Thursday, October 18, 2007

I should prob. be better about this.

When I am really stressed out, I do not eat. I don't know why I do it, usually when people are stressed out they eat, but I'm the opposite. This week has been the worst in terms of nutrition. I am writing this as a reminder of myself to not have another week like this. I'm not particularly bogged down with work. I'm doing a lot better in research as far as hours go. I talked to one of my advisors today and she said I was good to go for graduation in May both majors and all so I really don't know why I'm so effing stressed out. There is no drama with the roomates, there has never been. Everything is fine with friends and family. I don't know, I've been feeling really anxious lately... and for what? Everything is okay. I've been getting all my work done. Am I stressed because I have nothing to stress over? I hope not because that would be taking my type A personality a little too far.

Anyway, the past week, I've had no desire to eat anything. It's 3:50 and I just consumed a cup of lowfat yogurt and that's all I have eaten today and I feel fine. I was going to make a wrap but I looked at the veggies and felt sick. Yesterday... I had an apple, a couple of crackers, and 3 cheez-its and called it quits. WTF!

To remedy this issue, my roomates and I have decided to order pizza and watch The Office tonight. Perhaps, we'll write "Alfredo's" on the box... you know, just to make it super office themed.

I don't know why my appetite is gone, it sucks. I just don't feel very healthy right now.

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