton - The Tracks Of...
5. A Thorn for Every Heart - Things Aren't So Beautiful Now

Top 5 things I like about Virignia Tech:
1. Hokie Football!
2. The Lyric
3. Johnson Street Cafe (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called- it's really good)
4. My english class (I know, I know... I am a loser)
5. My roomate

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My away message today: Okay, here's the deal, we're not going out, I am not your wife, we are not spooning, no PDA, this is purely physical and there will be no talking.

Mike L's response: dude, that is the coolest away message EVER!!!

I win!

Detour?! Rt. 11 sucked, but it was a lot better than 81 not gonna lie. Oh yeah, I was also the only girl in the car... outnumbered 3 to one. I have never endured so many hours of boys singing so off key to really emo songs before in my life. But you know what they say... only the strong survive...  Posted by Hello

Why wait in traffic when you can drive around it illegally? Emo Matt is so smart. What a rebel... living on the edge of danger in an Audi. It's fierce!  Posted by Hello

Well at least someone was happy on the ride home...  Posted by Hello

Horray for traffic! It's fun going 15 miles in 2 hours back up 81-N. There was a huge accident on 81-S that closed both lanes and because the huge truck had crossed the median and exploded, they had to close one of the lanes going North... that would be us. Traffic was backed up for 10 miles.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This was me the whole time. That's the fuckass flicking off the camera... yeah, I really took one for the tream and sat next to him. Matt and Dwoo, you owe me.  Posted by Hello

On our way back to Northern Virginia we saw this sign in Southern Virginia that reads "Pay your Bills..." Yeah. Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

Sad and really disturbing fact of the day:

- Out of the 2.6 million reports of child maltreatment in 2002, only 896,000 of those reports became substantiated cases of maltreatment... meaning that over half of those children being abused were put back into the homes that they were originally were trying to get away from. And out of the 896,000, 14,000 died of child abuse. Child abuse which included but is not limited to drowning, suffocating, malnourishment etc.

Makes the things that I complain about seem so trivial. Think about it, we complain about so much and never do we stop to count our blessings. I mean imagine if you called for help and the people that were suppose to "help" you sent you back to an abusive home where you were mentally or sexually abused and you'd have to suffer through that knowing that no one could help you. It's tragic. Even though I had an extremely sheltered childhood... (I was raised by a nanny) I think for the most part I was pretty happy. I had everything that I would ever need and more and even though my parents wern't always around, I knew that they loved me and still do. And it's just sad to see all these cases of neglected children being neglected by the officials that are suppose to help them...

This is the world we live in...

Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Facebook... linking college students across the nation!

It's pretty cool, and I'm sure you've all heard of it by now... so here's a link to my facebook page!

Facebook me!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

I want a damn Flu Shot.

Last year I skipped my flu shot because up until that point, my immune system had been doing an amazingly kick ass job where I would never get a cold. EVER. It was THAT good. So I waited around, my parents got their flu shot and asked if I wanted to get mine and I graciously declined and the next day... guess who gets the frikin flu. Yep... yours truly. I mean, it was expected right? Stupidity usually ends up in consequences. Anyway, long story short, I ended up being sick for three weeks... and the crappy kind of sick where I can't move or function, but since it was midterms I had to stay up and study.... so basically it just sucked. Well, in recent news... there has been a shortage in flu vaccinations. GREAT. I came home this weekend hoping I could get one from my doctor here who just happens to be my Godfather... (so of course I knew I was guaranteed one because I have connections like that.... ha ha) anyway, he too says he is on the "waiting list" for flu vacinations and they're suppose to come in two weeks... but he doubts it. GREAT. Hopefully, this won't be a repeat of last year. I really dislike being sick.

Above, is a link to the article that CNN had about Flu vacination shortages...

In other news... today I decided that I liked the name "Jevic" - I am weird, I know.
Yea-yuh! I'm back at home!

It's so relaxing and really hectic all at the same time. It's good to be with family again (this is the first time I've been home since I left in August for Tech) and what I've realized is that I've taken my room for granted. I love it... it's more than an 11 x 15 foot space (the size of my dorm room). I have all this space now and I don't know what to do with it. Don't get me wrong I love my dorm, I think everything worked out really well all thanks to Sarah but the space is REALLY nice. I miss everyone. I got a chance to talk and hang out with a lot of people today. I'm sure the parental units are kind of sad that I'm home but not really home... if that makes any sense. It's kind of hard to balance friends and family especially only if you have a weekend to do it. Keirn flew in from New Orleans today and Meghan Unc is already back as well as Rachel and Mike and the people I rode back with...

Oh man that car ride was definately ridiculous. Drew Landsburg.... called shotgun leaving me in the back of Emo Matty's car with Rogers.... yeah, thanks life. Needless to say, I TOOK ONE FOR THE TEAM AND YOU KNOW IT. Ha ha... I felt so outnumbered! 2 guys, a girl and a fuckass. Great. 3:1 ratio.... what is that crap? I was definately feeling the lack of estrogen... It was a fun ride though, I liked how the boys sang along off key and in the spirit of Sarah, Matty did his lispy thing and we got it all on video thanks to Matty's awesome double threat camera. We also got to sit in traffic for 2 hours where we only progressed 15 frikin miles because a truck had exploded and fallen on route 81 closing 3 fucking lanes. It was absolutely insane. Both lanes were closed on 81 South... traffic was backed up for 10 miles and the left lane was closed on 81 North because the truck had gone across the median and as we drove by we saw a car that was scorched (hopefully nobody was hurt) and the truck's cargo looked like it had caught fire, but the front of the truck which had fallen across the median looked fine. Okay so maybe it wasn't a truck it was more of a gazillion wheeler type deal. So other than traffic, the trip was really good. I love these guys they're so much fun! Yes, I just admitted that. Matt's going to get the pictures from this trip on his computer soon so I'll blog them because he's too lazy to.

Anyway when I got back I ended up going to Anthony and Gloria's for dinner. It was a lot of fun, I felt so at home. Matty was right, the Berini's are the shit. I love them. Ant has some pretty awesome parents and his mom is a kick ass chef. The food was so good and the conversation that we had at the dinner table was so funny. I love these people! I LOVE THEM! :)

Then, I went to Best Buy afterwards before it closed hoping that they'd have the CD I was looking for since CD Cellar and the Record Exchange in Blacksburg did not... and guess what fucking corporate Best Buy doesn't have it either. Great! I guess I'll purchase it online which is what I should have done weeks ago to begin with.

Tomorrow should be a fun day. I have tons of family coming over all day so that is exciting. I was also planning on going to the Homecoming parade with Rachel and Meghan and going to the HC game as well. Then, I was hoping to fit a little shopping in. I need some clothes. Today I went to Wal-Mart and finally bought my anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. I am weird with stuff like that. I really am. I just can't live in a dorm without it... yeah I know it's sad. You really don't have to be my friend if you don't want to.

ALSO, I Heart Huckabees came out today so that is something to look forward to! I guess I'll end this now because it's kind of long and I should probably go be productive and catch up with some people.

Friday, October 22, 2004

This just in...

Vodka may very well be a good substitute for love.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tommy Lee goes back to school... Via CNN.

dubbya . tee. effff?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Via Eva

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold/underline the things that are true about you.
3. Whatever you don't bold/underline is false.

01. I miss somebody right now
02. I don't watch much TV these days
03. I love olives
04. I love sleeping
05. I own lots of books
06. I wear glasses or contact lenses
07. I love to play video games

8-10 got lost. As well as some random ones

11. I have been the psycho-ex in a past relationship
12. I believe honesty is usually the best policy
14. I like and respect Al Sharpton
15. I curse frequently
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
17. I have a hobby
19. I carry my knife/razor everywhere with me ..
20. I'm really, really smart Or so I thought
21. I've never broken someone's bones
22. I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal
23. I hate the rain
24. I'm paranoid at times
25. I would get plastic surgery
26. I need money right now
27. I love Sushi
28. I talk really, really fast
29. I have fresh breath in the morning
30. I have semi-long hair
31. I have lost money in Las Vegas
32. I have at least one brother and/or one sister
33. I was born in a country outside of the U.S.
34. I shave my legs (females) or face (males) on a regular basis
35. I have a twin
36. I have worn fake hair/nails/eyelashes in the past
37. I couldn't survive without Caller I.D.
38. I kinda like the way that I look
39. I have lied to a good friend in the last 6 months
40. I know how to do cornrows
41. I am usually pessimistic
42. I have mood swings
43. I think prostitution should be legalized
44. I think Britney Spears is pretty and not as bad as everyone makes her out to be
45. I have cheated on a significant other in the past
46. I have a hidden talent
47. I'm always hyper no matter how much sugar I have
49. I am always single
50. I have kissed someone of the same sex
51. I enjoy talking on the phone
52. I practically live in sweatpants or PJ pants
53. I love to shop
54. I would rather shop than eat
55. I would classify myself as ghetto.
56. I'm bourgie and have worn a sweater tied around my shoulders
57. I'm obsessed with my Livejournal
58. I don't hate anyone
59. I'm a pretty good dancer.
60. I don't think Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington
61. I'm completely embarrassed to be seen with my mother
62. I have a cell phone
63. I have one degree of separation from at least one celebrity
64. I watch MTV on a daily basis
65. I have passed out drunk in the past 6 months
66. I love to watch drama
67. I have never been in a real relationship before (at least I don't classify it as "real")
68. I've rejected someone before
69. I currently have a crush on someone
70. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life
71. I want to have children in the future
72. I have changed a diaper before
73. I've called the cops on a friend before
74. I bite my nails
75. I am a member of the Tom Green fan club
76. I'm not allergic to anything
77. I have a lot to learn
78. I have dated someone at least 10 years older or younger.
79. I plan on seeing Ice Cube's newest "Friday" movie
80. I am very shy around the opposite sex sometimes
81. I'm online 24/7
82. I have at least 5 away messages saved
83. I have tried alcohol and/or drugs before
84. I have made a move on a friend's significant other in the past
85. I own the "South Park" movie
86. I have avoided assignments at work or school to be on Blogger
87. When I was a kid I played "the birds and the bees" with a neighbor or chum
88. I enjoy country music.
89. I would die for my best friends
90. I think that Pizza Hut has the best pizza
91. I watch soap operas whenever I can
92. I'm obsessive, anal retentive, and often a perfectionist
94. I love Michael Jackson, scandals and all
95. I know all the words to Slick Rick's "Children's Story"
96. Halloween is awesome because you get free candy
97. I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it
98. I have dated a close friend's ex
99. I'm happy as of this moment
100. I feel Lonely

Andy Warhol... I am such a fan of his work. I believe this particular piece is housed in the Tate Modern. Another reason to jump on the London bandwagon. Posted by Hello

London's own Tate Modern... museum of modern art. I can't say I am a big fan of modern art, however the work that I've seen thus far housed in the Tate Modern makes me willing to compromise... The building itself looks like a work of art... London calls. Posted by Hello
Okay first off... all guys are Sluts and secondly... check this shit out, it's kind of interesting.

MetroNaps?! Welcome to the new millennium....


Oh and uh random band alert via Emo Matt and I: A Thorn For Every Heart...

- So... check them out right hurrrr ~>
My mom gave me her blessing to go to London yesterday when I was on the phone with her. :) I had brought it up before, but I don't think she actually considered it until yesterday when she told me that it was something that I had to experience and that I should do it as soon as possible. Because I am a Hokie... I am reluctant to go over Fall Semester because I don't want to miss our awesome football season with the return of Mr. Vick and all that jazz, however that is not the only reason. I really want to spend Christmas and New Years in the States so Spring semester in London it is then right?

Leave thoughts. Anybody else heading to Europe as well?

Monday, October 18, 2004

The Call of New York, New York...

The city is limitless... even in what is generally viewed as ugly or unwanted... comes unfettered ART.

Check out this Street art! Click the link below...

Street art

A tree fell on a woman at the Florida A&M Game and instead of being a concerned citizen... Drew decided he wanted to be an asshole so he went up to her while she was still suck under the tree and took a picture... here are the results... Tree in background, woman under tree.  Posted by Hello

October 29, 2004... You're invited! If you need more information, give me a call or send me an IM and I'll fill you in. Round 2... Posted by Hello
You may find the link below amusing if you're anti-Kerry....
(I'm not taking sides here... just playing devil's advocate)

And for all of those anti-Bush people... uh here's the Kerry/Edwards blog...

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Aha ha ha ha... this is the saddest picture ever.  Posted by Hello

Heeeeeyyyyy Ma!  Posted by Hello

Drew sucks at life... he likes to fall in front of large groups of people... He is sober too. Posted by Hello

What can I say? My Friends enjoy humping each other.  Posted by Hello

Mike visiting from Liberty... "Man I hate Liberty, they feed me jesus pills for dinner"  Posted by Hello

Trying to skateboard, drink coffee, and hold a conversation all at the same time... I like to think of myself as a renaissance woman.... ha ha right. Posted by Hello
To pop or not to pop the trendy Lacoste Pink Polo?
.... that is the question.

Today we salute you, Mr. Constant collar putter upper. You, bedecked in popped collar, teach us that we no longer have to live with a cold, back of the neck. Sure, your pink alligator polo may look feminine to some, but not to the 17 other frat guys wearing the same thing at the bar. Where others may see thoughtless fashion conformity, you preach a higher gospel. You preach of a world where its okay for a man to go tanning. You ask "why can't we wear make-up, and use shampoo with lavender essecence?" So crack open an ice-cold bud light, Mr. Abercrombie (or is it Fitch?), because we all know, when we really need a piece of gum, you might have your man purse.

Links you may enjoy:


"I saw a kid with 3 polo's on... and all of them were popped! And all 3 of them were different brands..." ~ Robbie

"Matt, in order to get girls... you have to wear 2 polos... one light pink and the other one... dark pink or 'rose' and you must pop both of them. Only the alligator (Lacoste) or the horse (Polo) are permitted... any other brand makes you look like a poor wanna be collar popper... if you're gonna pop, pop correctly..." ~ Me on the way to West End [joking of course]

Saturday, October 16, 2004

I went to The Lyric here last night to see Garden State and all I have to say is that it was a phenomenal experience. Not only was this movie theatre amazing and almost classical, the movie was just aesthetically pleasing. The humor was extremely refreshing and the storyline was overall pretty original... the ending however was a bit cliche, but hey, it was good enough for me. I really like these Sundance Festival winner movies. They are so much better than half the crap we see in our theatres today. The storylines are so much better, I'm sick of seeing action heroes and I've had enough of the scary movies as well and it's such a sigh of relief to see movies such as Donnie Darko or Garden State that push the boundaries. Overall, I think Zach Braff did a wonderful job. Who knew some guy on Scrubs could produce something so artistic? He always seemed like your class clown type of guy... I mean there were points in this movie that were flawed, but for Zach Braff's first independant movie I think it was very well done. I certainly enjoyed it. Go see it if you get a chance to, and let me know what you think.

- Links to check out -

PS: I bought the Garden State Soundtrack and it is really really good... I suggest you listen to it, but what strikes me about the soundtrack is that I've been listening to this music for the past 4 years.... and everyone is praising it. It's been around for a long time.

Phenomenal Movie... it makes my Top 5.  Posted by Hello

Friday, October 15, 2004

And everything went up in smoke like wildflowers...

Tonight has not been a good night, actually, every night this week has not been a "good" night. Once the weekend was over, my lucky streak was gone. It's sad that the only thing I have to keep me going is the weekend. It feels like all I'm doing is living for weekends. I have nothing to look forward to on Monday but the end of the week. It's so pathetic. Hopefully this changes eventually. I don't know how many more weeks like this I can take. Well when you've hit an all time low, there's nowhere to go but up right?

When will it get better?

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Via Collegiate Times and Tim Mulherin.

4:30 p.m.
"I enter the belly of the beast. My spidey senses are going crazy, and I passed a big sign saying "Welcome to UVA." I see a guy ride a bike past my car wearing khakis, a blue button-up shirt, a bow tie and a bicycle helmet with a rearview mirror attached. I remind myself to stay vigilant on my trip and not be fooled by teh people at UVa and their superior mental capicity. I don't want to fall victim to their "fancy talk."

4:35 p.m.
I am driving towards my buddy's house. I end up driving down several roads and all were named Rugby: Rugby ROad, Rugby Ave., etc - diabolical. Oh, I see the mind games have started, UVa. I go down Rugby Road. It is the correct Rugby; I am so smart. I also noticed something strange, but not shocking, in my first five minutes driving through C-ville: all the UVa stereotypes about dressing were absolutely correct. There were ties and popped collars as far as the eye could see. But more disturbing was the fact that the guys looked like the biggest tools in the world. I mean, guys that were on your high school's math competition team. They all were rail-thin characters with pale skin and facial hair befitting a prepubescent schoolboy. Their dress was quite benefitting their perceived character - white and blue striped pants and a horrendous orange/blue shirt/tie combination that would make Liberace say, "That's tacky as hell."

7:45 p.m.
The Hill is a terrible place in what is a surprisingly nice stadum. On the Hill, all youc an do is stand, which is fine by me. But you have to stand on an extreme incline. Your toes cram against the front of your shoes - think of bamboo shoots going into your toes. It was hilarious, however. Drunk UVa'ers kept slipping on precariously placed programs causing them to slide down the hill, taking out Cavaliers left and right. I have a slight grin' they think they are SO smart but gravity always wins.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Thoughts via... Michael L.:

This is Mike. In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of people dying right now in response to a lot of people dying. It doesn't really make sense that the fact that people died on September 11 is being used to justify more people dying somewhere else. It's as if we need people dying for a "good" reason to counteract the number of people dying for no good reason. Frankly, being dead as a result of the actions of other humans is stupid no matter what the reason, so let's start looking for terms other than "war" to use when searching for a way to stop terrorism. Wars kill people, and the purpose of this "war on terror" is to eventually kill all the people who want to kill people. Frankly, there doesn't seem to be a lot of hope for those of us who want everyone to live instead of kill or be killed, and that will remain the case unless our country realizes that maybe the world isn't filled with evil people, but simply people who don't understand each other to varying degrees.


It's something to think about...

In other news... I am a fucking nerd. No joke. Okay so the other day I realized I haven't been doing too well in Biology after two tests. Biology isn't necessarily my major however, it is a big part of my major... naturally... Pre-Med/Psychology/Sciences and so on. Anyway, I didn't know what to do to get my grades up. I mean in every other class, all I've done to study for quizzes in tests is read in the book, read over notes, quiz myself, read end of chapter summaries etc... and still in Bio none of that worked. So I decided I had to find a way to retain this information that I was reading. Psychology and Sociology come naturally to me, it's really weird. I don't ever study for those classes and ace things no problem. But in Bio, I'll read and go the whole nine yards and the results were not what I had hoped for. So I pinpointed the problem which was information storage. I usually don't have 3 tests in the same day so I figure overload is not a problem. So instead, I performed a psychological problem on myself.... it wasn't very scientific but I think it worked. My hypothesis is if I listened to a different CD every time I read a certain chapter in my Biology book, when I thought of that CD or the songs on it during the test, I'd remember information that I learned in the chapter. Part two of my hypothesis was that I needed to be focused on these two things. Usually when I study, no matter where I am there's noise, because naturally there will be people moving about and what have you so in order to elimate this problem, I listened to music on a set of headphones as I read so that the only thing I could hear was the music without other outside influences. And yesterday I took my test and it covered 3 chapters in my Biology book and if you guys are familiar with Biology you know there are lots of little details that you have to remember about everything and a lot of these chapters were really long... So anyway as I'm taking my test I am going through the songs on certain CD's in my head and I was able to think of the information from that chapter. I think I did well... I haven't gotten my grades back yet, however, I'm thinking this experiment worked... On the other hand, I could totally be wrong. But I personally think it helped.

Yeah... I'm a loser.
I miss my camera. I'm upset that I forgot to pack it with me when I came down here. I guess that's my fault for not packing until the night before I had to leave for Tech. The last roll of film in my camera was black & white. I'd like to finish off the roll. I don't even remember what is on there. It's not a digital camera either. I have that with me, and it's giving me troubles, but I really miss my other camera. The one with the focus lens. It kills me. There's lots of good architechture here that I'd like to be able to document. I think they pyramids that we have here would look phenomenal in black & white. And there's a red door downtown that I am dying to get a picture of. DYING. I go home October 22! I WILL bring this camera back to school with me. If I don't, somebody please promise to kick me. I bet the Drillfield snowball fight will be phenomenal in black and white as well... I am going through photography withdrawl. My creative outlet is definately not in the field of paintings... because I've tried and it has backfired. I hate all my paintings. I'm going to have a bon fire one day for all of this trash that I've produced. You all are welcome to come. I miss capturing a moment a la Kodak. I miss the flash of the light and the click that my camera makes when I have seized a brief fragment of perfection.

I need it back.
Darling, all of these awkwardjumpstartstalling conversations mean much more to me than anything.
It comes down to me and you
and whether we're supposed to or not, we still will.
We're so much better off than them.

Daniele is so talented! I absolutely love this painting. Abstract Expressionism - I've tried it, and haven't even come close. I want this in my house! Posted by Hello