Monday, October 29, 2007

Okay so here goes...

1. I woke up this morning with a stye. How annoying? Aside from bacteria, these can be brought on by stress. For those of you who know me, I am a germ-o-phobe so I'm going to have to say this one was a result of stress. It was really lame to have to deal with this morning but NOTHING that some great make up tips from the gay guys at Mac couldn't fix. I managed to look like a human being today which was great.

2. I had a box of candy today. I'm not much for sweets but I guess I just had some weird craving. Anyway... I was walking to class on campus with it and everytime I ran into a friend I'd give them a handfull of candy. It is a minute and rather insignificant moment of my day, but it made me feel really good. And, I think the sugar rush gave all of my sleepy friends the boost of energy that they deseprately needed on this Monday.

3. I think I'm going to post a clip to vimeo soon. I'll work on it this weekend when I have some time. It's been way too long. PLUS, I haven't tested out any movie maker stuff on my Mac so that will be exciting! I hear Mac has awesome media software. How creative I can actually be with it is to be determined.

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