Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Things to do:

1. Research all morning before my 1 class
2. Go to anatomy
3. Write a paper/stay as busy as possible to not think about today being the 6 month mark
4. Stay away from all the ritualisitc stuff because at this point... I'm too drained to deal with it
5. Hopefully at the tail end of the day, I'll be able to drop off some flowers on the drillfield and think by myself without the whole school doing the same thing. It's selfish of me right? But, honestly, I feel like too much of a spectacle is made and I'm sure it's genuine but I think the media coverage even if it's just local is intrusive. Well, at least for me it is so I choose not to get swept up in it. I think it's good that the school and the community can reach out to one another. There is no shortage of shoulders to cry on that's for sure, but sometimes, it's just good to be alone with your thoughts. I feel like that's what tomorrow (technically today) will be for me. The one thing that has remained constant throughout these past 6 months is the love that we had/will continue to have for our friends.

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