Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Crazy Mad Props to Urban Outfitters
(only for 2 seconds though)

First off, I thought this shirt was glorious. So true. Also, today my friend Colin who is in LA sent me a text message that said, "holy crap mary, i just bought sunglasses from urban outfitters. now i have trendy eyes." I think we're losing him you guys... where is our Colin and what has LA done to him?

In other news for those of you who were wondering. The epic battle is over. Patrick and I are no longer "fighting."

Pat: i am lucky.
Pat: i think we should make up.
Pat: ive been such a jerk and im sorry.
Pat: is that what you wanted to hear?
Me: you know what this means right?
Me: i win!
Pat: no it doesn't.
Pat: fighting isn't about winning.
Pat: or losing.
Pat: it's about growing together.

Ha ha... like I said, this is probably the best "fight" ever.


Pat: so how have you been?
Me: much better now that this fight is over
Pat: i was hoping you'd say that.
Pat: you're such a charmer.

a little later than the first later....

Pat: im glad we're not fighting anymore.
Pat: i bet you've missed me
Me: just a little bit
Me: not a lot
Pat: but a little nonetheless?
Pat: nice
Quick Update so I can go ahead and go to sleep...

This fight (the Mary-Patrick one) might just be the best fight in the history of mankind.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boyer's quote of the day:

"Man, by the time you have children and they have children, you won't even be needing me anymore. You'll get taught by robots. Or even worse, they'll insert a chip in your head and you can download information. Oh you want to speak spanish? Fine, now you speak spanish. There will be no human interaction. Man the future sucks, I preach it I don't practice. I love human interaction. I think there needs to be more. I mean I hate robots. Just imagine, how bad sex would be if there were robots. There will always be human interaction thanks to sex and I dig that. You can have all the sex you want with a person or as many people as you want if that's your thing. Think, human interaction."

Patrick thinks he's funny.

Me: but anyway i gotta go run to dinner
P: go and eat, you freakin d-bag.
M: talk to you later!
P: see ya, mary.
M: bye jackass
P: we're in a fight
P: .
P: by the way.
M: speechless.

Our first "fight" ever. I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty funny.
New Death Cab for Cutie

Plans came out today. But thanks to my lovely connections, I've had this CD for about a month. I'm still split on it. Half the songs I really enjoy and the others are disappointing. My favorites as of now are "I'll follow you into the dark" and "Someday you will be loved." I have a feeling that "Soul Meets Body" will be the "Title & Registration" of this CD. It's a lot more mellow than the first, but worth a try.

"If heaven and hell decide, that they both are satisfied. Illuminate the "no's" on their vacancy signs. If there's noone beside you when your soul embarks, I'll follow you into the dark."
You're all I want to know and I won't let that go...

:) So happy. He is the best and I am kicking myself for not realizing this earlier. I love how 2 hours is nothing to him. I love that little things he remembers. I love that I'm constantly laughing with him. I love that I feel this way right now.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

My kids are going to look like this. And they're going to be really really cute. ( Posted by Picasa

My Sunday afternoon conversation with 'trick (that's the ghetto version of his name)...

Me: do you want me to put it on my card?
Pat: hmm
P: should i do it because im the guy?
M: i don't really care
M: ps: it's 2005.
P: what a lame question.
P: pps: you're a jackass
M: you're lame.

P: enjoy. and im glad we've got tickets to see mr. oberst.
M: thanks, you too. way to make my effing day again.
P: sounds like im getting good at that.
P: excellent.

Yes... he is getting ridiculously good at that.

Kathleen and Keirn... new best friends for life. I love the juxtaposition of old friends and college friends! :) Posted by Picasa

Two Matts and one Mary. At the Fiji boy's apartment last night. We practically knew everyone there. Good times.  Posted by Picasa

My room last night at about 4:30 am. Lots of scandalous shit going on. Keirn visiting... Matt Kaciban transferring here. It's frikin good times. Not gonna lie. This might just be the best year ever.  Posted by Picasa

The 4am alternative to showering = cleaning the bottom of your Frat soiled feet with Wet Wipes. What a concept.  Posted by Picasa

Matt's a pimp. It's so ridiculous.  Posted by Picasa

The new Cloves Model. Kathleen.  Posted by Picasa

Can anyone see Keirn?!  Posted by Picasa

My frustration with "Albert" the Sony computer help guy, who really wasn't much of a help.  Posted by Picasa

Drew sniffing our glade plug-in. What an idiot.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Anton (as in Anton the violinist for The Faint/Bright Eyes this summer) invited me to a party...


1. I'm honored
2. Too bad I'm in Blacksburg and won't be leaving in the near future
3. Holy crap, that just happened
Links for You!

10x10 - Decribed by my World Regions Prof JD Boyer as "a wack-ass-crazy-cool-graphics news site" Consequently, Professor Boyer is also wack-ass-crazy-cool!

Also, while we're on the subject of how much more infinitely awesome my prof. is to yours... we're playing a game this semester called "World Leader Death Watch" It's like Bingo only it's with the most powerful political figures and whenever one of them dies you get the spot on a Bingo card. My professor is confident that a few of them will be assisanated this year. Arafat is in the middle as a "freebie" because he's already dead.

CIA World Factbook
- Pretty neat

The Baxter
- And... a new movie about being the guy that's friends with all the girls and never actually dating any of them yourself. You know the one that plays best friend to everyone.
Guess what, I'm done writing you songs!

I got a facebook message from my friend at VCU and it said "so pretty and happy" in regards to the picture I have posted. Now pretty, that's an overstatement... but happy, that's 100% accurate. This is the happiest I've been in a long time and I've realized that it's because someone isn't in my life anymore. Well, not totally out of my life, but he doesn't play as big of a role anymore. And I never would have realized had I decided it wasn't worth it. Hindsight 20/20 can be such a bitch sometimes. He was probably the cause of all my problems and stress and I don't need that this year. So with that said... I plan to stay said person free and really enjoy this semester because so far it has been perfect.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I wrote an article for CH today and just submitted it not too long ago. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully they'll like it. If not that's okay too. At least I tried and it wasn't one of those things I said I was going to do and never actually did. My friends have been really supportive. Carden and Kathleen especially. Big thanks to you guys for ideas, and many proofs. Carden, you're next, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your article too. :P

It's a good time to be alive!!!

First off, that was a JD Boyer quote and indeed it is a good time to be alive. My classes seem like they're going to be rather kick fuckin ass this year. I have a Bright Eyes concert to look forward to as well as this movie coming into theatres... it's called Thumbsucker and if you click on the link you can view the trailer. In addition to Thumbsucker, I'm highly anticipating the movie Shopgirl... who wants to see it with me? I have JD Boyer's class again tomorrow. I cannot wait. Gosh, I never would have thought I'd ever be excited about going to class, but this guy is AMAZING. You have to experience it to believe it. I had my doubts to. I mean who actually likes their professor right? This guy is the real deal. Frikin awesome. Also, Drew 1 fixed my printer today and tha thas made my life much much easier. Today we salute you, Drew 1, for you are far better than Drew 2 and have magic fingers that can make any stubborn printer (like mine) melt and work just for you! Also, in the picture, you are wearing a Bright Eyes shirt which makes you infinitely cooler than most people.

Frikin Hilarious - Emo Song
Late night thoughts...

I just realized how perfect Buruss looks from my window at night. It's beautiful. And though I am not a big fan of living down south, I must say that the stars look one million times better here than they do at home. I could be drunk off these night skies alone. It's absolutely gorgeous. I promise that's not an overstatement either. If anyone feels like being really dorky and laying in the middle of the drillfield one night star gazing with me, let me know becuase that would make me really happy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Whatever you do, please don't get me rescued...
(I like it too much here)

The Jacks Mannequin CD came out today. I have my copy, do you have yours? It's a great CD, very upbeat. I'm currently listening to it (hence the title of this post). Coincidently, Andrew McMahon (singer of JM and SoCo) is getting a bone marrow transplant. Matt also sent me an advanced copy of the new Death Cab CD and I must say, I do like most of the songs, but the others will take time to get used to. I'm not sure how I feel about the CD as a whole. Give me a few days to let it sink it. I've also been obsessed with Elliott Smith and Rilo Kiley lately. I'm taking myself back in time. I must have listened to Elliott Smith's "Say Yes" at least 10 times today... in a row. Apparently his record company is releasing a new CD. A compliation of songs that he wrote before his death that were never released I'm suspecting... so unfortunate that he died. I love his music.

As for classes today...
I had my class with JD Boyer today and yes, it was even better than people said it was going to be. I can see why he is a legend. I felt like I was at a comedy club... a comedy club that teaches you Geography too. Ha ha. Love the man.

Did any of your classes have Ninjas in them?
Did news 7 come and actually record your lecture?
Does your prof. cuss more than a sailor?
Does your teacher put up pictures of Thai prostitues standing in front of a KFC sign with a caption that says "A real prositute standing in front of a corporate prostitute?"
Is your class laced with irony?
Do you get quized on what regions produce the most drugs?

I didn't think so. JD Boyer is the shit. I love VT for having him as a professor here. If anybody has a chance to visit me. Come on a Thursday and go to this effing awesome class with me. It's amazing.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Yeah, this year is pretty much going to rock my life.

My earliest class this morning was at 10:10 with a professor that I had last year. I really enjoyed his style of teaching so I'm back for some more. I'm taking Psychology of Personality with him and I'm stoked. Also, this kid who is friends with Tommy that went out with us this weekend was in my class so it was awesome. Then I met a girl in my dorm who was in that class to and she knew who I was which was a little weird, but I found out that Laura has been telling everyone that they need to meet Mary and Jerry so random people have been introducing themselves to me all day which I'm not objecting to at all. So far so good. Next, I went to Minority Group Relations which is a Sociology class and the professor says "Here you go G" and hands me a syllabus. It was pretty gnarly. And then, half the football team walks into the class. That was pretty bitchin. My last class of the day was Principles of Psychological Research with R.J. frikin awesome Harvey who told us he didn't believe in the memorization of material but rather our ability to understand concepts and be able to look things up because he admits that he himself does not retain everything he's ever learned. Which is true, therefore all oru tests for the class will be online in the comfort of our own rooms, oh and it's open book. He gave us his screen name because he will be on AIM during our "tests" to answer any questions we have. Pretty awesome right? I'd say so. Lastly, I was able to force add into the best effing class ever. World Regions with JD "i'm more hungover than you and i'm your professor" Boyer. Yesss, I went to his office today with Kathleen and he was so nice. He was like heck yeah you can be in my class, sign up right now. So we did and now all is gravy. I cannot wait, I'm so excited to go to class it's kind of sick. Also books only cost me 247 this year which is awesome.

Oh also, the picture above is of my new favorite busted tee. Ha ha. Ohhh 5ths... we love you. You can buy one at

Random IMs from today that I loved:

Josh: I'm in emo 101!

on our first JD Boyer encounter:

Kathleen: did you see his rum bottles in his office?
Kathleen: i thought it was hilarious!
Kathleen: and on the outside of his office he has a pic of him being a professional beer model

Slutface's (aka Todd's) fight to keep his hermit crab:

alyson (residence hall director): "he can escape and go all over the place, even in peoples belongings, until he dies."
john: "ive got him up high enough that the fall will kill him."

we lost.
no more hermit crab in 245.
read your hokie handbook.
youre probably breaking some rules too.

Todd: go to class

PS: Patrick confirmed that he really is living with Wake Basketball player Eric Williams. I hope he gets to meet CP3 and J.G

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Oh what a night...

I got to hang out with my favorites last night and it was too fun. Apparently Tommy had to go to the hospital but not from injuries sustained from being intoxicated. He fell out of a loft. :( He's okay now. Anyway, the return back to school has been amazing. I love seeing everyone. This year will be great! I'm so excited. In other News... well here, we'll have patrick explain it to you...

Me: but yeah i heard about those apartment things. that's pretty awesome. polo or something right?
Patrick yeah, polo is exactly right.
P: And GET THIS...
P: we only had 3 people lined up to line in our 4 person suite.
P: so the school randomly assigned a 4th.
P: And I'm quite certain that our 4th is, no joke, Eric Williams.
M: get outta here
P: im serious
M: well if it is eric williams i may just randomly show up one night and have a heart attack outside your door
P: he hasn't moved in yet, but his name is on the door and they moved in an extra long bed for whoever it is.

If that is the case... I may hang out at Wake for the rest of my life.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Man oh man. Summer's not letting me go.

Last night, I was supposed to meet up with this guy and I couldn't make it out seeing as I have to make a 4 hour trip in my own car today so I had to rest up. I regret not making it out to the best party this side of the coast, but it's for the best. I really needed the sleep. Anyway, a certain someone kept sending me text messages accompained by pictures. The first one was a shot of the "party/concert/unimaginably awesome event in DC that I happened to miss" that read, "wish you were here," the second was him writing me a message on the wall that said my name, had some arithmatic (no honest, straight up e=mc2 kinda stuff) and then hearts at the bottom with more arithmatic. Under it the message read, "Everyone is here except for you." I am honored, but alas, it's time to go.

If you're from Tech and reading this... you are coming out with me tonight. Deal.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Tonight, I spent the last day of my summer at Dylan's house celebrating his Birthday. It was fun and low key. I got to see Keith, Keirn, and Laura Munse. It was a good time. But earlier, I got to hang out with a good friend of mine. Jason frikin Kaiser. It's weird, this is almost exactly how I ended my summer last year except for there weren't as many tears this year. Well there wern't any at all. Last year, I spent part of my last night home with Jason reminiscing about all the good times we've had and this year was kind of like that too. It's like deja vu. I also spent time with Keirn who just flew in this morning from a 2 months of summer sessions and I went to her house for the first and last time this summer. I spent a little time with her family before coming home to finish loading the car. It's weird because she wasn't here this summer. Going to her house brought back lots of memories. I was kind of sad because I didn't spend any time there at all except for the hour or so that I was there today. Just driving down the road to get to her house brought memories. It's so hard to say goodbye when you're just saying hello. I wish we had more time together, but we can't have everything right? It's good to know that she's a phonecall away. I know we'll be seeing each other sometime soon. As for Jason, that kid will never go away. He's going to be around for awhile and that's not a bad thing.

To the closing of a great summer and the beginning of a great year. :)
New Year, Fresh Starts, New Outlooks.

So, I've taken a mini break from packing so I could reflect. I'm lying, I'm really taking a break from packing because I suck at it and don't want to do it. Next summer, if anyone wants to help me pack, feel free. I'm such a last minute person when it comes to this kind of stuff. Take last year for instance. I packed the night before I went to college and surprisingly didn't forget anything. So I guess there is a method to the madness? Maybe I just work better under pressure. The list of what to bring to school from collegeboard is really helping. That's what I used last year and it's pretty much amazing.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and for some reason, we've noticed that everyone is way excited about this coming year. No one is nervous, maybe it's just something in the air. I feel it too. I think it's going to be a good one. This is going to be our year. With summer loves behind us, and another chapter in the book of life with pages ready to be filled... I am so ready to embrace it all. Summer was great. It's funny how the boys of summer start entering our lives at the last minute. Anyway, with that done and over with, I plan to make this year a good non BS one. I'm ready to meet new people and catch up with old ones (like Gabe who came back!), I'm ready for all the adventures that this new semester has to offer (Bright Eyes concert with Patrick, another long drive on a weekday), parties, new professors (please let me get into JD Boyer's class), Hokie Football, and the return to a place I never thought I'd come to love so much, Blacksburg. I cannot be more excited to leave tomorrow. And though I'll have to say goodbye to my friends here (and in some cases like Keirn, welcome her home, and say goodbye within the same hour), I know that I'll see them throughout the year. We have cars and the will to party at other schools. Sounds shallow, but that's the collegiate state of mind. Desole Mom and Dad. I've had a blast and I'm loving life right now. I love how everything is falling into place, I love the feeling I get just thinking about going back. I love the thought of seeing that boy to the school and hour and a half south of Tech. :) They wern't lying when they said that College would yield the best 4 years of your life. I've come to realize that and if you haven't, you will. So with that, I'm going to have to raise my glass to an amazing year full of ups and downs, but most importantly the company of good friends and the memories that we're about to make. I hope you'll join me and raise your glass to that too... TOMORROW NIGHT! :P

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've been getting some pretty excellent Facebook messages recently...

Here are a few examples:

From the one, the only, ever so awesome Gabe Deukmaji:

Subject line: Jimmy Buffet Party Friday

That's Right...In Honor of my Triumphant Return to School from Working for 8 months, i've decided to buy everyone i can find, a nice margarita! So get your hawaiian shirt and come on over Friday Night, 106 Collegiate Court Apartment 22, next to El Rodeo on Main Street! Call my cell if you want any more details...

-The Duke

*Note: the subject line itself just foreshadows how frikin awesome the message is going to be. Also, a little background info - gabe took a semester off of school to go to work because he got some really kick ass job. Anyway, let's just say that he definately knows how to make the most of his return to school. Also, it's not bad being his friend either... Free margaritas? Yes please.

Sadly, I won't be at school until Saturday and will miss this lovely occasion. His response is yet again another awesome one:

have no fear...there's always a margarita ready for my dear Mary at our apartment!

That's what I like to hear. Gabe Deukmaji... you are AWESOME. I'm so glad you're back.

From the too cool for words... Patrick:

Subject line: Upcoming Bright Eyes show and a cordial invitation.

Bright Eyes have released fall tour dates. Conor and the crew will be in Asheville on November 17. Planning on going to the show? Looking for a charming Chicago-bred, Wake Forest-educated individual to accompany you to the event? Just throwing it out there. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon, Mary.


*Note: Again, check out the badass subject line foreshadowing good shit. Also, though this was a great message from a great person... all he really had to say was "conor" and I would have said yes. No need to try and convince me with "charming Chicago-bred, Wake Forest - educated" although those are not bad qualities at all... my love for Conor knows no bounds. I will go anywhere to see him play. If you didn't already guess, my response to this one was something along the lines of "duh, of course I'll go," but a million times more eloquent.

If you're ever trying to send a good facebook message... take note. These guys have got it DOWN. PS: I wouldn't mind getting more like these. Ha ha. :) I'm just pushing my luck.
New Stuff is cool... like boys and bank accounts.

So yesterday my Mom decided it was time to start working on building up my credit since I was declined for a Platnium card. 1) It's a Platnium card 2) All I've been using thus far has been a debit card so anyway we go to the bank. And the greeter (yeah, I didn't know banks had greeters) put us on the list and was like okay wait. Instead, the President of the Bank walks out and is like, oh, you get to jump the line because your mom is our best coustomer. Holler. So all was well, I got my picture taken (for once in my life, it actually turned out pretty well) and it's going on my Credit and Debit Card so that's pretty sweet. And I can do online banking and all that good stuff which makes life 100 times easier.

So that's my story. It's been an uneventful week. Packing and more packing. That's about it. This one was disappointing wasn't it? Actually, maybe not...

Jason got arrested! Ha ha sucks for him. Poor kid, right before school starts too. I'm sure the parentals are really really happy. Dear Jason, if you're reading this, I feel really sorry for you, but hey, at least you're going to go to school soon, so they can't stay pissed off at you very long. Eff the Po.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Question of the Summer...
(as it comes to a close) as pondered by myself and Nina Cohen

"When did Austin B. get so effffing HOT?! Holy crap.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Fresh Start, A New Love, Here we go...

Currently, I'm being swept off my feet by a writer. Perks: the messages/e-mails/texts/letters I receive are pure poetry. I pretty much get butterflies just reading them. He always comes up with a clever way to sign his name, instead of "Sincerely" I get, "With boquets of snapdragons." It's wonderful. I don't think I have honestly been this happy in a long time. I'm sure many of you can tell that there's a spring in my step. I can. I'm all smiles and that's what I've needed for so long. Too bad this probably won't be lasting much longer seeing as I have to go back to school soon and with that comes a whole new adventure and many trips to Winston-Salem. I'll leave it at that.

Today I spent my morning and a good chunk of my afternoon with Matty. Gosh, I love this kid. I went shopping with him and served as a guide. Ha ha, yes, pick your jaws off the ground, we got Matt to go shopping. Ladies, let me just say he's looking HOT these days. And I'm not just saying that because he's my friend. Honestly, dude's looking good. Jump on that opportunity if it ever presents itself to you. Anyway, we had such a fun time, we sang to Jacks Mannequin pretty much the whole way to Potomac Mills. :P Yeah, he also did a few weird dances too. Just being Matt. Anyway, I haven't gotten a chance to hang out with him much this summer, but days like today just remind me of what an awesome guy/friend he is and really makes me wish we were all back in school right now so that everyday can be like today. Also, I had to say goodbye to Kathryn today. That was pretty sad because she's moving out of the state so this may very well be the last time we have a night like tonight. I know I will be keeping in touch with her and all that good stuff, but I don't think the reality has sunken in yet. I think it's just because we know that we'll be able to see each other. We both have cars and strong bonds. So here's to friendship, new beginnings, love, smiles and everything inbetween. PS: Thanks to the ridiculous rain on the ride home, Matt and I almost died via hydroplaning... good thing A4's have anti-lock breaks! Hollllller.
Ohhhh Coffee in the morning Coffee in the evening Coffee at Suppertime... when your name is Mary, you drink Coffee all the time!

I am excited. I just bought a new blend. It is delicious, and my mom, the hater of all things coffee thinks it's amazing. And it might very well be just that. Anyway, it's called "Creme Caramel" and it's pretty much the highlight of my life as of now (even though Jase swears that the highlight of my life right now is that I get to hang out with him on Wednesday). Delicious. It actually keeps me sane throughout the day unlike previous coffees, no shaking as a side effect. Sounds like a winner to me! :) Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

PS: I am now the owner of some pretty d-bag sunglasses. Yes, I have avaitors. BUT, they are not your typical gold/silver framed d-bag glasses. These are classy white. :) However, I promise you (and make note of this), that I will NEVER EVER wear them indoors or to a party. They are strictly to shield my eyes from the UV rays of the sun when driving or outside. This I promise you.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Tommy Lee goes back to School!

I'm aware this is old news, however it premiers tomorrow on NBC and I figured I'd remind the two people that read this. It's probably going to be stupid, but I'm so curious. No think about it, what if Tommy effing Lee showed up and was like hi, I'm your roomate! Or, what if you walk into what you think will be the worst Chemistry class ever and Tommy Lee is sitting in the back row? Yeah, I'd be pretty damn excited. Not gonna lie.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I haven't hung out with Jase all summer... the realization kicked in today.

Jase: when do u go back to school??
Me: the 20th, you?
Jase: same
Me: why you want some mary hangage time?
Jase: we ever gonna hang out this summer? :-(
Jase: yea i do
Me: okay cool we'll do it this week

ask and you shall receive folks.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I thought I knew... but I had no idea.

This past week has been a whirlwind. Good times most definately. Anyway, first off let me just tell you how effing random my day has been. I went shopping today to get some things for school and I saw this girl who worked at American Eagle, she looked familiar and I knew she went to my High School but for the life of me, I did not know how I knew her. I don't think I had any classes with her or was in any clubs with her. I felt like a jerk because she definately knew who I was and even asked about school. I felt so bad, I was just like HEY!!! long time no see. Also, this happened to me once at Tech earlier this summer and well that same girl was in AE too and said hi. Gosh it's like they conspired against me. I felt like an idiot. She was in my dance class at school, and said we were friends in Middle School before the big split and I had no idea who she was. No recollection whatsoever and just played it off. Anyway, now that I know what her name is (thanks facebook) I was all like heyyy! Yeah Me = Jerk. Then keeping with the theme of not knowing people I accidently IMed this guy who's screen name has been on my list since like the begining of my Freshman year of High School (which is a long time ago and i still don't know why he's on there) and I felt like a total idiot because then I had to explain to him that a mutual friend put him on my list to see if he was on or something at the time and I never took it off. Yeah I felt like an effing loser.

Anyway, I met this great guy last week. I don't think I could fall for anyone faster. And we'll leave it at that. You know I don't like to talk about my personal life. Well, I hope you've had a great Saturday. I have...

Friday, August 12, 2005


So it's no secret that we all frequent Zach Klein's blog like it's our job. Honestly, the man's blog has become the online version of the Washington Post (except with more interesting news). It's become part of my morning "routine." Coffee or tea, Washington Post, ZK's Blog... then work. Anyway, there was an amazing Sufjan Steven's link today on the site where you can listen to him play LIVE! Also, in other Sufjan Stevens related news, he's playing at the 9:30 club on September 27th which sucks because it's a Tuesday but I figure hey, if we can drive 4 hours to see Bright Eyes on a Tuesday night in North Carolina, then we can definately drive 4 hours north to see Sufjan Stevens! Maybe I'm just being crazy here. I tried looking for North Carolina dates and there wern't any, but maybe more will get added so keep your fingers crossed. Anyway, I know you're anxious so here's the link. Have fun getting your mind blown to pieces.
Sufjan Stevens live

My favorite song on the Illinois CD so far is Chicago and it is totally different live. A good different. Have a listen.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

DC Cops on Segways!!!

What is this? How effing cool. What's next, Vespa's? I guess it's safe to say that these guys are really living it up these days. Earlier this summer I saw a BMW convertible cop car. I didn't have my camera to take a picture, but there were stunned witnesses. It wasn't an undercover car either, it was marked. My guess is that the officer of the month gets to take the BMW until somebody takes his title.
Nina Cohen on somebody who has recently (and by recently I mean for the past few months) striken my fancy...

"He's so you're type it's not even funny. No really, he's so your type. Get it"

I love Nina Cohen and said fancy striker.

PS: Loving the Ben Folds song written about Elliott Smith... download it if you don't already have it. It's called "Late" - simplistic lyrics but it gets the point across. "The songs you wrote got me through a lot." Amen.

Apparently I can download subway maps to my iPod Photo! It was funny because yesterday I was talking to a friend about how useless the photo iPod is because I don't really need pictures on it, but apparently I didn't look into it enough and alas.

iPod Subway maps!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thoughts of the Day...

1. Why is "Big E" from Wake Forest my facebook buddy 3 times? It totally screws up my numbers at Wake. And since when did he decide his name should be "Atlas?" - I know this shouldn't bother me at all, but it really does.

2. BlackBerry should be renamed "CrackBerry," if you think I'm talking about fruit then stop reading. I'm pretty sure everyone and their mom in the DC/Metropolitan area has one of these and is pretty much addicted to it. Why talk to people when you can use all the amenities your BlackBerry provides to avoid them?

3. I have tried the new "mega M&M's" and... I don't hate them. Maybe bigger is better afterall.

4. I sold a house on my father's behalf today. It was a pretty good feeling. He's currently on vacation with my mom (and it seems that they have been doing that a lot more lately... hmm) and forgot he had a client coming to sign a contract. Anyway, long story short, he called and asked me to step in and so I did, and now two people can say they are the proud owners of a brand new bitchin house. Yay.

5. Anton (violinist extraordinaire) actually responded and said he could come play at tech for free and gave me his number so I could make this happen. This was news I received last night which was pretty much awesome because now his band Audrye Sessions will grace Southern Virginia with their amazing music. Lord knows we need it. It would also be pretty sweet hanging out with Anton too.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My friend sent me a link telling me to go to - Of couse I clicked on it (remember all the viruses I had last year on my computer? still not getting any better with clicking on random links) anyway, all you do is type your name in and they tell you what job "best" suits you. Anyway here are my results:

Mary Anne, Your ideal job is a In a land far, far away.

No kidding. Pretty accurate eh? But, I hope that by land far, far away they mean New York because I'm pretty sure that's going to be the first destination to cross of my list after this whole college thing is over with.
Recap of my whirlwind of a weekend.
(I'll try my best remembering everything that happened, there was so much that went on)

Well as you can see/tell from the pictures posted below, the Board Reunion was a success except for the lack of guys. When Carden (who was unable to come because of a bad case of poison oak) heard, he wept. I think those pictures of the girl on girl dancing really tugged at the heart strings. Anyway, Friday night the Georgetown party flopped, but good times soon followed when we activated plan B which was just to hang out with Nina's close friends. A great group of kids for sure. We then decided it would be nice to surprise the kids in Richmond since they wern't expecting us until morning or noon the next day. We sobered up and drove to Richmond at 2am, got there by 3 called them and then chaos ensued. Hey, I'd be happy if we came too. :P Then, for the rest of the weekend wonderful festivities were the cause of our excitement.

Yesterday the Sigma's came to visit. I haven't seen them all summer and I've missed them so much. Between all my traveling and their busy work schedules this was the only time we could see each other. Yes, 11 days before we all got back to school. Better late than never right? We did lots of shopping yesterday, went to lunch and dinner. It was good times. I can't wait to get back to school and be able to see these girls every day. They are truly amazing.

In other news the parentals are out of town yet again, this time for a business trip in South Carolina. They work together, it's quite sickning. Anyway, they've left me to my own defenses, leaving me to fend for myself when it comes to food. Mom says this is for my own good, she knows I can't cook to save my life and thinks that these weeks where I have a house to myself will encourage me to go out and buy groceries and attempt to cook. Which is entirely true. I wanted a vegetarian meal so I decided to buy eggplant. (I always hear that eggplant is the vegetarian "meat" so, fine eggplant it is). One trip to Wegmans later, I came home with some eggplant, broccoli, linguini, pasta sauce, and bread. I breaded the eggplant and put it in the oven, steamed the broccoli, made garlic bread (we have a mix at home where you just add butter and voila... garlic bread!) Then I made pasta. It was actually surprisingly good. I made way to much. So today Kathryn is coming over after work to releive me of my bordom and lie and tell me my cooking is actually decent. What a good friend right? Anyway, I think I should have warned you to skip this section of my blog because it's probably just a waste of your life to read. Sorry if you've already read this.

Also, Peter Jennings died. I learned of this a few days ago, but haven't actually got a time to reflect seeing as I've been so caught up in visiting and visitors this past weekend. He died of the same disease that killed my Grandpa so it was no surprise when I learned of how quickly his health had deteriorated. It's so sad, but I guess when your time comes there's nothing that can be done. He led a great life and I really did enjoy his show. ABC lost a great man and so did we.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Ha ha... this my friends is my most intoxicated point in the night. I think it was Nina's too. Yeah, a whole new meaning to "board love." Dammit Kati for starting stupid raping trends. Look at Nina's face. Ha ha ha. PS: This is totally a blackmail picture that you get to see because you are special.  Posted by Picasa

Cute pic although that looks like the worst kiss in the world. Trust me, I'll try harder if you're a guy and I'm trying to kiss you on the mouth.  Posted by Picasa

Getting raped some more. I seem to be happy about it.  Posted by Picasa

Kati and Nina drunk/sober? No one knows.  Posted by Picasa

Let's play a game called guess who's sober.  Posted by Picasa

Ohhhhhh Katiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Kati likes to rape people. It's cool, you get used to it.  Posted by Picasa

Cutesies.  Posted by Picasa

I think Nina is trying to rape Casey in this one.  Posted by Picasa

There was a huge lack of guys so girl on girl dancing had to occur.  Posted by Picasa

Kati's hot Harry potter tatoo she got on her boob.  Posted by Picasa