Monday, November 29, 2004

In an attempt to not do work (a successful attempt, I must add)... I'm blogging because I cannot stand looking at numbers or reading my life away into oblivion anymore. No, I will not have it.

So anyway, I always feel bad for you guys because everytime I have a "don't feel like doing work" blog entry... it always sucks real bad. So I am sorry in advanced. I'll make you cookies or something. And with that, my ramble commences! (Get excited!)

The day I realized that my life had hit an all time low demonstrated through conversation with Colin over Thanksgiving break...

Colin: Hey, remember that one weekend where Jason's life hit an all time low?
Me: of course!
Colin: yeah that really sucked, he wrecked his car, then went out the next night to drink away the pain... only to have the party broken up by the state police and brought home to his parents by his friends who were too stupid to take him to the basement with the key he had in his pocket. Seriously, who rings the door bell at 3 am... who do you think is going to open the door?!
Me: yeah that really sucks... I think I've got him beat though.
Colin: oh yeah? Let's hear it
Me: my life hit an all time low when Cheny King told me she had a boyfriend... yeah that pretty much did it for me. I don't think I left my house for a week, I was just far too depressed.
Colin: Cheny King had a boyfriend?
Me: she still does... yeah and if my life were to be graphed right now, there'd be a tear stained graph with a red horizontal line coasting at zero... at least before I heard the news my red line was at 1.
Colin: she still has a boyfriend? Way to go, I didn't know that... now MY life has hit an all time low... I thought it was bad before but DAY-UM. This takes the cake... thanks a whole frikin lot.
Me: hey you didn't have to bring up all time lows in people's lives.

* Sadly, this conversation did exist. It took place in Ashburn at about 12 am... and yes, it is true... Cheny King has outdone us all. I bet she's basking in the glory of her future husband making wedding cards that say TOUCHE BITCHES!

Life: 1
Mary: 0

okay back to work... FOR REAL this time.

PS: I'm listening to Death Cab for Cutie's Tiny Vessels right now... it's kind of sad, but if you want to have a listen, let me know and I'll send it to you.

The Metro through the eyes and camera of Mike L. He is not one to disappoint and just FYI Mike, this is by far one of my favorites... These wouldn't happen to be the escalators of the Tenleytown stop on the Red Line would they? I remember them being insanely steep...
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Why can't I concentrate?!

This just in...

Today has been a not so good day.

- My alarm went off at an ungodly hour this morning... because I am taking a class at an ungodly hour in the morning.
- Yes, I fell out of my loft
- I had Lipscomb class... enough said.
- I realized that my English FINAL is tomorrow. Yeah, for some reason we're taking it early... and my 10 page paper in this class is due sometime next week.
- I still have to do my library walk through which is just code for "waste of time"
- I need to write my paper proposal
- I have a test at the Math Emporium tomorrow
- I'm tired, but that's my fault so I can't complain
- It's cold
- I have a quiz at the Empo on Wednesday after my Test tomorrow... YESSSS! 2 in a row!

On the upside...
- Today was my last day of Psyc Rec and I got an A+ in it which is pretty sweet
- If I'm taking my English final tomorrow, that means I don't have to take it during the scheduled time which was originally 7:45 am on a Monday... so I gues sin the long run this is good
- After I take my tests tomorrow, I can hang out with Eva who is visiting and we're going to see Jack's House and VaCo play :)
- I stayed up late last night listening to Pat's Radio show down at Wake where he played Bright Eyes and dedicated it to me :) more specifically the song, "Method Acting" then I dedicated Via Chicago by Wilco to him and all was good. Reciprocity... no?! ha ha yeah so um I need to lay off the psychology refrences before you guys decide you no longer wish to be my friend. He also played really good music from 12am - 1am and it was nice because I stayed up doing work so I had something to remind me that life doesn't totally suck.
- I played the "I bet I'm lamer than you game" with Paul and I think I won. Sweet sweet victory, how I love thee. I also got cool Ben Folds music... yay!
- I listened to Do Miss America and laughed.

Gahhhh I wanna go home.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Do not be fooled by this chapstick despite the fact that it does work wonders. I have it and put it on and I looked like I had just made out with a fake snowman... in other words, it left my lips real white.  Posted by Hello

Dear DC Skyline, I miss you so Posted by Hello
My Friggin Cool Moment of the Day
(That's right, I had a cool moment of the day... is my life taking a turn for the better? Probably not, but regardless of where my life is headed... this made me pretty damn happy)

This morning Sarah and I went downtown to grab some brunch since all the dining halls are closed here on campus and since we were in the downtown area anyway we did a bit of shopping. Anyway on the way back to campus, I heard that the Lyric was playing I Heart Huckabees soon and I've been wanting to see that movie since it came out but never got around to it and I checked to see when it was playing online last night but it didn't say so I asked if we could walk by the Lyric and just get back to campus that way and she agreed. So as we're walking back to campus we walk by Crossroads and she was looking for some Christmas music and I was looking for a CD that I had been trying to find all week over break but none of the stores in Northern Virginia had it so we walk into Crossroads to try to find our CDs... So, I'm looking through all the CDs and it's not there... go figure! Yay obscure music! Anyway, one of the guys at Crossroads was restocking some CDs by me and asked if I needed help and at first I said no, and I went on looking at other CDs but then I changed my mind and asked him if they had The Rocket Summer hoping it would be in their "obscure CD collection that you have to ask about section" and then he got really excited and was like are you serious? I used to be in that band! (Talk about a small world - who knew?!) At first I thought he was lying, but then he was like, "nobody ever asks about the Rocket Summer, they're not very well known, I'm so surprised! I'm from Texas and Bryce and I are really good friends" and then he continued to be excited and told one of his co-workers that I asked about his former band. Then, he finally got around to telling me that they didn't have the CD in the store but that he could personally get me a copy. Then, he went on about how we should campaign to get Bryce to come play here since he doesn't really tour the areay and then he aslo told me that Bryce is a "really nice guy and that I'd like him" and who could say no to that?! So he got my phone number and said he would call me when the CD came in... So, in conclusion, I must say that my day was pretty damn kick ass because I'm getting the CD i've wanted all summer and I don't have to order it online and have it get lost in the infinite abyss known as the Virginia Tech mail room... I now have a new love for Crossroads!

PS: Sarah wants to have this guy's babies and she told me I should have given him our room number so that she could maybe pick up the phone and talk to him and then we remembered a little thing called class and decided he may call during class which presents a problem becuase not only would we be unable to pick up the phone... we sadly STILL don't know how to check the messages on our answering machine and we know we have messages becuase the light keeps blinking... we've tried asking our RA and other girls that live on our hall because they know how to use their phone but they have tried and no one knows how to... and so with that, I'd like to send a card to my life that says "GG."
evajayne 03: even though we are a preppy ass school, i love how the boys look in it:-)
Surf N Waves 04: yeah i wanted to rape them

At least U.Va. and Tech girls can agree on one thing . . . ;-)

And the feud is now dead... I miss Eva so so much! She's a junior this year at UVA and one of the most genuine people I've ever known (too bad she goes to UVA... ha ha). Anyway she's coming to Tech on Tuesday for the Jack's House and Virginia Coalition concert since she knows the guys in the bands... and of course because of her need for a little bit of Mary in her life... jk. It should be fun! You guys should come out to the shows too because it's going to be a blast. Even if you haven't heard of the bands or know their music, come out anyway, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

I need to give blood... I feel like saving some lives today Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 27, 2004

24-10! Go Hokies!

Read all about it here:

Here's what Robbie had to say:

FLYINkilrsquirl: i love mary
FLYINkilrsquirl: i love lamp
Surf N Waves 04: i love robbie!
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha how are you
FLYINkilrsquirl: im doing alright
FLYINkilrsquirl: trying to PTFO of my house
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha ha
Surf N Waves 04: we won today!
FLYINkilrsquirl: i was rooting for tech the whole time
FLYINkilrsquirl: me taylor and kyle were the only ones
Surf N Waves 04: well i heart you taylor and kyle!
Surf N Waves 04: i stormed the field at the end
FLYINkilrsquirl: everyone did
FLYINkilrsquirl: i watched for you but did not see

His Nina goes to UVA... and he was STILL rooting for tech! That's friendship!

I like the sound of that Posted by Hello

Bryan Randall and Wali Lundy demonstrate GOOD sportmanship... via Posted by Hello
evajayne 03: *ahem*
Auto response from Surf N Waves 04: Save a collar, pop a Wahoo!
Let's get em Hokies!

evajayne 03: GO HOOS!!!!!
evajayne 03: that is all :-)
evajayne 03: oh wait...last year my friend's cousin came for the tech/uva game
evajayne 03: she went to tech and got wasted and chucked her entire rum and coke on this uva guy's leather jacket
evajayne 03: so i have to give hokie fans some credit. that was the most ballsy thing i've ever seen

See, even UVA thinks that our fans are awesome! And speaking of ballsy things... I saw a bunch of UVA students with their oxfords and ties in OUR student section... which is just a bad idea. Needless to say all of them got booed and some even had bottles among other things chucked at them. The worst thing I saw was one UVA guy with a foam finger walking up the stairs in the stands and a group of tech guy took his foam finger and tore it and threw the pieces at him. Now I know Tech fans love their football and that there is bad blood between UVA and Tech... but at least attempt to show some good sportsmanship. I think that UVA students have a higher tolerance for Tech students visiting their school than Tech students with UVA visitors... but I guess that's just how it works.

Friday, November 26, 2004

It's scary how true these things are...
And I've decided...

...that I want to take some sort of dance class this summer... and not just any dance class either. I think I may try ballroom dancing or maybe a salsa or tango class? Ha ha... I know it sounds crazy, but it seems like it would be so much fun and it would keep me occupied during the summer and give me something to be semi-excited about? - It's a thought...

What do you guys think?
I would like to thank the piano player guy in Nordstrom today for being SO damn beautiful...
Dear Mike L,
Please update your blog for the masses!

A typical conversation with Matt...

e n u M 3 r i x: why cant EVERYONE be a slut
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha because some people have morals
e n u M 3 r i x: fuck you
e n u M 3 r i x: i got morals too
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha
e n u M 3 r i x: i just am horny
e n u M 3 r i x: and premarital sex is like a can of pringles
e n u M 3 r i x: once you pop
e n u M 3 r i x: you dont stop
Surf N Waves 04: wow that was a wonderful allusion
Surf N Waves 04: is there such thing as an ass bone?
Surf N Waves 04: i think i broke it
e n u M 3 r i x: HA
e n u M 3 r i x: you BROKE YOUR ASS
e n u M 3 r i x: I GOTTA PEE
Surf N Waves 04: ha ha
e n u M 3 r i x: AND IT WAS CLEAR
e n u M 3 r i x: woooo for alcohol

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Oh, don't worry, I am SO thankful for...

- You guys, my wonderful friends who are always there for me through all the laughter and maybe even some tears
- My amazing family who stands beside me no matter what
- Tech Football for providing hours of entertainment and an insane sense of community
- Frank Beamer ... need I say more?
- The people over at Wake Radio especially on Sunday nights for taking my requests and playing great songs for me while I'm up doing work into the early hours of Monday morning
- Washington DC for being home to a new discovery (music, architecture, historic, cusine) every time I go there
- Georgetown for never skipping a beat
- Patisserie Poupon for having the most authentic French food I've ever tasted in my life
- Nothern Virginia for that hands-on defensive driving course that I did not sign up for but was forced to take every time I would get on the beltway or some other major road
- The Lyric for being home to some of the best indie flicks
- Bollos in Blacksburg for not being some franchised coffee shop, but rather an incredibly cozy place where I can just sit and read for hours
- West End for giving me good food
- The girls of Lee Hall and the boys on the first floor for making this year so much fun
- Home, because it's where the heart is... and those words can't be more true
- London for giving me something to look forward to
- Reston Town Center for having that ice skating rink in the winter and the awesome fountain that I can stand in
- Wegmans for being the best frikin grocery store I've ever seen with some of the best food

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's falling all to pieces...

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces." ~ Bridget Jones's Diary

So true. But in other news, today has proven to be a great day to be topped off with an amazingly dreadful night full of realizations... in the epiphany cafe of my life which in turn makes my anticipation for England grow by the minute. Yes, I am sick of this and I could go on and on and bitch and moan, however I will spare you the details and start crossing off the days on my Calendar until Spring semester next year when I will be away from this.

The end.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My away message:

Why have I been listening to The Calendar Hung Itself by Bright Eyes on repeat for the past half hour?
Because it's awesome, that's why.

Carden's Response:

tigatiga88: because your soul is on repeat, being smashed and beaten by the stone cold waves of emotion off the coast of evermore

*He never passes up the chance to lunch does he?
diy0ungnsavurslf: conor oberst died in a plane wreck today

I think Drew was trying to make me cry...

Monday, November 22, 2004

I am painfully bored at home. I'm happy that Tech gave us a week off and all, but none of my friends are back yet so it doesn't really make a difference. Being home is good... I miss my family and just seeing everyone. We're doing Thanksgiving at my Grandparent's this year so that's exciting! My grandma used to be a french cook so I'm really looking forward to some unparalleled home cooking. As opposed to last year where my mom got Thanksgiving catered and it sucked. Well, it was good and all, but I was a little bitter... you're not allowed to get Thanksgiving catered. It's illegal.

I saw Chris Murray today on my way out from the mall. He jumped on my car and humped it. Thanks Chris! Ha ha... I miss this kid so much, he is definately one of a kind. I think out of all the people I went to High School with, he's the one that I'd be least likely to forget. Then he also asked me where I was heading and that "I shouldn't lie to him because he'd find out and get mad" ha ha ha... I love this kid. Anyway, like me, he's back for Thanksgiving break and really bored... but because we reside in Loudoun County, there is nothing to do. I also got a call from Colin the other day who is in California right now for his open house because he will be attending the LA Film School in December... anyway, the phone call went a little like this... "Hey Mary, I'm standing in the middle of fucking Hollywood right now and it's 70 degress, it's perfect!" I am really happy for Colin because he's so talented and I'm glad he can finally gets the chance to do what he's wanted to do since he was a little kid. I'm planning to visit him in California because he'll be living on SUNSET BLVD the last two weeks of my winter break... so that should be fun. I'm excited! :)

I'm a boring person... but you already knew that so here's my blog and um this is how I'm ending it... "Shittily"

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Saturday, November 20, 2004

And they ask us why we all keep chugging the UVA Hate-O-Rade...

This is why...

Friday, November 19, 2004

And we have this lovely Swanky view from the top... The room roatates every 45 minutes Posted by Hello

Sky Dome from a different angle... I miss it so much!  Posted by Hello

Excited about going to the Skydome at the Double Tree when I'm home in a few hours! :) Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The story of my default Marriage:

Surf N Waves 04: but i'll only have to work 6 months out of the year
Surf N Waves 04: and i'll still be making 6 figures
TheRedFlame2: i'll be making 7 as a ceo of a company doing no work
Surf N Waves 04: and um will you marry me so i can go shopping with your money?
TheRedFlame2: sure no problem
Surf N Waves 04: cool
Surf N Waves 04: defualt marriage!
TheRedFlame2: yup
Surf N Waves 04: that would be so funny
Surf N Waves 04: the wedding invitations would be great
Surf N Waves 04: "we couldn't find anyone else to marry so....."
Surf N Waves 04: open the card: we're marrying each other!
TheRedFlame2: that'd be hilarious

Would you guys come and join Jason and I in our default marriage ceremony?

Okay so if he's not my life partner... he is surely my travel buddy:

TheRedFlame2: i want to go to prague this summer
TheRedFlame2: come with me
Surf N Waves 04: to prague?
TheRedFlame2: beginning of the summer, 5 weeks

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Today is definately a Ted Leo & The Pharmacists kind of day...
(kind of morbid, yes, but it's just so good)

Song: Me & Mia
Album: Shake the Sheets!

As I was walking through a life one morning
The sun was out, the air was warm but ohh, I was cold,
And though I must have looked a half a person,
To tell their tale in my own version, It was only then that I felt whole.

Do you believe in something beautiful? Then, get up and be it!
Fighting for the smallest goal to get a little self control.
I know how hard you try. I see it in your eyes.
Call your friends, 'cause we've forgotten
What it's like to eat what's rotten, and what's eating you alive, might help you to survive.

We went on, as we were on a mission, latest in a grand tradition.
Ohh, what did we find? It was Viggo who was flying the banner,
Me and Mia, Ann and Ana, ohh, we'd been unkind.

Do you believe in something beautiful? Then, get up and be it!
Fighting for the smallest goal to get a little self control.
I see it in your eyes, I see it in your spine, but
Call your friends, 'cause we've forgotten
What it's like to eat what's rotten.
And what's eating you alive, might help you to survive, and

Even the nights that could get better.
And even the days ain't all that bad.
And after a week of fighting, as more and more it seems that I think,

Do you believe in something beautiful? Then get up and be it!
Fighting for the smallest goal to to gain a little self control
Won't anybody here, just let you dissapear?
Now, doctors know your mom and dad, but me and Mia, Ann and Ana
know how hard you try, don't you see it in my eyes?

Sick to death of my dependence, Fighting food to find trancendence.
Fighting to survive. More dead, but more alive.
Cigarettes and speed for living, sleeping pills to feel forgiven.
I know that you can try, And all that you're deprived.
What a bourgeois social angel! Telling you you've got to change.
Don't have any idea. They'll never see so clear.
But Don't forget what it really means to hunger strike,
what you don't really need is someone dying for the cause, but that don't make it yours.
And even the nights that could get better...

* Okay and now you're probably wondering what makes this song so morbid when it's so upbeat and "happy" sounding... think of it this way Mia = code for bullemia and Ann/Ana = anorexia... now all the doctor stuff and fighting food or fighting to survive makes sense doesn't it?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A friend of mine found this for me and said, well you read it...

you're miserable when he is close, so take another drink another drink will numb those senses. and make the most of flesh and bones if it helps you fall asleep. i'm watching you change it doesn't have to be this way. it gets harder everyday so you keep numb to feel safe. fuck what you know. can't you see it's shallow? every time you swallow do you get a taste of what you've become? i still remember the days when you didn't feel the need to escape and every demon you never face is the reason you're not safe. please understand that you've had every chance. you've had all the time, all the time in the world. you don't listen.

Is this what I have been reduced to?
Bright Eyes Conor
you're the conor that is bright eyes. you keep
pulling out brillant beautiful songs from your
head and they just get better. you rock the
house down on stage and are a sweet shy kid off
of it. you're the best conor to date.

which conor oberst are you?
brought to you by

^ Drew made me take a Conor Oberst quiz that he found on quizzila or something... thanks. looks like you had a lot of time on your hands.
My Baby Daddy with a DUI via Drew...

I really like how everyone is making a really big deal out of this. Seriously, it happens. Now, I'm not standing up for him because way too many people die of DUI's every year especially teenagers. But as for the drinking aspect of it all, he's 19. If he were in college, most likely, he'd be drinking every weekend and just becuase he's Michael Phelps, everyone is making a big deal about it, when they should really be worried about their own children who are drinking themselves into oblivion in college.

Kaj = my french partner of many years. Also, my partner in cheering way too loudly for Wake Forest Demon Deacon basketball and Christopher Paul. Horray! We well reunite and join forces again soon! Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hey guys... check this out:

I know the fonts and all the colors get annoying, but try to stick it out and read to the end! You'll like it!

PS: I love you guys, if you don't already hear it enough.

I got this pin at a Jason Mraz concert... how awesome would it be if I wore it with that shirt? Ha ha... Kerry says that she'll protect me with her big guns so that I don't get raped. I hope people don't take me seriously when I wear this either...  Posted by Hello

I'm going to buy this shirt. :) Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004

This is where the cool kids of VT come out to play. :) I love them all!  Posted by Hello

Rolling like queens in Brad's apartment with the best roomate in the world! Posted by Hello

Greetings from the land of Mary's boobs! Ha ha... oh candids.  Posted by Hello

Brad!!!  Posted by Hello
Keeping with the this weekend's theme of sorry... here's my sorry to everyone:

Sarah: Okay wow, you are such an amazing person/friend/roomate and everything else! First off, thanks for putting up with me the later part of last night, but most importantly, thanks for making sure I didn't just straight up die. And thanks for making sure Leslie didn't die either. I'm sorry, I seriously didn't mean to put you in that position and will go out of my way to make sure that never happens again.

Rusty/Brad/Everyone: Okay well, they'll probably never read this, but let it be known that I am horridly sorry. To Rusty because he was nice enough to make sure that I made it back, and to Brad especially becuase of his car. These two guys are the nicest people in the world and I'm just sorry I am a screw up. Brad, I will get some oxyclean or something and make sure your car is back to the way it was before. And to everyone few and far between... yeah just don't remember me like this.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Sorry Everybody! A series of photographs of people expressing their greif over this year's election results... check it out: Posted by Hello

Friday, November 12, 2004

I love the Demon Deacons! Go Wake Forest!

Yes, I absolutey love Tech, but as Football season comes to an end and Basetball season starts up, my inner Demon Deacon is unleashed! I must say that although Kansas has been choosen as the number one team, I do think that Wake will pull through... Can we just say CHRISTOPHER PAUL?! After talking to Kaj for awhile, we decided that I would HAVE to visit Wake for one of these games... and I will be doing that! I fold, and I will admit, I heart Wake and their Demon Deacons!

K4Jx0r: we don't really get visitors down here
K4Jx0r: and i could maybe work something out for a b-ball game
K4Jx0r: and would involve you dressing and acting like a huge deacs fan :-)

*Ha ha... that I can do!

K4Jx0r: well if i get you into a b-ball game, you'll have to get me into a football game sometime
Surf N Waves 04: ok sounds like a plan
K4Jx0r: we've had two exhibition games so far
Surf N Waves 04: and you guys just dominated i suppose?
K4Jx0r: yea, 100-50 the first game

*Yes, I am excited!

K4Jx0r: come visit
Surf N Waves 04: uh yeah consider it done

Auto response from Surf N Waves 04: I am and forever will be a Demon Deacon at heart. Wake Forest basketball and Christopher Paul are PHENOMENAL... oh yeah, Kaj is cool too!
K4Jx0r: see, you can just come b-ball...and live in our house in england
Yeah I may just take you up on that offer...

K4Jx0r: coolest away message ever

Speaking of that house in England that Kaj is referring to... here's the link:
*The house in Venice is beautiful! Maybe, I should transfer to Wake and go live in their houses abroad!

When I grow up, I want to be Andy Greenwald except a girl!  Posted by Hello
I know it's not a party if it happens every night...

Stop, and ask yourself why?

Need I say that I heart Gideon Yago?! Posted by Hello

Dear Gideon,
Please father my children! Thanks!

Thursday, November 11, 2004 <~ funny site with people "jowling" as demonstrated above... Posted by Hello

Vote or Die!!! "I voted because I knew that P.Diddy would come kill me if I didn't" - Carden Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Unlike the District... London does not sleep alone at night... (anyone catch that Postal Service referance? because if you did, you're amazing) Posted by Hello

London Bridge. England Spring 2006? yes please!  Posted by Hello
This just in... via Michael L.

A U.Va Scandal... gasp! Wahoo-wahhhhhat? (<~ corny, I know, but I had to)

Dear VP of Student Affairs,
As I was dry-humping to the beats of Lil' Jon and Outkast in my sailor-prostitute costume with my boyfriend, who was wearing a Penis- costume on Halloween, we noticed this pale gentleman who was dancing very well making the rest of us look lanky and akward. Upon further investigation we noticed that this was no pale gentleman at all but one of those "negroes" with white make up dressed as one of us, aka nice, brand-name pastel clothing with flipped collar. We were appalled by such immoral indecent and immature behavior and demand apologies for such degradation and humiliation to our race.

-Tiffany O'Whiteypants & Fratty McRich

Clearly this is the satire form of the letter that was actually written... but uh, need I say... cry a fucking river and get over it?!
Because I am horridly sick... I decide to make myself feel better by finally getting around to purchasing my Washington Social Club T-shirt online. :) It's about time. Hopefully it'll come soon. I'd also like to good-call the fact that you can create your own Chucks on when you get to the main page, just click on Chuck Taylor and design your own shoe! If only I had better control of my mouse.... just imagine what I could do with this shoe...

Anyway, I should probably read now. I'm feeling better now and I don't feel like being hit by a train anymore!

PS: I'm listening to This Place is a Prison by The Postal Service (I highly recommend this song to anyone who's willing to give my music a chance) and my favorite part of the song just came on... "It's not a party if it happens every night..." If you want the song, send me an Instant message and I'll send you the song file. I'm not quite sure how to just stick it into my blog... I'm computer illeterate. My apologies.
Let's take a ride, me and you... crash the car.
A suicide, me and you, arm in arm.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I love Misery! :)

And I fell for the promise of a life with a purpose
But I know that that is impossible now.
And so I drink to stay warm and to kill selected memories
Because I just can't think anymore about that or about him tonight
I give myself three days to feel better
Or I swear I am driving off a fucking cliff
Because if I can't make myself feel better
Then how can I expect anyone else to give a shit?
Je suis tres malade... j'ai mal a la gorge... so much so I can't even speak at times because it hurts too much.

Ugh... I just want to be home, in bed. I feel like crap and I figure this trend will continue for the rest of the week. Great, just what I need. My appetite is gone. I drink coffee every day and take my pills just so I can try to function... but it hasn't been working very well. I still feel like crap, yet I continue to do it... the irony. I need a break from all this madness. I can't deal right now, there's just too much going on and on top of that I have to be sick. As if I could deal with the things that were going on in my life before...

I guess I just have to realize that I am not as "together" as I think I am. I'm not okay, I'm not o fucking kay...

I wish I was ^ HERE ^ aka HOME... so I could celebrate my Mom's Birthday and my parent's anniversary on November 10th!  Posted by Hello
Big WTF Moment of the Day:

I was at Mitch and Joe's place tonight and somehow we got to talking about weird things that we have witnessed happening on campus... for instance, I was telling him about how I saw a guy on a skateboard get run over in the PEDESTRIAN CROSS WALK by some fuckass girl... who didn't stop until bystanders began screaming at her car. She clearly hit the guy, you can't miss that, his body slammed right into her car and afterwards, she proceeded to get out of her car and yell at him... Anyway if that's not ridiculous enough in itself, Joe was telling me about how last year the Crew Team made their freshmen go on a run really ridiculously early in the morning on a 30 degree day with really bad wind chill factor on top of that... and one of the guy's came back to his dorm and took a hot shower to try to warm up but it turns out he had heart problems that were brought on by running in crucial conditions and he ended up collapsing on his way to class and cracked his head in the middle of the street and it is said that he fractured his skull so bad that you could see his brain. And nobody called for help. When the paramedics came, it was already too late, they couldn't save him.

I don't get it, I really hate the things that people have to do to be "initiated" into whatever frat and/or club they're trying to get into. Why would you subject yourself to something so stupid? Would you really want to be in an organization who can't just take you as you are, one that needs to "break you" so they can "build you" into the machine that you're supposed to become? You'd think people would begin to see through this especially when people begin to die from being subjected to such activities.... Robbie was here this weekend and he was telling me how one of the frats on his campus made guys jump into some lake naked in the middle of the winter and throw handles of vodka into the water and they'd have to dive, find it, and drink the whole handle. If you don't die from hypothermia, or from drowning, you'd have to die from alcohol poisoning... who can drink all that alcohol? And they tell you this is a bonding experience? What the fuck? Bonding on the verge of death my ass... all I would be worried about at that point is survivial... Mindless.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Can I just say that I LOVE Bright Eyes... and I'm not using the word "love" in a whored out way either. Conor Oberst is a friggin erudite paragon - he is amazing and I don't know what else to say.

Bright Eyes :: The Calendar Hung Itself

Does he kiss your eyelids in the morning when you start to raise your head?
And does he sing to you incessantly from the space between your bed and wall?
Does he walk around all day at school with his feet inside your shoes?
Looking down every few steps to pretend he walks with you.
Oh, does he know that place below your neck that is your favorite to be touched
And does he cry through broken sentences like "I love you far too much?"
Does he lay awake listening to your breath, worried that you smoke too many cigarettes?
Is he coughing now on a bathroom floor?
For every speck of tile there's a thousand more you won’t ever see but most hold inside yourself eternally.

*This is everything you could want to say to someone that you will probably never have... am I right or am I right? This song gives me goosebumps, it's so eerie and wonderfully articulated.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Quotes of the weekend:

"Welcome to Anorexia, my name is Mary and I will be your tour guide."
- Robbie

"Alcohol, it's my anti-drug"
- Robbie

"I want outside spoon"
- Carden

"My name is Carden, it's like Garden, only with a C, but you can call me C-dubs"
- Carden

"My last name sucks it's, Ballbuster and my sister is Nurse Ballbuster"
- Robbie

My away message: Robbie just called my phone while he was sitting next to me my own room telling me that he's staying with Mary & Sarah and having a great time... then he realized that.... I was in the room.

sportschic326: g;ad yhou had a fun nigt. and by fun i wmean gyou're all wassssssssssteed
- Nina (I think she was a little wasted too)

"Mary, are you wearing a Lacoste belt? I'm sorry, our conversation ends now. But you're lucky I like you or else..."
- Robbie

"I drown myself in the alcohol of nothingness that is my soul"
- Robbie

"Circle K: It's like Key Club but with alcohol, it's DRUNKEN KEY CLUB!"
- Carden

"Dude, the best part of my weekend was seeing Justin Sanders, our Lieutenant Governor, friggin shitfaced"
- Andrew

"Mary, I carrot three you! Ha ha get it? I <3 you? Whoever thought of that is an idiot, hey let's sum up love with a < and a 3. Great. Thanks genius"
- Robbie

"Shut up, anorexia tour guide? I was anorexic long before you were and look at you with your caffeine, speeding up your metabolism, I did that long before you did"
- Matty (sadly, this conversation actually existed; Matt and I were fighting over which one of us had been anorexic first)

"I punched you in the ovaries last night?!?! - Oh yeah, I remember now, I did! Ha ha that sucks"
- Carden

"Dude, we're playing beer pong against the vice president!"
- Me to Nina on our awesome pong game

"Hampden Sydney can be summed up in two words... rich dick - that's why girls flock here on weekends"
- Carden

"Hampden Sydney is all dudes, you know what I do when I see a girl on campus? I STARE!"
- Carden

"Yeah so the girl-guy ratio at Longwood is 75-25... it's pretty sweet"
- Robbie

"Mary, your hokie pass is so emo looking"
- Robbie

"Let's start a dance party now!"
- Nina

"Carden! You lit my sideburns on fire!"
- Robbie

"There was cardboard on fire sticking out of his ass! I was like LANDSHARK!"
- Carden's re-telling of his good time on Friday night

"Sarah, this is not the CKI way"
- Justin "I am so trashed" Sanders - Lieutenant Governor

... more coming soon
Lately I've been thinking...

So I noticed today that I have taken pills every morning this week. I think I am becoming really dependant on them. Maybe it's a psychological deal, but I'm running low on my stash so I need to get my Godfather to Fed-Ex me some more (he's a doctor). If I don't take them, I don't feel as if I can function very well... I think it's more of a psychological need than a physical need. And yesterday I felt an overwhelming need to get absolutely shitfaced that night. I even brought my own drink knowing that they'd have Jungle Juice and all things imaginable at this party. And in addition to all the jungle juice I drank which isn't such a great idea in the first place because you can't taste the alcohol in jungle juice and before you know it... you're gone. Anyway I ended up drinking half my water bottle of straight Coconut Rum. Not sure why. Maybe it's just this time of year... everyone gets depressed in the winter so hopefully the winter doesn't drag out for too long.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Bright Eyes :: Padric My Prince
it's a sad song but it's my favorite.

Ihad a brother once he drowned in a bathtub
Before he had ever learned how to talk
And i don’t know what his name was but my mother does
I heard her say it once,
Padriac my prince I have all but died from the sheer weight of my shame.

You cried but no one came
And the water filled your tiny lungs.
Appear, my dear, and sing to me.
It was six years ago today that we laid you in your grave,
Your sweet young skin was shining then too.

And so tonight to celebrate i will poison myself.
Another coughing, shaking fit in a bathroom that is spinning.
So i close the door and rest my head on the tile floor,
sickness and sleep turning me cold.

I am still not sure, is there some better place I should be heading towards?
Where the selfishly sick and self absorbed are welcome.
I saw the future once I was drunk in a phone booth.
My eyes were wet and red but i could not tell what was said
and through the screams of the traffic voiced carried saying
I am sorry on a day so gray its black inside watching churches on tv
In a coma you don’t dream you just hope that someone sits with you

Babies turn blue when they are ignored like the sky on summer days
before you turn and walk away
it has changed you

So tonight to compensate I will poison myself
Another coughing, shaking fit in a bathroom that is spinning.
I want my next relationship to be like Zach Braff's and Natalie Portman's in Garden State... or if somebody asked me to sum up my relationship with the person, I'd like to be able to say it's exactly like the last scene of Garden State.... however, I have a feeling that everybody wants to be able to say that, but how can you blame them?

I love that movie.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I fucking KNEW it... I knew it. I totally called it at the beginning of the week too. Well... I guess that takes care of the thermostat readings doesn't it Jane? ha ha. I'm being vague and ambiguous right now, I know, but for those of you who know what I'm talking about will feel some sort of tragic pity or just laugh your ass off and say, damn Mary, you're psychic... and that I am.

Yeah, so uh decision made. The end.
I'm so excited! Lunch/Spoonfest officially starts tomorrow! Robbie, Nina, Carden, Jennike, and Avery are coming... and this is what Carden frikin Hedelt had to say about it:

tigatiga88: when i see you tomorrow as the sun slips into oblivion evermore, my soul will blossom with this emotion called "happiness" with a thousand roses, brilliant in their shades of crimson, burgundy, and grey....forevermore

PS: It's really fucking shitty outside. Good thing I have a test to study for and no temptation to go outside and run around campus. (I think that was the saddest thing that I've said lately, "good thing I have a test" - wtf?!)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This is the cutest article ever via Sarah...

* What if guys actually took heed and did this?! This is a way to get the ladies... let me tell you.

If you're too lazy to click on the link... here's the actual article below:

What she doesn't know will kill you
by Matt Brochu
November 21, 2003

You met her a few months ago, and somehow she managed to seep into your subconscious like that "Suga how you get so fly" song. Just like you have no clue who the hell sings it, you don't know why she's there. But she is, whether you like it or not. You know her cell phone, her room phone. You can dial her Aunt Doreen's house in West Springfield (where she goes to do her laundry every two weeks) faster than you can peck-out 911. But she doesn't know.

Her screenname, that generic one with her first name followed by three to five random numbers or UMass, has its own category at the top of your buddy list. Not only do you know what a "Buddy Alert" is, you've rigged your computer to play "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" from "Tommy Boy" every time her screen name changes from gray to black. Then her away message comes down, and you have a decision to make. To IM or not to IM? These are the ridiculous games that you play on a daily basis. But she doesn't know.

She's it. All right, so maybe not "it" it. Not necessarily Ms. Right, but closer to Ms. Right-up-there-with-Anna-Kournikova-and-Lizzie-McGuire-on-your-list-of-people-you'd-give-anything-to-be-stranded-with-on-a-broken-down-elevator. But it's about more than that. When is it ever about more than that? Never. Not like frilly white dress, overpriced catering, embarrassing drunk in-laws more, but closer to UMass sweatpants, two D.P. Dough Roni Zonies, a futon and a movie you have no interest in seeing more. But she doesn't know.

She's gorgeous, but gorgeous is an understatement. More like you're startled every time you see her because you notice something new in a "Where's Waldo" sort of way. More like you can't stop writing third grade run-on sentences because you can't remotely begin to describe something ... someone ... so inherently amazing. But you're a writer. You can describe anything. That's what you do: pictures to words, events to words, words to even better words. But nothing seems right. More like you're afraid that if you stare at her for too long, you'll prove your parents right: that yes, your face will stick that way. But you wouldn't mind.

You wouldn't mind that the questioning, "Hello?" on the other end makes you want to smile and throw up at the same time. You wouldn't mind worrying about what to get her for her birthday and spending $300 when you only have $17.50 and a Triple-A card to your name. You wouldn't mind that she left your TV on and the blaring infomercials wake you up at 4 a.m. ... because it gives you a chance to watch her sleep. You don't mind that you've slipped up twice when you were hammered and hinted at how you feel, but she was too drunk to remember. So she doesn't know.

Sure, she's pretty, but it's about more than that. You two connect. Anything you throw at her, she can throw right back. You figured out what's going on in that predictable head of hers in under five minutes, but something tells you her heart would take about five years.
You remember everything she's ever said to you, and when that freaks her out you blame it on your photographic memory (which is a lie, you have a 2.7 GPA). You can't remember your teaching assistant's name, and you can't remember that your Puffton rent check was due four days ago, yet you remember the middle name of the kid who tripped her in fifth grade and gave her that cute little scar on her shoulder. Maybe it's because you actually listen when she talks. When do you actually listen? Never. But she doesn't know.

But she has a boyfriend. The kid is a tool, and you are not. He has no redeeming qualities, and you have about 38, even when you're hung over. You could kick his butt, and you've never been in a fight in your life. He treats her like crap, and you would treat her like the princess she believed herself to be on Halloween in 1988.

But she loves him. He wouldn't know what he had even if she slapped him across the face and dumped him, but somehow she still loves him. And somehow she still doesn't know.
Then, out of nowhere, she slaps him across the face and dumps him. She comes to you. You've been there before, so you seem like the smartest guy on earth. She cries, but your corny half-joke, half-compliment somehow gets a smile out of her that almost makes you feel ashamed that you're the only one around who gets to witness it. It looks like you might make her realize that all guys don't deserve to have rocks thrown at them.

But nothing changes. She doesn't know. You get that library elevator feeling in your stomach that she'll never know. You get that feeling that you'll be forced to write a cheesy Collegian column about her that makes "Sleepless in Seattle" look like "Girls Gone Wild."
You go to sleep. You wake up. She doesn't know. You're not in love. You're not obsessed. You blame it on the fact that you just need to get some, but still, it's about more than that. It would just be nice if once in your life, things worked out the way you wanted them to.

So ___________, it's about time you know*.

Now cut this out, fill in her name, and give it to her, coward. Just let me know how it works out.

Via This site has some of the best graphic art I've ever seen. You can also purchase part of the collection to furnish your humble adobes.  Posted by Hello